MultiVersus Morty Guide: Combos, Perks, Specials, And More

MultiVersus Morty Guide: Combos, Perks, Specials, And More
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Dylan Tate


26th Aug 2022 17:03

In this MultiVersus Morty guide, we’ll talk about the younger half of the iconic “Rick and Morty” duo and how he functions in Warner Bros. Games’ crossover platform fighter. Though he is a tricky-to-use Expert character, players who study up on Mortimer Smith’s tools may be surprised at all he has to offer. For a rundown of all those tools, check out the rest of this MultiVersus Morty guide.

MultiVersus Morty Guide: Overview

One of Morty's Grenades explodes in MultiVersus
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Morty is a Horizontal fighter in MultiVersus who can control the space in front of him well. While he’s officially classified as Bruiser, game director Tony Huynh described Morty as “closer to a mage.” Ultimately, Morty has both strong options for close quarters combat and multiple projectiles he can use to poke at opponents from a distance.

Thanks to his passive ability, Sci-Fi Explosive Technology, Morty will give a Grenade to any ally he interacts with. This process grants his ally gray health and enables them to throw the Grenade with their next directional attack. However, the action of giving Grenades to allies operates on a cooldown. 

In addition, Morty can move along the ground while holding his grounded neutral-normal. While doing so, he scrubs the ground with his plumbus. The plumbus can Cleanse allies of their debuffs and apply Weakened to enemies.


MultiVersus Morty Guide: Specials

Morty uses his up-special in MultiVersus
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In MultiVersus, Morty can summon a Grenade with his grounded neutral-special, It’s a Grenade, I Think. His aerial neutral-special, Yep, That’s a Grenade, has the same effect. He can summon multiple until he runs out of ammo, and the Grenades will explode after a set amount of time. While he has a Grenade active, his grounded and aerial neutral-normals will target the Grenades with laser projectiles and cause them to explode instantly.

With his grounded side-special, Power of Earth!, Morty summons a protrusion out of the ground. He can charge the attack to determine how far away from him the protrusion will spawn. On contact, this attack applies the Weakened debuff to enemies. It will also split any Grenade it hits into two separate Grenades.

In the air, Morty’s side-special is called Another Portal? He aims and charges to determine where his exit portal will appear, then jumps through the entrance portal with Armor. While the exit portal is active, it will increase the speed of ally projectiles that pass through it. However, the exit portal is also subject to a cooldown. 

Both on the ground and in the air, Morty’s up special is Uh, Auto-Pilot? This move summons a spaceship platform below Morty that carries both himself and allies upward for as long as they stay on it. However, Morty has no up-special when this move is on cooldown, which can limit his recovery options.

Finally, Morty’s down-special is called Temporal Back-Up, both in the air and on the ground. He creates an outline of himself in a given location, which he will warp back to in order to heal himself and his allies after a set amount of time. 

Pressing the special input again will cause Morty to warp back to his pre-warp position and leave behind a Grenade. In addition, this move can save allies, as any ally who is about to incur a ringout will instead teleport to Morty’s outline. However, Morty must wait through a cooldown period in between uses.

MultiVersus Morty Guide: Perks

Morty's perk list in MultiVersus
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Morty gains access to three signature perks in MultiVersus. The first, I’m More Than Just a Hammer, causes him to spin around and hit multiple times whenever he summons Hammer Morty using his grounded side-normal. 

His next signature perk, Oh That’s Still a Grenade, causes his Grenades to have a bigger blast radius proportional to their cook duration. In addition, Grenades will always have the biggest possible blast radius if Morty’s ally throws them. Meanwhile, Extra Fleeb Juice causes Morty’s plumbus to clear the ground of hazards, such as the goop left by Velma’s grounded up-special. 

With so many cooldown moves, Morty benefits from one of the best perks in MultiVersus, Coffeezilla. This Utility perk lowers his cooldown duration by 10%. Another Utility perk, Fancy Footwork, ups his dodge distance by 5%. This is especially helpful for improving his recovery while his up-special is on cooldown. Finally, the Offense perk Deadshot makes his projectiles do 5% more damage.

MultiVersus Morty Guide: Combos

Morty uses his whip in MultiVersus
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Inputting two hits of Morty’s grounded side-normal combo followed by a neutral-normal finisher will cause him to throw out a whip. If he connects the whip from maximum distance, it will pull Morty toward his opponent. As a result, he can follow up this move with a forward-air.

In addition, Morty can secure cheesy kills by summoning his up-special mid-combo. If he can keep his opponent in place with a mix of grounded melee attacks and side-specials, then the spaceship will ultimately carry them past the top blast zone.

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Dylan Tate is an alumnus of the Hussman School of Journalism and Media at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is a gaming journalist with a love for Nintendo esports, particularly Super Smash Bros. and Pokémon.

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