Apex Legends And Their Zodiac Signs

Apex Legends And Their Zodiac Signs

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10th Dec 2020 17:40

All of the Apex Legends characters have their own carefully curated personalities and backstories, but when it comes to astrology - what are their zodiac signs?

Followers of astrology, which assigns people a zodiac sign based on their birthday, believe your star sign correlates directly to your personality. For instance, a Gemini is two-faced (as it is the sign of the twin or twin personalities), and Scorpios are angry by nature, as they are the sign of a predatory insect. 

Apex fans have made their informed choices about which zodiac sign the Legends belong to, despite not having any information about their birth dates. 

We've decided to do the same, so here are the zodiac signs of the Apex Legends, as we see it.

Apex Legends Zodiac Signs
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Wraith - Scorpio

This should come as no surprise. The interdimensional skirmisher matches up with not only the layman's interpretation of a Scorpio's personality, but also an astrologer's. 

Wraith is purposeful, because she is out for revenge thanks to the experiments performed on her before she escaped the Labs. Scorpios are known for their firey disposition, but while Scorpio is often mistaken for a fire sign due to this, it is in fact a water sign, that gets its strength from the psychic and emotional realm - sounds pretty Wraith-y.

Horizon - Virgo

The latest addition to the Apex Legends cast matches up perfectly with the Virgo qualities. From her practical scientific methods, to her analysis of every situation, the Scottish doctor is logical to a tee, and we'd bet good money she's a Virgo.

Pathfinder - Sagittarius

While Pathfinder may not have been "born", he will have been manufactured on a certain day - meaning he can definitely have a star sign. Pathfinder would be, in our estimation, a Sagittarius; philosophical, optimistic, and on a quest for knowledge. Pathfinder's main purpose in life is to find his creator, so this rings true.

Apex Legends Zodiac Signs
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Rampart - Capricorn

One of the newer Legends, the spunky weapons modder has to be a Capricorn. She is practical (she does work on guns all day, after all), willful (she's definitely got sass), and is endlessly determined.

Loba - Leo

The sign of the lion becomes the sign of the wolf for thief Loba. Leos are known for their initiative, and the high-society thief has that in droves. They are also known for their generosity, and while that may seem ironic, think of Loba's Ultimate Black Market Boutique. Leos also exude an air of royalty, and one look at Loba would tell you - she is definitely a queen.

Mirage - Gemini

This one is self-explanatory. Mirage can create multiple decoys of himself, so is in essence (at least) a twin. Geminis are inquisitive, indecisive, and most importantly (and appropriately), the symbol for this star sign is the celestial twins.

Apex Legends Zodiac Signs
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Gibraltar - Aquarius

Gibby is the ultimate Aquarius - compassionate, a humanitarian, but serious when the occasion calls for it. Gibraltar's backstory places him in a very sad situation, where his boyfriend died in a motorcycle accident, leading Makoa Gibraltar into a life of devoting his to help others. 

Caustic - Cancer

Cancers are intense and impulsive - and pretty crabby. The good gas doctor certainly fills these criteria, and his intensity can't be denied.

Revenant - Scorpio

Another Scorpio Legend, Revenant displays the same unyielding and transient properties as Wraith. The aggressive simulacrum definitely has a purpose - to maintain his status as the ultimate assassin. 

Bangalore - Taurus

Super-soldier Bangalore is most definitely the sign of the bull - strong, patient, and secure. She fulfils this role every time she competes, with an iron will and endless determination.

Apex Legends Zodiac Signs
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Bloodhound - Capricorn

Although not much is known about Bloodhound (even outside of the Stories From The Outlands) they must be a Capricorn. The sign represented by a goat, Capricorns are responsible, disciplined, and hold family and tradition as the highest truths. 

Crypto - Virgo

The hacker Legend Crypto is 100% a Virgo. The star sign qualities include analysis skills, practicality, and observation. All Crypto does is observe - with his Drone - then analyse the information received.  

Octane - Pisces

The speedy Legend is known for his reactive and indecisive personality - that's what landed him with two metal feet and a place in the Apex Games. Pisces are symbolised by two fish swimming in opposite directions, which represents Octane's mind constantly being divided between spontaneity and reflection.

Lifeline - Aquarius

Just like Gibraltar, Lifeline is compassionate to a fault, as she spends her life healing others. Aquarius' bestow life upon others, and Lifeline certainly does that with her D.O.C Healing Drone and revival shield.

Apex Legends Zodiac Signs
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So there you have it, all 14 Legends and their zodiac signs. 

Did we get them right? Let us know on Twitter, @GGReconEsports.


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