MultiVersus Best Characters Tier List

MultiVersus Best Characters Tier List
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Tarran Stockton


15th Aug 2022 10:11

Our MultiVersus best characters tier list will help you decide which members of the roster are worth playing to get the most of your games and score win after win. MultiVersus has a roster of 16 characters for the current open beta, giving you a wide variety of WarnerBros. properties and playstyles to pick from, but they're not all made equally, with some already being declared as 'overpowered' and as others seen as not worth learning due to their difficulty. So if you're looking for a breakdown of the full roster, check out our MultiVersus best characters tier list. 

  • We also have a breakdown of the MultiVersus roster, which includes information about the rumoured, leaked, and datamined characters that could join in the future. 

MultiVersus Best Characters Tier List

MultiVersus Best Characters Tier List
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There are 17 different characters to pick from currently in MultiVersus, with all of them fitting into different categories of fighting style and class type. Combinations of these factors can directly influence the difficulty or contextual strength of each character, which will factor into our ranking of the best characters. 

S Tier

  • Shaggy
  • Batman
  • Velma

Our S tier consists of the strongest and relatively easy-to-learn characters. Shaggy is by far the simplest character to pick up and play for anyone familiar with fighting games, and with a little practice his strong moveset can be incredibly deadly. 

Batman is also fairly simple to learn, and can be deadly in the air with his ability to juggle enemies and grapple around the arena quickly to both initiate and escape. Finally, Velma has appeared as a strong character recently, as players have finally learned to utilise her kit, which is strong when you are paired with a bruiser. 

A Tier

  • Jake the Dog
  • Superman
  • Wonder Woman
  • Tom and Jerry
  • Harley Quinn
  • Taz

The A tier is full of characters who are still mostly on the simpler side, but also have a variety of qualities that can make them worthwhile. Jake the Dog is another easy character to learn that comes with a wide berth of effective ground and air attacks that can stop enemies in their tracks.

Superman and Wonder Woman are fairly similar tank characters that can resist a lot of damage, and are very effective at staying in the arena even with low health. Wonder Woman has slightly more combo potential that can dish out a lot of damage when mastered, but Superman makes up for this with his elemental effects that work well for team fights. 

Harley Quinn can be a frustrating character to play against and as an Assassin, she has massive damage output with her ground-based abilities. Tom and Jerry are also extremely powerful and have many tricks up their sleeves, such as a strong juggle ability, and lots of knockback potential that can rag opponents back and forth between both of them. Taz has also fallen down the tier list a little bit since the last update, as his tornado ability was nerfed heavily. He still has plenty of use, and his passive ability to turn enemies into a chicken can be vital when you land your hits. 


B Tier

  • Arya Stark
  • Bugs Bunny

B tier characters can still be strong in the right hands, but they are a lot harder to full utilise and get the most potential out of. Arya Stark is a very fast character who counters slower opponents very well, while also dealing a lot of damage, plus her ability to easily get behind enemies for backstabs is highly useful. 

Bugs Bunny is similar to Tom and Jerry in terms of the wild variety of moves you can use, but he's slightly harder to master. He also some very useful utility for team fights which can make a massive difference. 

C Tier

  • The Iron Giant
  • Finn the Human
  • Reindog
  • LeBron James

The Iron Giant is one of the hardest characters to really learn properly which is why we've slotted him in the C tier, but if you can get to grips with his slow movement and clunky moveset, you'll be able to deal with most threats that come your way. Finn the Human isn't a particularly hard character, but of the Bruiser class, he's one of the weakest right now, and lacks the variety of some others.

Reindog is a strong support character in the game right now, and their tether ability is one of the strongest in the game for team fights. However, the supports in general are fairly underwhelming, and the lack of damage or mobility stops Reindog from climbing higher. 

D Tier

  • Garnet
  • Steven Universe

D tier is obviously where we've slotted the weakest characters. Garnet is the worst of the Bruisers because of how slow she is, making it very difficult to get off the strong damage she can deal. Steven Universe is potentially the worst character right now, due to a lack effective combos to deal damage and knock out opponents, while also having a hard moveset to fully utilise. 

That's our MultiVersus best characters tier list, and now you know which of the characters stand out amongst the current roster. 

We also have a primer on MultiVersus crossplay, which includes cross-progression, and how the features work. 

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