Apex Legends player count in April 2024 & is it a dead game?

Apex Legends player count in April 2024 & is it a dead game?
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If you're curious about what Apex Legends' player count is looking like as of April 2024, I've collected all the data so you can see estimates and more into how many people play, and if it's sitting pretty in terms of popularity.

Respawn's hallmark title has been a massively successful battle royale since its launch in 2019, combining hero shooter design with BR gameplay to create a unique package, while retaining core modes like ranked play. Whether you're new to the game or a veteran nearly five years deep, read on for a breakdown of everything we can gauge about players diving into Apex Legends month on month.

How many people play Apex Legends?

According to ActivePlayer.io, the estimated average monthly player count as of April 2024 is 61 million, with a decrease of around 6 million active players from the start of the year.

The player count for Apex Legends in April 2024
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Image via ActivePlayer.io

While this is a slight drop-off from the same time last year, it's still firmly hovering above the 60 million mark.

We don't have official monthly player count figures from Respawn, however, so it's worth taking the above estimates with a grain of salt - but they do shed light on how popular the game is. 

Daily player count this month

According to Steamcharts.com, the average daily player count for Apex Legends over the past 30 days was 188,000, with a peak player count of 463,933 for this month. This is a rise from the start of the year, with an overall gain of around 30%.

The average daily player counts for Apex Legends in April 2024
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Image via SteamCharts.com

It's worth noting that these numbers only apply to the Steam platform on PC, so they don't count any console players or people who play Apex on other PC storefronts.

However, these figures are based on information that Steam makes available, so we can verify their accuracy.

Apex Legends Twitch viewership in March 2024

The average Twitch viewer count for Apex Legends in April 2024
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Image via TwitchTracker.com

TwitchTracker.com tells us that Apex Legends is currently the 10th most-watched game on Twitch as of April 2024, with an average of 38,569 viewers over the past seven days.

Apex Legends is always hovering around the top ten of the Twitch charts, and had a massive peak of 674,000 viewers on February 12, 2019, which is when it launched.

Is Apex Legends a dead game?

By looking at all the stats we can find, the game is certainly not dying, and is still one of the most popular free-to-play shooters and battle royales out there, with it being more popular than it was in 2021 and 2022 for the most part.

While interest will have peaks and troughs, as all big games do, Apex Legends will only continue to bring back players with consistent updates and events. I might not think it'll be popular forever, but at this stage, it shows no intention of slowing down. 

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