MultiVersus Gizmo Guide: Combos, Perks, Specials, And More

MultiVersus Gizmo Guide: Combos, Perks, Specials, And More
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12th Sep 2022 17:33

This MultiVersus Gizmo guide will help players learn how to succeed with the cutest Mogwai around. It’ll undoubtedly be a useful tool for players on the hero’s side who want to prepare for the more sinister half of the MultiVersus Gremlins crossover, Stripe. Take a closer look at everything this character has to offer in this MultiVersus Gizmo guide.

MultiVersus Gizmo Guide: Overview

Gizmo charges an arrow in MultiVersus.
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Gizmo has a Hybrid battle style in MultiVersus and is classified as a Support due to his ability to help out allies in team battles better than many other characters in the roster. He’s also a solid offensive character in his own right. Gizmo can employ a safe, projectile-focused game plan thanks to his neutral-normals, which allow him to shoot arrows.

Charging up the arrows will eventually cause them to catch on fire, and he can dodge in order to cancel his shot and store his charged arrow. In addition, Gizmo can throw giant wads of popcorn into the air with his grounded up-normal, which will explode when hit by an arrow.

Gizmo’s passive ability is called Time to Listen and lets him apply Music with some of his attacks, like his grounded down-normal. Music is a debuff for enemies, which Silences them after eight stacks are applied, preventing them from using cooldown moves. Conversely, it is a buff for allies that causes them to create musical notes when they successfully dodge an attack. These notes can then apply the Music debuff to enemies that touch them.

MultiVersus Gizmo Guide: Specials

Gizmo's side special in MultiVersus
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With his neutral-special, Song of the Mogwai, Gizmo summons musical note projectiles around himself in MultiVersus that can deal damage and apply stacks of Music. They will also follow behind allies’ projectiles and apply hitstun on hit. The aerial version, Song of the (Flying) Mogwai, causes the musical notes to shoot forward rather than hovering in a circle around Gizmo.


Gizmo’s grounded side-special is called Beep Beep! He hops in a toy car that he can steer as long as he is in it. Gizmo can jump or dodge to exit the car, but pressing the normal attack button near the car will allow him to get back in. Likewise, Gizmo’s allies can hop in and drive his car. Enemies can eventually destroy the car, at which point a cooldown will apply.

For his aerial side-special, Umbrella Bash, Gizmo dashes forward with an umbrella in front of him. This attack reflects projectiles. At the end of the move, the umbrella will briefly lift Gizmo higher into the air. If he holds the input, he can slowly glide downward, making it helpful for recovering from off stage.

Gizmo’s grounded up-special, Gizmo-a-Go-Go, and his aerial up-special, Gizmo-a-Go-Go (Flying) have the same effect. He jumps upward, bouncing off of any nearby enemies and dealing a sizable amount of knockback. If he uses this move near his car, he will jump in and cause it to overheat. Then, exiting it again will cause it to launch forward and cause a powerful explosion.

In addition, Gizmo can use Gizmo-a-Go-Go near an ally to jump on their back. This will cleanse them of any debuffs and cause Gizmo to attach himself to them. He can still use attacks while attached to an ally, although he will also take a percentage of the damage that they take. Jumping again will allow Gizmo to detach himself and move freely again.

Gizmo’s grounded down-special is called Corrugated Camouflage. It causes him to hop into a toy chest that blocks projectiles. Conversely, if he is attached to an ally, he will hold out an umbrella that blocks projectiles. Meanwhile, his aerial down-special, Falling Furball, causes him to perform a Super Mario-esque Ground Pound, bouncing upward off of any enemies he hits.

MultiVersus Gizmo Guide: Perks

Gizmo's perk list in MultiVersus.
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Gizmo gets access to three signature perks in MultiVersus. Bounce, Bounce, Boom! lets him instantly blow up his popcorn or car by hitting them with Falling Furball. Next, Power Cuddle lets him charge attacks more quickly while attached to an ally. Finally, Rhythm’s Gonna Getcha forgoes the Silenced debuff and instead forces Gizmo’s enemies to uncontrollably dance when they have incurred eight stacks of Music.

Considering he can spend a good chunk of the match literally attached to his teammate, it makes sense that Gizmo would benefit from the Defense perk Back To Back, which reduces damage by 6% when he’s near an ally.

Given his strong arrow projectiles, Gizmo also enjoys the Offense perk Make It Rain, Dog!, which makes his projectiles 20% faster. Finally, Gizmo’s recommended Utility perk is Triple Jump. If stacked with an ally, it ensured he always has three midair jumps. Even if it’s not stacked, it grants him a third jump if he hits an opponent in the air, which Gizmo can easily do thanks to his long-range arrow projectiles.

MultiVersus Gizmo Guide: Combos

Gizmo uses Falling Furball in MultiVersus
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Gizmo’s arrows deal next to no knockback in MultiVersus. While it makes them unviable as kill moves, it also makes them excellent combo starters. Gizmo can force his opponent into hitstun with an arrow, then leap in with a forward-air or up-air to continue the combo.

In addition, Gizmo’s aerial down-special is a solid combo starter. After bouncing off an enemy, he can launch them back downward with a down-air, then catch them on the way up with an up-air before finally chasing them with an up-special to try and kill.

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