Is MultiVersus Split Screen?

Is MultiVersus Split Screen?
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20th Jul 2022 16:24

Players may wonder if there is an option for MultiVersus split screen that lets players on the same console or computer play together in versus or free-for-all matches. One of the biggest aspects of fighting games is the joy of coop, as even when you can't access online matchmaking, getting a buddy or relative to hop on with the second controller can lead to a great time. With MultiVersus' inspiration from Super Smash Bros. too, you may want to get a whole party going, with multiple players jumping in for massive brawls. So check out if there is MultiVersus split screen, and how to get it working. 

Is MultiVersus Split Screen?

Is There MultiVersus Split Screen?
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Technically, there is no MultiVersus split screen, but there is local multiplayer. This is mainly a semantics thing, as fighting games don't require the screen to literally split for two different POVs like an FPS would. Instead, when playing locally with another player, you will both just control characters on the screen in front of you, which is functionally the same thing. 

This feature was added in the recent open beta, which began its early access period on July 19 after being a much requested feature from the previous alpha and beta phases. It supports up to four players at once, allowing you to take part in a versus 1v1 and 2v2, or a free-for-all where every player is on their own. Players also have access to all characters and perks in local multiplayer, making it a great place to practice members of the roster you may not have. 


To take part in local multiplayer, do the following. 

  • From the main menu, click the giant Play button at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Select the Custom tab at the top of the screen. T
  • The first option on this new menu will be called "Local Play." Select this and set up your game. 

That's all for our primer on MultiVersus split screen, and now you know how to access local multiplayer, along with how many players can take part. 

Why not also check out how to Toast another player in MultiVersus, which gives them Gold and can help you progress certain challenges. 

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