Apex Legends Player Count 2022: How Many People Play Apex?

Apex Legends Player Count 2022: How Many People Play Apex?
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Joseph Kime


27th Jul 2022 10:06

The Apex Legends player count is constantly evolving, especially as the game goes strength to strength and season 14 fast approaches. Apex Legends has been out in the wild for close to three years now, and elements like new maps, modes, and legends have brought players back and ushered others away. But just how popular is Apex Legends in 2022? Here's everything you need to know about the current Apex Legends player count.

Apex Legends Player Count 2022: Total & Concurrent

Apex Legends Player Count: Total And Concurrent Players
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Respawn Entertainment

Early in April 2021, the official Apex Legends Twitter account announced that the battle royale had surpassed 100 million total players. This was on par with Warzone at the time, which also announced the 100 million milestone just six days later. This was a huge achievement for Apex, especially considering the title wasn't an established IP like Call of Duty. 



The popularity of the game is certainly helped by its free-to-play aspect, as well as its availability across PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Switch. Not to mention that every three months a new well of content is offered up to players, with the next one set to introduce the character of Vantage and change up the King's Canyon map.


According to Steam Database, the Apex Legends player count for the past 30 days peaked at 347,879, with it reaching a record high of 411,183 back in May 2022. Recent seasons added the brand new round-based mode called Arenas, as well as Legends like Ash, Mad Maggie, and Newcastle. 

At the time of writing (around midday on a Wednesday), PlayerCounter.com lists the game as having a million players across all platforms. Basically, these are very strong numbers for the game, and the consistent base of players is what keeps Respawn putting content into it. 

Apex Legends Player Count: Twitch Viewership Numbers

The viewership of the Apex Legends player count shown on a Twitch chart.
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Apex Legends is always hovering around the top ten of the Twitch charts, showing that the Apex Legends player count extends beyond those that actually play the game. In December 2021, the Apex Legends Twitch viewership peaked at 237,795. This is a depreciation from the previous month of 282,048, however it is natural for numbers to dip after the launch of a new season.

At the time of writing Apex Legends is the eighth highest watched category on Twitch according to Twitch Tracker, and has surpassed the likes of Fortnite and Warzone all of which received seasonal updates in the last couple of weeks. With an average of 60,000 weekly viewers, Apex Legends is doing pretty well on the streaming platform as well.

Apex Legends Player Count: Is Apex Legends ‘Dying’?

Apex Legends Player Count: Total And Concurrent Players
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Respawn Entertainment

By looking at all the stats we can find on the Apex Legends player count, the answer to "is Apex Legends dying?", is a big resounding no. The battle royale has seen its most successful year so far, three years after launch.

While interest will have peaks and troughs, as all big games do, Apex Legends will only continue to bring back players with consistent updates and events. We don't think Apex Legends will be popular forever, but at this stage, it really shows no intention of slowing down. 

That's everything we have on the Apex Legends player count. If you are one of the hundreds of thousands jumping into Apex this week, why not check out our Apex Legends Ash guide, so you can dominate with this legend.

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