Everything we know about The Joker in MultiVersus, from move sets to combos

Everything we know about The Joker in MultiVersus, from move sets to combos
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Jack Roberts


16th May 2024 17:20


  • The Joker has several unique attacks, including his iconic acid flower and crowbar
  • His playstyle is chaotic and designed to keep opponents on their toes

If you’re looking to figure out some of The Joker’s move sets and combos in the run-up to the release of MultiVersus, then I’m here to break down what you can expect to see from the Clown Prince of Crime.

Once again voiced by the legendary Mark Hamill, The Joker joins the likes of Batman, Black Adam and Tom & Jerry who are all ready to fight for victory in the game.

The Joker moves in MultiVersus

The Joker has an entire arsenal of moves in MultiVersus that can catch enemies off guard. This includes several projectiles and close-range attacks that will take a significant chunk out of your opponents’ health bars.

Move Name



Joker, Baby

Dash Attack

A sliding dash that propels The Joker forward.

Dirty Dealer

Normal Ground & Air Neutral

Throw a playing card projectile with different effect cycles:

·       Diamond – Sticks to opponent and explodes

·       Spade – Throws multiple cards

·       Heart – Passes through opponent then returns to damage them from behind

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Normal Ground Side

Attack enemies with a variety of objects.


Normal Ground Up

Swing a crowbar upward. Charge for better reach and damage.

Brushed And Ready

Normal Ground Down

Mechanical teeth that will bite enemies. Can be charged and saved for later.

Lemme At ‘Em

Normal Air Side

Forward punch with a spring-loaded boxing glove. Can be charged for greater reach.

Flying Crowbar

Normal Air Up

Swing crowbar upward.

Oh No Pogo

Normal Air Down

Deal impaling damage on a pogo stick. Can be charged to jump even higher.

Let’s Shake On It

Special Ground Neutral

Provides The Joker with armour and will shock opponents on contact.


Special Ground Side

Fire a rocket launcher. Can be charged for more damage.


Special Ground & Air Up

Launch up with a balloon. Leaves balloon in air that allies can use and ride.

What’s Behind The Curtain

Special Ground Down

Use a curtain to reveal two outcomes:

·       Reveal a cannon that fires forward

·       Reveal a jack-in-the-box to fire upward

Take A Whiff

Special Air Neutral

Fire acid from a flower. Can be charged and saved for later.

Puttin’ On A Blitz

Special Air Side

Dash forward while twirling a cane to deal damage.

Fire In The Hole

Special Air Down

Throws a grenade down that can launch The Joker up.

The Joker playstyle in MultiVersus

As you can see from the trailer above, The Joker’s move set is incredibly chaotic and designed to keep opponents guessing what his next move will be.

You can combo the Take A Whiff attack with Brushed And Ready to make it even stronger than it typically would.

Moreover, there is a certain element of RNG and surprise to expect from The Joker’s array of moves. Fire In The Hole has several outcomes that may make it risky to use or could benefit you greatly, while Dirty Dealer cycles through various card suits to issue different attacks.

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That’s everything you need to know so far about The Joker in MultiVersus. Now, when the game releases, you’ll be ready to pick up and play as the legendary clown prince of crime. If you’re on the lookout for even more guides and news coverage, be sure to head over to our MultiVersus homepage where you can find even more character guides on Rick, Morty, Stripe and more.

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