MultiVersus LeBron James combos, perks & specials

MultiVersus LeBron James combos, perks & specials
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Dylan Tate & Tarran Stockton

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While not exactly a fictional character like most of the MultiVersus fighters, LeBron James is still a force to be reckoned with in the hands of someone who has mastered his combos and special moves.

The game allows for incredibly high levels of play for those familiar with all the mechanics and variations in how fighters can be used. Getting there is difficult, but it's worth trying for your favourite fighters. So, learn more about LeBron James and how to utilise him.

LeBron James moves list

Attack Ground Effect Air Effect
Standard Attack Shoulder Check - Charge a shoulder hit and dash forward, gaining armour too. Make Room - Sweep the basketball around, damaging fighters either side.
Side Attack Dime Drop - A combo of hits that sends them upwards. Check - Pounds his basketball down.
Up Attack Take It To The Rim - Spins the basketball on his fingers. Alley-Oop - Alley-oops the basketball.
Down Attack Work The Floor - Sweeps his basketball across the floor. Watch Your Head! - Tosses the basketball through his legs.

LeBron James specials list

LeBron James uses his side-special in MultiVersus.
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Special Attack Ground Effect Air Effect
Standard Special Buckets! - Aim and throw the basketball.  Same
Side Special L-Train! - Launch into the air and dunk the basketball down, creating a shockwave. Same
Up Special Got Hops - Shoot the basketball upward as a projectile. Got Hops Air - Same but LeBron shoots down before throwing the basketball upward.
Down Special Denied - Slam his basketball down as a projectile, bouncing it into the air. Denied! Air - Same but he will slam the ball through a hoop.

LeBron James combos

LeBron James’ neutral-special is a great combo starter in MultiVersus. After throwing his basketball, he can leap toward his opponent to regain the ball, then follow up with a neutral-air or forward-air. Afterwards, he can try to continue with another aerial or a grounded side-normal combo.

LeBron James throws his basketball in MultiVersus.
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In addition, the basketball versions of both up-air and up-special are solid kill moves off the top of the screen. As a result, LeBron can try to get his opponents in the air with down-air or grounded up-normal, then juggle them with up-airs.

LeBron James perks

LeBron's perks in MultiVersus.
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Perk Effect
For Three! LeBron and allies that hit enemies with a basketball will cause the ball to explode.
Hot Hands If you complete a no-look pass to an ally, the basketball is ignited. Dunking an ignited ball damages all enemies.
Keep Possession When LeBron or an ally receives a pass, they gain grey health.

As far as general perks go, LeBron thrives with Utility perks. I Dodge You Dodge We Dodge gives him a 10% cooldown refund whenever he dodges an attack.

This helps to ensure that he never has to go long without a basketball. Once he learns how to train perks  LeBron James could replace this perk with Coffeezilla.

Meanwhile, the Gravity Manipulation perk increases his fall speed by 10%, helping him return to the stage quicker after he’s launched in the air. Finally, the Offense perk Make It Rain, Dog! grants a 20% speed buff to his projectiles, making his basketball throws even quicker.

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