How To Play Ranked In MultiVersus

How To Play Ranked In MultiVersus
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27th Jul 2022 09:27

You may be looking at how to play ranked in MultiVersus if you're wanting to flex your competitive muscles, and carve your way through the competition online to earn ranks and show your prowess. MultiVersus' open beta is finally here, giving players 16 different WarnerBros. characters to battle it out with across various team and free-for-all based modes. Once you’ve got your practice in with your character of choice, check out how to play ranked in MultiVersus and attempt to rise to the top of the leaderboards. 

  • We also have a breakdown of whether there is MultiVersus split screen, along with how to access it and play locally with friends. 

How To Play Ranked In MultiVersus

How To Play Ranked In MultiVersus
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Playing ranked in MultiVersus is quite simple, but as of writing this, ranked is currently unavailable for people to take part in. To access where ranked should be though, you just need to press the large Play button on the main menu, and then under the Online tab, select Ranked which is the third option after Bots and Normal. It's greyed out right now, indicating it's not yet ready for the playerbase, but we expect it should come online at some point during the open beta. 


As the open beta is currently in its early access phase until July 26, it's possible that ranked may become available after that. We also don't have a full idea of how ranked is set to work in this game, such as the different ranks you'll be able to earn, what level you can start playing it at, and whether it will feature worldwide leaderboards. Once it has been released officially, or once Player First Games announce when it will be ready, it's likely we'll get more details on how exactly it will all work. 

That's all for our breakdown of how to play ranked in MultiVersus, and now you know that it's currently unavailable. We'll make sure to update this guide once more information on how the mode works is released, and once it becomes available.

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