Apex Legends player count 2023: How many people play Apex?

Apex Legends player count 2023: How many people play Apex?
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12th Sep 2023 17:29


Check out the Apex Legends player count as of September 2023, so you can see how many people play the game currently and how popular it is compared to other big titles.

Apex Legends has been a massively successful battle royale since its launch in 2019, combining hero shooter design with BR gameplay to create a unique package. Whether you're new to the game or a veteran four years deep, read on for a breakdown of the Apex Legends player count.

Apex Legends total player count in 2023

Early in April 2021, the official Apex Legends Twitter account announced that the battle royale had surpassed 100 million total players. This was on par with Warzone at the time, which also announced the 100 million milestone just six days later. 

We've had no update on the total Apex player count since then, but it's likely gained millions more players. If Respawn updates us on the total player count of Apex Legends, we'll update this section with the new figures.

Apex Legends monthly player count in 2023 (September) 

the Apex Legends player count figures for September 2023
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According to ActivePlayer.io, the monthly player count for Apex Legends in September 2023 is just under 65 million. September has seen a slight loss of players, but that's expected when a new season carries on.

We don't have official Apex Legends monthly player count figures from Respawn, so it's worth taking the above estimates with a grain of salt. However, they do shed light on how popular the game is. 

Apex Legends daily player count in 2023 (September)

an image of the Apex Legends Steam player count for September 2023
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According to Steamcharts.com, the daily average player count for Apex Legends in September is 186,759, with a peak player count of 417,441 for this month.

It's worth noting that these numbers only apply to the Steam platform on PC, so they don't count any console players or people who play Apex on other PC storefronts.

However, these figures are based on information that Steam makes available, so we can verify their accuracy.

Apex Legends player count in 2023: Twitch viewership (September)

the Apex Legends Twitch viewership for September 2023
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TwitchTracker.com tells us that Apex Legends is currently the 5th most-watched game on Twitch as of September 2023, with an average of 75,894 viewers over the past seven days.

Apex Legends is always hovering around the top ten of the Twitch charts, and had a massive peak of 674,000 viewers on February 12, 2019, which is when it launched.

Is Apex Legends ‘dying’?

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By looking at all the stats we can find on the player count for Apex Legends, the game is certainly not dying, and is still one of the most popular games in the entire world.

While interest will have peaks and troughs, as all big games do, Apex Legends will only continue to bring back players with consistent updates and events. We don't think Apex Legends will be popular forever, but at this stage, it really shows no intention of slowing down. 

That's everything we have on the Apex Legends player count in 2023, and now you know more about the daily and monthly player count.

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