MultiVersus Wonder Woman Guide: Combos, Perks, Specials, And More

MultiVersus Wonder Woman Guide: Combos, Perks, Specials, And More
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Dylan Tate


29th Jul 2022 12:01

A MultiVersus Wonder Woman guide will come in handy for anyone looking to improve with the Amazonian princess of the DC universe. Wonder Woman is a formidable contender in MultiVersus, and one who can make good use of one of the best perks in MultiVersus. For more information about her skill set, check out this MultiVersus Wonder Woman guide.

MultiVersus Wonder Woman Guide: Overview

Wonder Woman uses her Amazon Shout in MultiVersus.
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Wonder Woman is a Horizontal fighter in MultiVersus, meaning her strongest kill moves send opponents toward the side blast zones. Between her fairly high weight stat and the Armor she gains from certain moves, Wonder Woman has all the survivability one would expect from a Tank.

Her passive ability, Bracer Meter, charges a meter every time she blocks a projectile with her shield or is hit while she has Armor. When the meter is full, she can achieve the maximum amount of power on her grounded down-normal, Amazon Shout.

MultiVersus Wonder Woman Guide: Specials

Wonder Woman uses her up-special in MultiVersus.
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Wonder Woman can use her MultiVersus neutral-special, Lasso of Truth, to both pull opponents and allies toward herself. Of course, only her enemies will be damaged by the attack. Lasso of Truth also operates on a cooldown. 

Wonder Woman’s side-special has aerial and grounded variants. The aerial version, Soaring Punch, simply rockets her forward as she punches anyone in her path. This move is a solid approach option for Wonder Woman, especially since she can initiate the attack then fast fall into an opponent with it.

Meanwhile, she lunges forward with her shield out for her grounded side-special, Warrior’s Charge. This move grants her Armor and destroys projectiles, with Wonder Woman gaining the option to act again when she destroys a projectile. For a limited time, she can hold the special button and move around to keep the shield raised. In addition, passing by a teammate while using this move will grant that teammate Armor as well.

Wonder Woman’s up-special is called Flying Warrior. Similar to her grounded side-special, it is a shield dash, although this move pushes her upward rather than forward. Likewise, Wonder Woman can keep the shield out by holding the special button, and her allies are also able to use her shield as a platform.

Finally, Wonder Woman’s down-special is Defense of the Gods, which has a cooldown period between uses. With this support move, she surrounds herself and her allies with a yellow shield that blocks damage and knockback from the next hit. In 2v2s, she will also dash to her ally and cleanse them of any debuffs upon using this move. Additionally, the shields this move produces can increase Wonder Woman’s Bracer Meter.

MultiVersus Wonder Woman Guide: Perks

Wonder Woman's signature perks in MultiVersus.
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Wonder Woman has access to three signature perks in MultiVersus. Whip of Hephaestus adds a sweet spot that deals powerful knockback to the end of her Lasso of Truth. Meanwhile, Grapple of Hermes allows her to lasso lightning out of the air and pull herself toward it with her neutral-special.


Finally, her only signature perk that is unrelated to her neutral-special is Shield of Athena. With this perk, she can dodge to create a barrier that blocks opponents’ projectiles. However, the barrier enters a cooldown period after blocking a projectile.

Befitting her status as a Tank, Wonder Woman doesn’t naturally unlock any Offense perks. Rather she benefits from two Defense perks: Stronger Than Ever, which gives her and her ally Armor for five seconds after spawning; and Kryptonian Skin, which reduces incoming damage by 4%. Given her reliance on moves with cooldown, she also benefits from the Utility perk Coffeezilla, which gives her 10% shorter cooldown periods.

MultiVersus Wonder Woman Guide: Combos

Wonder Woman uses her neutral-special in MultiVersus.
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When approaching opponents from a distance, Wonder Woman’s best bet is to come in with a forward-air or neutral-air. Afterwards, she can potentially follow up with a grounded side-normal combo or another aerial.

Conversely, the Lasso of Truth can force opponents to come to her. With proper positioning, she can set herself up to pull opponents in, launch them upward with a grounded up-normal, and then start juggling them with up-airs and up-specials.

Dylan Tate is an alumnus of the Hussman School of Journalism and Media at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is a gaming journalist with a love for Nintendo esports, particularly Super Smash Bros. and Pokémon.

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