MultiVersus Rick Guide: Combos, Perks, Specials, And More

MultiVersus Rick Guide: Combos, Perks, Specials, And More
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30th Sep 2022 10:33

The MultiVersus Rick guide is here for players looking to excel with one of the wackiest fighters to join the game. Rick fittingly pairs well with his grandson, discussed in the MultiVersus Morty guide. To learn this character’s greatest strengths in both 1v1s and 2v2s, keep reading our MultiVersus Rick guide.

MultiVersus Rick Guide: Overview

Rick shoots a projectile through a portal in MultiVersus
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Rick is classified as an expert character in MultiVersus, and for good reason. One of the developers even claimed Rick has the “highest skill ceiling” of any fighter in the game. Much of it has to do with his ability to spawn portals that he can launch projectiles through, such as his grounded and aerial neutral-normals.

While Rick doesn’t have a passive ability, he is able to apply a myriad of special effects even with his normal attacks. For example, Rick’s up-air grants allies the Educated buff, but grants enemies the Silenced debuff. He can also Ignite opponents with his down-air. 


Rick is classified as a Mage due to his use of projectiles, although his ability to threaten his opponents in close-quarters combat is nothing to sneeze at. He is also considered a Horizontal character, as he excels at forcing opponents offstage and edgeguarding them.

MultiVersus Rick Guide: Specials

Rick turns his enemy into Reindog with his down-special in MultiVersus.
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With his grounded neutral-special, Meeseek and Destroy, Rick summons a Meeseeks in MultiVersus. The behaviour of the Meeseeks depends on Rick’s follow-up input. If he presses nothing, the Meeseeks will run forward. But, if Rick presses up, the Meeseeks will do an immediate uppercut.

Finally, if Rick presses down, the Meeseeks will pull out a golf club, which it will use to attack an opponent that comes by or to reflect an enemy projectile. In the air, Rick’s neutral-special is Meeseeks, Up Here! With it, Rick summons a Meeseeks that will flap its arms a few times in order to stall Rick in the air.

For his grounded side-special, Basrick Portal Theory, Rick aims and shoots a portal. Summoning a second portal will automatically cause Rick to teleport to the first one. Rick’s teammates can dodge to teleport through a portal and, if only one portal is present, they will create a second one near Rick. In addition, fighters can be unwillingly teleported if they are knocked into a portal. While each set of portals can only teleport fighters once, they can teleport an unlimited set of projectiles before they expire. 

Rick’s aerial side-special, Aerial Portal Stunts, functions similarly. This move can be used as a recovery option since it automatically summons two portals if there are currently none on the field. On cooldown, both versions of Rick’s side-special become a forward lunge on his rocket skis.

Rick’s grounded up-special is called Jetpack, NBD., while his aerial up-special is called Goin’ Even Higher! However, the attacks are effectively the same. Rick charges before flying upward with his jetpack. This move has a spike hitbox in the air, making it useful as an edgeguarding tool. 

Likewise, Rick’s grounded down-special, Polymorphrick Ray, is the same as his aerial down-special, Freefall Polymorpher. He shoots a polymorph projectile downward that explodes after a period of time. Allies in the blast radius become Morphized, making them and their projectiles larger and causing them to deal more damage.

Meanwhile, enemies in the blast radius incur a debuff called Polymorphed. They will shrink to a small version of Reindog with a weirdly normal-sized head. While Polymorphed, enemies can’t attack and they take extra damage. Rick’s down-special operates on a cooldown.

MultiVersus Rick Guide: Perks

Rick's perk list in MultiVersus.
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Rick’s first signature perk in MultiVersus, Squanchin’ Pyrotechnics, causes his side-special to have a longer cooldown. However, the trade-off is that it also causes his portals to become Igniting machines. Allies that teleport through these portals will Ignite enemies with their next attack, while projectiles that teleport through them will Ignite on hit. In addition, any enemies that got launched into the portals themselves will be immediately Ignited.

His next signature perk, Hephaestus, Who? causes the last hit of his grounded up-normal to spike opponents. Finally, the signature perk Bit Of A Stickler Meeseeks causes Rick’s Meeseeks to deal twice as much damage to opponents who are in hitstun.

For his Offense perk, Rick benefits from Painted Target. This makes him deal more damage to enemies in hitstun, which makes it pair well with Bit Of A Stickler Meeseeks. Then, Rick likes to run two Utility perks. Gravity Manipulation ups his fast fall speed, while Coffeezilla lessens his cooldown windows.

MultiVersus Rick Guide: Combos

Rick starts a combo with his grounded side-normal in MultiVersus.
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In MultiVersus, Rick’s grounded side-normal is his greatest combo starter. It has a sweeping hitbox that has good range and can act as an anti-air. On its own, his side-normal combo is greatest at forcing opponents away. Rick can then chase his opponent and finish the combo with a forward-air.

He can also combo the opening hit of the grounded side-normal into a grounded up-normal. Afterwards, he can use a mix of down-airs and up-airs to get a brief aerial loop going, before finishing with an up-special to send his opponent flying.

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Dylan Tate is an alumnus of the Hussman School of Journalism and Media at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is a gaming journalist with a love for Nintendo esports, particularly Super Smash Bros. and Pokémon.

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