Apex Legends Caustic: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips, And Lore

Apex Legends Caustic: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips, And Lore
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Apex Legends Caustic is the sneaky bane of a lot of games, but heavens is he effective. His gas-centric abilities help to lock down areas all over Apex Legends arenas and allow for some genuine tactical thinking rather than the standard running and gunning we’ve come to expect from the battle royale genre. He’s like the best kind of camper, and with all of the agile characters dominating Apex Legends at the moment, we could do with a few of those. But who exactly is Caustic? And how do you put him to good use? Here’s our guide to everything Apex Legends Caustic.

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Apex Legends Caustic Abilities

Apex Legends Caustic Guide
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Caustic’s signature move is to throw down his tactical ability - the infuriatingly simple Nox Gas Traps. He can deploy up to 6 canisters of a deadly noxious gas that activate when enemies get close, dealing increasingly severe damage to directly to a foe’s health. They make Caustic a seriously defensive character, and are the defining item of his.

His passive ability is the ability to be entirely immune to nox gas, regardless of whether it belongs to him, and gains ‘threat vision’ on enemies moving through his gas. He’s also a fortified legend, meaning that he isn’t slowed by bullets and takes 15% less damage.

Apex Legends Caustic Ultimate

Apex Legends Caustic Guide
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Caustic’s ultimate ability is simple yet effective - he can throw down a nox gas grenade that releases gas with the same properties as from the canisters, but with a much larger radius of effect. Easy!

Apex Legends Caustic Tips

Apex Legends Caustic Guide
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Not only are traps useful for taking care of enemies that storm your location, but they’re great for keeping track of where your enemies are. When they enter your gas you’ll see your damage ticks appear on screen, so as long as you know where all of your traps are, you’ll know where to rotate to in order to get the drop on your adversaries before they know that you know they’re there.

It’s worth noting that Caustic’s ultimate’s damage doesn’t stack with that of the traps - but they’re also very good as an offensive tool. If you’re planning a push on enemies, especially if you find them in a building, get a gas grenade in there before they even know you’re there to frazzle them and force them into a panic, then storm the building and show them who’s boss.

Caustic has the potential to be aggressive, but he’s absolutely at his best when coaxing enemies right into the palm of his hand. Stick your pegs down in one location and bait your enemies in for ultimate efficiency, and keep a hold of close-range weapons like a shotgun or the Wingman. Once they’re in your gas, you’ve got them trapped - and all you’ll need to do is put them down.

Apex Legends Caustic Lore

Apex Legends Caustic Guide
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Alexander Nox, an incredibly bright scientist, was known for his remarkable work for Humbert Labs, the frontier’s leading pesticide manufacturer. He’d work day and night developing new poisons to protect the Outlands’ crops - until it wasn’t enough, and he decided he’d need living subjects to conduct his twisted experiments.

He has since become obsessed with judging the effects of his genius gases, and competes in the Apex games to continue his experiments on more adept subjects. Sounds cheery.

That’s all you need to know to get started with Caustic - take to the arena and hold down the fort!

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