What Are The Best Team Combos In Apex Legends?

What Are The Best Team Combos In Apex Legends?

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Coleman Hamstead


28th Apr 2021 17:30

The amount of diversity in Apex Legends’ characters rivals that of any game out there. Their looks, personalities, and abilities are all widely different.

Despite each Legends’ individuality, Apex Legends is a team game at its core. So much so, that there isn’t even a permanent Solos playlist available.

With this in mind, not all Legends work well as a squad. Finding a group of Legends that are compatible and can build off of each other's strengths is crucial for success in the Apex Games.

So the question is, what are the best team combos in Apex Legends?

What Are The Best Team Combos In Apex Legends
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Apex Legends Team Combo - Wraith/Gibraltar/Bloodhound

Wraith/Gibraltar/Bloodhound is currently the most popular team composition in the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS). This team combo was picked 40.4% of the time in the Winter Circuit Playoffs. The second most picked team comp was chosen at a rate of just 11.5%.

Wraith, Gibraltar, and Bloodhound together cover all of a team’s needs. Wraith supplies safe rotations and works as an aggressor and opener in fights. Bloodhound provides access to Survey Beacons and can reveal enemy locations. Gibraltar can protect the team in sticky situations using his Dome of Protection and force enemies out of their power positions using his Ultimate ability.

Wraith/Gibraltar/Bloodhound is an extremely well-rounded team combo able to offer a squad a little bit of everything.

best apex legend team combos
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Apex Legends Team Combo - Octane/Revenant/Caustic

The Octane/Revenant/Caustic team composition is as scary as it looks. This team composition is the most aggressive combo of Legends we’ve ever seen deployed in the Apex Games.

This comp is built around Revenant’s Death Totem and Octane’s Launch Pad. First, the team uses Revenant’s Death Totem to turn into shadows and protect themselves from death. Next, everyone takes Octane’s Launch Pad, and full sends at the closest enemy team. Caustic’s role is to protect the death totem with his gas traps.

This strategy is so good because it’s all reward with no risk. There are no consequences to dying as a shadow. You just reappear at the Death Totem with slightly less health. Octane, Revenant, and Caustic teams then have the option of returning to finish the fight or healing up and resetting.

This team combo is ideal for players that like to play ultra-aggressive and partake in non-stop action.

best apex legend teams
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Apex Legends Team Combo - Wraith/Pathfinder/Wattson

Wraith/Pathfinder/Wattson is a classic team combo that has stood the test of time. These three Legends have been dominating high-level lobbies dating back to Season 3. This is a nostalgic team comp and a reminder to many in the community of what they consider Apex Legends’ glory days.

This team combination is so highly regarded that there have been Apex Legends tournaments dedicated exclusively to these three Legends. In February of 2021, the Throwback Throwdown Tournament occurred. This tournament had a 10K prize pool and limited participants to Wraith, Pathfinder and Wattson exclusively.

This team combo follows the meta of mixing an Offensive, Recon, and Defensive Legend. Wraith slays out and rotates her team, Pathfinder provides reconnaissance and is able to transport the team with his Ziplines, and Wattson can hold down any location with her fences and Interceptor Pylon.

This team comp is a bit outdated, but it can still prove successful. But most of all, it’s a joy to play.

best apex legend team combos valkyrie
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Apex Legends Team Combo - Rampart/Caustic/Wattson

The thesis behind this team combo is the opposite of the Octane/Revenant/Caustic composition listed above. Rampart/Caustic/Wattson is built for pure defence.

There’s not a team comp in Apex that could breach this squad’s defences. This team combo should be able to hold down any building on the map with ease.

It starts with Wattson and Caustic fortifying the squad's surroundings with fences and traps. Rampart can then throw down her Amped Cover, providing protection from incoming bullets while also allowing her team to fire back amped-up shots. Furthermore, Rampart can place her minigun down and unleash a barrage of bullets on enemy teams. Usually, Rampart would be left an easy target while sitting on her mounted machine gun. But with all of the defences provided by Wattson and Caustic, Rampart should be free to fire away.

No one in their right mind will want to mess with a squad running this combination of Legends. Rampart, Caustic, and Wattson may not be a threat in an open field, but you’ll want to steer clear if you find them set up in a reinforced position.

top apex legends squad
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Apex Legends Team Combo - Horizon/Crypto/Lifeline

Despite consisting of three different Legends, this team comp plays similarly to Wraith/Gibraltar/Bloodhound. Horizon serves as the offensive slayer capable of transporting her team, Crypto is the Recon Legend, and Lifeline works as support. While Wraith/Gibraltar/Bloodhound are a more popular combo overall, Horizon/Crypto/Lifeline can be particularly formidable in the right hands. 

Until Respawn nerfs her, Horizon is far and away the best Offensive Legend in the game. Her Gravity Lift Tactical ability allows her to outplay and outmanoeuvre Legends with lesser movement abilities.

Crypto is a Legend that appears inadequate when used by an inexperienced player, but Crypto vets are a pleasure to have on the team. Crypto’s Drone provides an insane amount of utility. It can be used offensively or defensively, depending on the situation.

Lifeline may not offer the defensive capabilities of a Gibraltar or Wattson, but she can support like no other. Lifeline’s ability to revive and heal allies with her D.O.C. Drone can turn the tide of battle. Also, Lifeline’s Care Package Ultimate ability can provide some much-needed upgrades if you’re lucky.

All together, Horizon, Crypto, and Lifeline sync together surprisingly well and offer a solid team combination for those that desire to test out some off-meta Legends.

apex legends team combos
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Apex Legends Team Combo - Valkyrie/Gibraltar/Bangalore

While Valkyrie has yet to officially release at the time of writing, we can theorycraft some ideal team combos that include this new Legend. One proposed team composition that could be deadly in unison is Valkyrie/Gibraltar/Bangalore.

These three Legends together can reign down death from the skies. Each of these three Legends has an airstrike-like ability. Gibraltar calls down a mortar strike with his Ultimate, Bangalore’s Ultimate is an artillery strike, and Valkyrie’s Tactical launches a swarm of mini-missiles. Together, these Legends can unleash a relentless bombardment of aerial attacks.

Moreover, this team combo covers all of the necessary roles. Bangalore plays the offensive role, Valkyrie is labelled a Recon Legend, and Gibraltar is the king of defence.

It would not be a surprise to see this team combination running through lobbies in Season 9: Legacy.

best apex legends team
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Apex Legends Team Combo - Loba/Mirage/Fuse

This last team combo is sort of a meme comp. It consists of some underrated, outcast Legends that usually aren’t the highlight of any singular comp.

Despite their lack of mainstream popularity, Loba, Mirage, and Fuse can all become viable in the right hands. Additionally, all three Legends are rumoured to be receiving buffs in Season 9. Who knows, Loba, Mirage, and Fuse could surprise some people and become more popular picks.

These three Legends are definitely underwhelming as things stand, but each can shine under certain circumstances. Mixed together, Loba, Mirage, and Fuse have the power to surprise the opposition.


In the end, not every team combo is going to fit you and your squad’s playstyle. It’s best to experiment and see what works for your group. Test out a few of these suggested compositions and build the ultimate Apex Legends trio.

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