All EVO 2022 Winners

All EVO 2022 Winners
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Chris Penwell


9th Aug 2022 18:15

EVO 2022 was an exhilarating event as it finally returned fighting game pros from all over the world to Las Vegas. Each of the EVO 2022 winners faced many battles to become the best of the best in games like Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, and Guilty Gear Strive among other titles. Here are the Top 2 from every game during the event.

  • Tekken 8 was quickly teased during EVO 2022. See it here.

The Big Match EVO 2022 winners

Kawano EVO 2022 Winners
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Screenshot via Capcom Fighters' YouTube Channel

Let's start off with the premiere fighting game of EVO 2022, Street Fighter V. The Japanese player Kawano was able to take the top prize in this game after defeating the American iDom with Kolin winning against Laura. It was a close set of rounds with Kawano barely winning three matches against two out of five.


Next, Taiwanese player ZJZ took first place during The King of Fighters XV tournament. He's one of the EVO winners as they played lights out with Krohnen, Bjenet, and Kula. The opponent E.T. was using the same three characters. ZJZ won three games and E.T won one. 

Tekken 7's tournament marked the Korean-based Knee as one of the EVO 2022 winners after he won three matches to one against the Pakistani Khan. Knee utilized the power of Feng to take out the crossover character Geese. 

Anime EVO 2022 winners

Dragon Ball FighterZ EVO 2022
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Image via Bandai Namco

Heaven or hell took over the EVO 2022 main stage as the battle for the top spot of Guilty Gear Strive heated up. By the end of it, the American UMISHO ended up one of the EVO 2022 winners after he took out the Saudi Arabian competitor Slash at the grand finals. It was a close battle with UMISHO taking three games to two.

The anime-inspired game Melty Blood: Tyle Lumina's tournament led the Japanese Jing to win against the American Masoma in the grand finals. It was a tantalizing battle between Jing's Hisui and Masoma's Vlov Arkhangel because the bracket was reset and then it went to three rounds to two in favor of Jing. 

Continuing the anime theme, the Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament had Wawa as one of the EVO 2022 winners. The French dominated the tournament with three out of top four representing that country. Ultimately, the final was between the French Wawa and the American Nitro. Wawa had Vegito (SSGSS), Goku (Ultra Instinct), and Android 17 in their team as he won against Nitro's Android 21 (Lab Coat), Goku (SSGSS), and Android 21.

The gorgeous Granblue Fantasy: Versus was featured for the first time at EVO. The winner of this tournament was Gamera, who was able to reset the bracket and then take the grand prize. Both of the competitors Gamera and Tororo are Japanese. Gamera used Djeeta and Tororo played as Percival.

For the last anime-inspired title, fighting game veteran SonicFox won the Skullgirls EVO 2022 tournament against fellow American Dekillsage with Ms. Fortune, Annie, and R. Fortune. American Dekillsage attempted to win the championship with Annie, Big Band, and Filia. The bracket was reset, but SonicFox won the last set by three to one. 

MultiVersus EVO 2022 Winners

MultiVersus EVO 2022 Winners
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Image via WB Games

MultiVersus is technically not an official game for EVO 2022, but the numbers truly matched up to the other titles. Plus, the grand prize was a massive $100,000 with decent winnings all the way up to 32nd place. 

The EVO 2022 winners of the MultiVersus tournament were Nakat and CLG Void, who amazingly won six games to zero against Rosej and Mirrorman. It was the biggest upset of EVO 2022. What made it even better is that the winning duo used the "lower-tier" Wonder Woman and Tom & Jerry among a sea of top-tier Velma and Bugs Bunny players.

Chris Penwell is an experienced video games journalist with a Bachelor in Communications. He loves to play narrative-focused games like Kingdom Hearts and Beyond Good & Evil.

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