MultiVersus Superman Guide: Combos, Perks, Specials, And More

MultiVersus Superman Guide: Combos, Perks, Specials, And More
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29th Jul 2022 11:55

With a MultiVersus Superman guide, anyone can learn how to pilot the Man of Steel to great heights. Superman has many unique tools at his disposal in MultiVersus, including fairly early access to one of the best perks in MultiVersus. For more information about this DC superhero’s greatest strengths, check out the rest of this MultiVersus Superman guide.

MultiVersus Superman Guide: Overview

Superman uses his aerial side-special in MultiVersus.
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As a Tank and one of the heaviest characters in MultiVersus, Superman excels at surviving until high percentages. He is a Bruiser who can charge up moves to deal big damage and occasionally get early kills. In addition, Superman is a Hybrid fighter who can easily carry opponents toward the side blast zones or the top blast zone in order to get kills.

Superman’s passive ability is called To the Skies! It enables him to dodge upward or diagonally upward from the ground, a unique trait he shares with Batman. In general, Superman likes to approach his opponents from the air, whether that’s to start a short combo or simply to knock them off the stage with a powerful attack. 

MultiVersus Superman Guide: Specials

Superman charges his grounded up-special in MultiVersus.
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Superman’s neutral-special, Ice Breath, pushes opponents back while doing damage and applying the Ice debuff. After 15 stacks of Ice are applied, the opponent becomes Frozen and must mash buttons to escape (or have their teammates hit them).

Ice Breath also causes both Superman’s allies and their projectiles to become Ice Gauntlets, meaning their next hits will apply the Ice debuff. Finally, enemy projectiles will either be destroyed or transformed into a frozen item by this move.

For his grounded side-special, Locomotive Charge, Superman charges and aims a reticle, then dashes forward with an Armored punch. In the air, his side-special is Ten-Ton Tackle. With this move, Superman flies through the air with his iconic pose for a limited amount of time, grabbing and punching any enemies he touches along the way.

Superman’s grounded up-special is Meteor Liftoff. He leaps into the air with Armor before hurtling back down, dealing damage as he rises, falls, and hits the ground. He can also cancel out of the second half of the move in mid-air. 

Meanwhile, Superman’s aerial up-special is called Go Long! With it, he lunges upward and grabs nearby enemies. Afterwards, he can throw them in any direction. If he can use this move to catch an opponent jumping near the top of the screen, he can throw them to their demise at very low percentages.

Finally, Superman’s down-special is Heat Vision. He uses laser vision to create a set of exploding projectiles on the ground, Igniting any enemies who are hit. Superman also gains Armor on the grounded version of this move, although the aerial version lacks Armor.

MultiVersus Superman Guide: Perks

Superman's perk list in MultiVersus.
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Superman gets access to three signature perks in MultiVersus. Flaming Re-Entry causes the landing hitbox of his grounded up-special to Ignite enemies and leave a firewall on the ground. Meanwhile, Break the Ice enables him to do more damage to enemies debuffed by Ice, with his damage output increasing with each stack of the debuff.


Superman’s other signature perk is called Sniper Punch. This perk extends the range of his grounded side-special and allows him to do more damage when he connects the attack from a distance. However, as a trade-off, the attack does less damage from close proximity when Superman has equipped the Sniper Punch perk.

Superman’s recommended Offense perk is Wildcat Brawler, which adds a 5% damage buff to his grounded melee attacks. The Defense buff Kryptonian Skin decreases the amount of damage he takes from enemy attacks by 4%. Finally, the Utility perk Triple Jump gives him access to a third aerial jump after he hits an opponent in the air.

MultiVersus Superman Guide: Combos

Superman gets a ring-out with his aerial side-special in MultiVersus.
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Superman typically wants to approach opponents from the air with a charged forward-air or a falling neutral-air. Afterwards, he can try to follow up with a grounded side-normal combo to push his opponent off stage. From there, Superman excels at catching their recovery with an aerial side-special and carrying them to their demise.

On the flip side, Superman can call out an opponent’s aerial movement with a grounded up-normal. Then, he can start juggling with up-airs or aerial up-specials. If he can call out his opponent’s movement correctly, he could even string two up-specials into each other for an incredibly early ringout.

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