Does MultiVersus Have Couch Co-op?

Does MultiVersus Have Couch Co-op?
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2nd Sep 2022 17:16

Does MultiVersus have couch co-op? It’s an important question to answer for anyone looking to 1v1 friends in MultiVersus without having to deal with potential lag or other problems associated with online play. For fans of the game looking for a fun, offline experience, here’s everything to know about MultiVersus couch co-op.

Does MultiVersus Have Couch Co-op?

A Bugs Bunny and Finn play in MultiVersus couch co-op
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It’s pretty obvious to anyone jumping into the game that MultiVersus is primarily meant to be played online. Clicking the huge “Play” button on the home screen will instantly take you to a menu where you can select a 1v1 or Teams match online. You can even join up with a friend playing on a separate console.

As it stands, MultiVersus does not support couch co-op in online play. This means that, if you want to compete online alongside a friend online, the two of you can’t be playing on the same console or television.

However, that doesn’t mean the game is completely devoid of in-person gameplay with friends. To team up with a friend against CPUs or battle against each other, players will simply have to navigate away from online play.

How To Play MultiVersus Couch Co-op

The Custom tab menu for MultiVersus couch co-op
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To play MultiVersus couch co-op with someone in the same room as you, you’ll have to click the prominent “Play” button and then click on the “Custom” tab toward the top right of the screen. From there, you’ll want to press on the “Local Play” button.

From here, you’ll be directed to a character select menu where players can connect additional controllers and select their fighters. There’s also a book icon in the top right corner that players can click in order to change the settings of the match. 

After making sure the settings are to their liking, players can then engage in MultiVersus couch co-op. Notably, all characters and perks are automatically unlocked in Local Play. As a result, this mode is useful for players looking to get some practice in with every character even before unlocking them for online use.

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