MultiVersus Jason Voorhees combos, perks, specials & how to unlock

MultiVersus Jason Voorhees combos, perks, specials & how to unlock
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  • Jason's moveset consists of several heavy-hitting attacks that can quickly knock opponents around, as well as an eerie teleport
  • He can be unlocked by purchasing the Season 1 Battle Pass, or for free if you played the Beta

If you’ve been looking to get your spook on in MultiVersus and play as Jason Voorhees, I’m here to break down everything you need to know about the iconic slasher, including all his combos and the best perks to use on him.

Alongside The Joker, Agent Smith and Stripe, Jason looks set to bring some old-school horror into the game and has a moveset full to bursting with Friday the 13th references.

Jason’s combos and special moves in MultiVersus

Jason using a sleeping bag as a weapon in MultiVersus
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Like his movie version, Jason is an unrelenting brute who puts his machete and axe to good use with heavy attacks that can quickly ring out opponents. With a selection of moves straight from the Friday the 13th playbook, prepare for some brutal combos.

Move Name



Freight Train

Dash Attack

A fast-moving shoulder tackle.

Axe Slam

Normal Ground Neutral

Charge an axe while moving forward before slamming down.

Fear the 13th

Normal Ground Side

Hit opponents 3 times before grabbing and throwing them.

Crunch Time

Normal Ground Up

Fold an entire bed that launches opponents up.

Zombie Stomp

Normal Ground Down

Charge a stop that launches opponents up. Also an armour breaker.

Scoop and Slice

Normal Air Neutral

Swing hatchet that arcs upward.

Cut Them Down

Normal Air Side

Knock opponents back with a machete.

From Below

Normal Air Up

Stab upwards with your machete.

6 Feet Under

Normal Air Down

Punch downward.

Unstoppable Rage

Special Ground Neutral

Trade self-inflicted damage for grey health. Move faster and deal more damage.

Mist Step

Special Ground Side

Teleport forward and damage opponents.

No Escape

Special Ground Up

Swing the axe up and slam opponents back down.

Sweet Dreams

Special Ground Down

Stuff opponents in a sleeping bag. Swing them into other opponents or throw them.

The Slasher

Special Air Neutral

Grab opponents and stab them repeatedly.

Air Mist Step

Special Air Side

Teleport forward mid-air and damage opponents.

Risen Strike

Special Air Up

Knock the opponent upward with an arcing strike.

Down and Out

Special Air Down

Slach down with a machete and lunge forward for an extra strike.



Immune to knockback while grey health is active.

As you can see from Jason’s moves and specials, he is a force to be reckoned with. Toughening himself up, he can become completely immune to knockback and has tremendous map control with his Mist Step teleport.

Additionally, his bed-folding Crunch Time and Sweet Dreams sleeping bag attack have a wide area of attack, making it difficult for opponents to dodge.

Best Jason perks in MultiVersus

Some of Jason's Perks in Multiversus
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While playing as Jason in MultiVersus, I found that his generalist preset perks are just the ticket for an unrelenting stream of attacks. These Perks are:



Well Rounded

You receive a 5% boost to damage dealt and defence.

Purest of Motivations

Your team receives a 15% damage boost for 10 seconds after an ally is rung out.


If your teammate also selects this perk, the damage boost lasts for 20 seconds.

Speed Force Assist

You receive 5% increased base movement speed.


Your melee attacks deal increased damage.

While these will certainly get you through your early matches as Jason in MultiVersus, you’re eventually going to want to change them up later on so you can keep your opponents guessing.

How to unlock Jason Voorhees in MultiVersus

To unlock Jason in MultiVersus, you’ll need to pick up the Season 1 Battle Pass. After purchasing the Battle Pass, he will be unlocked immediately and you can start mastering his moves.

Uber Jason from Jason X in MultiVersus
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If you played the MultiVersus Beta, he will be unlocked for free so you won’t have to spend a penny. However, upon completing the Battle Pass, you'll be rewarded with the Uber Jason skin, straight from the Jason X movie.

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That’s everything you need to know about Jason in MultiVersus. Soon enough you’ll be mastering the moves of that freaky weirdo in a mask. If you’re on the hunt for even more, head over to our dedicated MultiVersus homepage where you’ll find an assortment of guides, from Arya Stark to Jake the Dog.

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