MultiVersus Morty combos, perks & specials

MultiVersus Morty combos, perks & specials
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If you're looking to learn all the moves and combos for Morty in MultiVersus, you've come to the right place. The game makes it hard to master any character due to all the mechanics and variations in their movesets, but learning a character to death will make you perform much better in games.

If Morty is the one you're looking to play as consistently, learn everything you need to know below.

Morty moves list

Attack Ground Effect Air Effect
Standard Attack Aw Geez, Snakes! - If Morty has a grenade active, he will fire a laser projectile at the grenade to detonate it. Without an active grenade, the projectile will split into two, one moving up and the other down. Same
Side Attack Unresolved Anger Issues - A combo of punches that finishes with a swing. Barbarian Instincts - Delivers a combo of axe hits.
Up Attack Aw Geez, More Snakes - Fires a snake laser upward. Power Of Fire! - Use a powerful ring to hit an enemy upwards and ignite them.
Down Attack Plumbus Time! - Morty runs with a plumbus that hits enemies. Applies cleanse to allies and weakened to enemies. Armothy Assault - Hit downward.

Morty specials list

Morty uses his up-special in MultiVersus
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Special Attack Ground Effect Air Effect
Standard Special It's A Grenade, I Think - Throw a grenade projectile. Same
Side Special Power Of Earth! - Summon an earth pillar from the ground. Another Portal? - Get armour and hop into a portal. Hold the input to aim where you appear.
Up Special Uh, Auto-Pilot? - Call for a spaceship as a platform. Same
Down Special Temporal Back-Up - Create a save point and warp back after some time, healing yourself and your allies. Input again to warp back and leave a grenade on the floor. Same

Morty combos

Inputting two hits of Morty’s grounded side-normal combo followed by a neutral-normal finisher will cause him to throw out a whip.

If he connects the whip from maximum distance, it will pull Morty toward his opponent. As a result, he can follow up this move with a forward-air.

Morty uses his whip in MultiVersus
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In addition, Morty can secure cheesy kills by summoning his up-special mid-combo. If he can keep his opponent in place with a mix of grounded melee attacks and side-specials, then the spaceship will ultimately carry them past the top blast zone.

Morty perks

Morty's perk list in MultiVersus
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Perk Effect
Extra Fleeb Juice Morty's plumbus leaves the floor squeaky clean.
I'm More Than Just A Hammer When you summon Hammer Morty, Morty will spin in a circle, hitting multiple times.
Oh That's Still A Grenade The radius of Morty's grenades is increased based on the duration they are cooked.

With so many cooldown moves, Morty benefits from one of the best perks in the game, Coffeezilla. This Utility perk lowers his cooldown duration by 10%.

Another Utility perk, Fancy Footwork, ups his dodge distance by 5%. This is especially helpful for improving his recovery while his up-special is on cooldown.

Finally, the Offence perk Deadshot makes his projectiles do 5% more damage.

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