All Unreleased Apex Legends Skins

All Unreleased Apex Legends Skins
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Coleman Hamstead


20th Jul 2021 14:47

Apex Legends is a game all about looting, shooting, and survival, but there’s a whole other aspect of the game that can sometimes be overlooked - cosmetics. When you leap out of that Drop Ship onto World’s Edge, Kings Canyon, or Olympus, no one player is the same. Each competitor is decked out in an array of cosmetic items handpicked to represent that player’s personal style. And humans love to stand out, that’s why Apex Legends was able to make six million dollars in six days off of a few skin bundles.

Over two years since its initial release, today Apex Legends includes hundreds if not thousands of cosmetic items for players to equip their Legends with. However, there are a select few cosmetics in the game files that, for whatever reason, haven’t made it into the game. Some of these are likely scheduled for release at a future date, but others have been around for nearly a year with no release in sight.

So what are the secret skins hidden away in the game files? Let’s take a look…

Darkest Reality - Wraith

Unquestionably the most sought-after skin on this list, Apex Legends players have been demanding this Voidwalker recolour since it was first leaked back in December 2020.

Rumour has it that this skin may have actually been removed from the game files in the time since. If so, this is heartbreaking news for Wraith mains.

Voidwalker Recolour - Wraith

This aqua and yellow Wraith skin is yet another Voidwalker recolour that has yet to release. Two versions of Voidwalker already exist in the game, so perhaps the developers wanted to hold off on these two recolours out of fear of overkill?

Chinatown Market Bundle

Whether you’re a fan of streetwear or not, there’s no denying that the Chinatown Market skins are on fire. Wraith, Loba, Mirage, and Bloodhound have been decked out in sick Chinatown Market drip.

This bundle release was set to be Apex Legends’ first collaboration of its kind. Fortnite does all kinds of collaborations of this sort, but Apex has yet to dive into the crossover world.

Unfortunately, this set of skins was put on hold when Chinatown Market announced that it would be rebranding. The brand will be changing its name after receiving backlash and feedback from the Asian American community. These skins will remain unreleased until that situation is settled.

False Idol Recolour - Revenant

Fans of black and white will absolutely love this False Idol recolour. Revenant boasting monochromatic colours is a beauty to behold. This skin will for sure be a popular pick among Revenant mains if it ever sees the light of day. This particular recolour was leaked back in October 2020, and it's still nowhere to be seen.

Unholy Beast Recolour - Revenant

Revenant’s second unreleased skin is similar to the one above, only red replaces the black colouring. The original Unholy Beast skin is actually red and white already, so this skin is less of a recolour and more of an inverse colouring. The original skin is mostly white with red accents, while this one is mostly red with white accents.

Purple Reign Recolour - Loba

This Purple Reign Recolour is dominated by shades of blue and brown. Nothing about this skin stands out too much, so maybe that’s why it is still unreleased.

Off The Record Recolour - Loba

Loba unveils her wild side with this Off the Record recolour. This skin is accented with tiger stripes, a wonderful fit for Loba’s bold personality.

Masked Storyteller Recolour - Crypto

Crypto’s Masked Storyteller recolour is citrus-themed, with his lime green coat and a mask that almost looks like a lemon. Crypto’s been getting a lot of skins lately, so that could explain the delay behind this one.

Terra Nova Recolour - Horizon

The only non-released Horizon skin in the game files, this Terra Nova recolour gives Horizon an old-fashioned look. Renowned Apex Legends dataminer @GarretLeaks says that based on what he’s seen in the files, players should not expect this skin any time soon.

Blackheart Recolour - Caustic

One of the cooler skins on this list, Caustic gets a Blackheart recolour based around the complementary colours of blue and orange. His entire suit is bold orange, allowing his dark blue mask to stand out. If this skin ever releases, Caustic players will likely flock to it for the chance to stand out in a crowd.

Royal Guard Recolour - Bloodhound

A nearly pure yellow version of the Royal Guard skin for Bloodhound has been deciphered in the files. This looks like one of those unreleased skins that may never see the light of day. Bloodhound already has a skin in the game that looks nearly identical to this recolour. We’d assume this particular skin has been vaulted due to its lack of originality.

The Enforcer Recolour - Bangalore

It seems like the artists at Respawn really love the colour yellow. This “The Enforcer” recolour for Bangalore is yet another skin that uses yellow as the primary colour. However, the cyan accents on this specific skin help make it stand out and actually look pretty nice!

Racer - Rampart

Racer is a recolour of Rampart’s The Devil You Know skin. Racer is a true hit, the skin instantly draws your eye to it. Racer is covered in hints of blue, purple, white and gold to make a stunning combination.

There’s no timetable for this skin’s release, but one would think Respawn wouldn’t want to hold a looker like this back too long.

Valkyrie Recolours

There is a batch of unreleased Valkyrie recolours in the game files. As Apex’s newest Legend, Valkyrie quickly rose in popularity. Everything about her from her lore to her kit is tremendous. With that, Valkyrie has been showered with top-tier skins.

We assume that Respawn didn’t want to release too many Valk skins at once, so they kept a few tucked away in the files. None of these Valkyrie skins are very flashy, instead, they are designed with clean, matte colourways. Respawn is likely saving these skins for a rainy day.


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