Apex Legends Mirage: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips, And Lore

Apex Legends Mirage: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips, And Lore
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30th Aug 2021 15:04

Apex Legends Mirage has his fans - but he definitely has his haters too. The cheeky holographic trickster is a cocky character, and his playstyle certainly plays into that. His nature frustrates a lot of players - but he’s the only character who can breach the rules of Apex Legends and influence your enemy’s mind directly with some tactical bamboozles. Here’s everything you need to know to make the cheeky chappy your main and master the Apex Legends Mirage abilities and ultimate.


Apex Legends Mirage Abilities

Apex Legends Mirage Guide
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All of Mirage’s abilities focus on both his invisibility and talents in creating holographic replicas of himself. His tactical is the Psyche Out, the ability to send out a decoy that can either run or crawl in a single direction, or can be manually controlled to move however you like.

His passive ability is just as useful - Mirage’s Now You See Me ability allows him to go invisible when using respawn beacons, and when reviving others, he can camouflage himself and the player he’s reviving. He also temporarily turns invisible when downed.

Apex Legends Mirage Ultimate

Apex Legends Mirage Guide
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Mirage’s ultimate ability is the ultimate bait - Life of the Party deploys a ring of decoys that splits and runs outwards, leaving enemies wondering which of the many Mirages is the real Mirage. It’s great when you’re in a pickle and you need to disorient your foes - or at the very least, just get out of trouble.

Apex Legends Mirage Tips

Apex Legends Mirage Guide
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Many players might be a little bit reluctant to use Mirage’s ultimate unless in a very tight situation, as ultimate abilities take a while to recharge. Don’t let this stop you - Mirage’s ultimate ability only takes one minute to recharge, so if you get caught in a firefight, knock it out whenever you’re ready and don’t be held back by recharge times. It’s a great ability, so don’t let it be too late to use it.

If you need to lose enemies completely, one great technique is to pop your ultimate, then as the circle of decoys forms, run into the centre of the ring and run in an unpredictable direction from there. This will reshuffle the order of decoys in your enemy’s eyes, and make it incredibly difficult to discern which is which.

Many would say that Mirage’s abilities are useful in all-guns-blazing, bombastic battles - but they can also be useful in stealth. If you’re suspicious that someone is hiding in a building and you want to rush them, send out your decoy in another direction. The decoy will have its own footprint sounds, and if the player inside is paying attention, they’ll think you’ve walked right past them. That’s when you pounce.

Apex Legends Mirage Lore

Apex Legends Mirage Guide
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Elliott Witt has always been a goof for attention - being the youngest of four boys, he had to be. The one thing he was willing to take seriously was the Holo-Pilot technology introduced to him by his engineer mother. Learning all he could about the tech, the pair bonded over their shared passion for the capabilities of holograms.

Working as a bartender to keep himself afloat, he heard from patrons about the Apex games - the ultimate fast-track to fame and glory. With the endorsement of his mother and her customised holo devices in his pocket, he’s the life of the party in every arena, and competes for fame and money.

That’s all you need to know to take the trickster to the arena - get in there and make ma proud.

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