Best Apex Legends Players

Best Apex Legends Players
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18th Aug 2021 16:07

The best Apex Legends players are hotly contested right now, as the Apex Legends player count continues to surge in popularity and the competition gets fiercer. The best of the best in Apex Legends is tough to discern, as watching them all play the game is like watching a mad blur of colours and gunfire - but it certainly doesn’t keep it from being entertaining. But who are the top players in Apex right now, the absolute best of the best?

Here are the very best Apex Legends players the game has to offer, and who to be keeping an eye out for…

Best Apex Legends Players: ImperialHal

The Best Apex Legends Players
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ImperialHal, ever since joining TSM, has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with. He has all the know-how that makes up an Apex pro, and is an excellent coordinator in the field, making his lethal with a team.

22-year-old Phillip Dosen is a behemoth when put to use at ALGS, known mostly for playing as Wraith and Octane. He’s a strict and efficient leader who won’t take a loss so easily, but when his orders are followed, he’ll carry his team to victory with ease.

Best Apex Legends Players: ShivFPS

The Best Apex Legends Players
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ShivFPS on Twitter

Shivam Patel, better known by his online alias ShivFPS, hasn’t half made a name for himself. He’s immensely popular on Twitch, and for good reason - the Luminosity Gaming streamer is ruthless and aggressive, and can take care of even the most broken aimbotters.

If at any point you’re desperate to see some impeccable Apex plays, chances are, he’ll already be live on stream for you to tune in and bear witness.

Best Apex Legends Players: Hardecki

The Best Apex Legends Players
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Gambit Esports

Hardecki might be restricted for now to the European leagues, but once the seal is broken, he is on track to be known as a serious all-timer. An iconic member of Gambit Esports, Konstantin ‘Hardecki’ is a slick and speedy adversary, and one of the very best Valkyries playing right now.

Be grateful you’ve never run into him in-game, because he’d run rings around even the most seasoned predator.

Best Apex Legends Players: NRG Ace

The Best Apex Legends Players
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He might be retired from professional play now, but Ace is arguably one of the best to ever play Apex Legends. The Wraith main who carried NRG to glory on more than one occasion, Brandon Winn can pull off some immaculate long-shots and is an ace with his snipers and pistols.

He’s sticking to the streams after his pro career has come to an end, but that only means you’re in more danger of running into him in-game. Good luck to you if you do.

Best Apex Legends Players: Ras

When it comes to players with god-like agility, Song ‘Ras’ Hong-gyun is among the slipperiest. Crazy Racoons’ Ras is great at Apex mostly due to his sheer movement skills, not taking much damage simply because he doesn’t give their adversaries a chance.

A nightmare for sniper players and even more deadly up close and personal, Ras is a demon in Apex Legends and doesn’t go down without a fight - in fact, they don’t go down often at all.

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