Apex Legends Arenas Tier List

Apex Legends Arenas Tier List
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Need an Apex Legends Arenas tier list? We've got you covered. Here are all of the Apex Legends that you should be picking to ensure you can clutch your match and become an Apex Champion. The 3v3 permanent game mode was launched to revitalise the battle royale, and launch it into a whole new playing field – with no third parties allowed. Differing from the standard Apex Legends tier list, the Arenas meta is strange and unusual, and unlikely Legends take the spotlight, where others wane. We've got all you need to know about the Apex Legends Arenas tier list.

Ability usage (and more specifically, strategic ability usage) is the name of the game in Arenas, and purchasing abilities that are going to help you out in battle is key. Limited charges means limited chances to use your abilities – and knowing when and how to use them is crucial.

The meta for Arenas is night and day compared to the battle royale, and experimentation with different Legends is critical to finding the perfect pick for your playstyle. In the frenzied aggressive Arenas playlist, you’re forced to push and hold small areas, meaning trappers are out of contention.

That being said, different Arenas maps yield different results for Legends, so all picks should be considered carefully depending on which small map is in rotation.

We already have the Apex Legends weapon tier list and best Apex Legends Arenas teams covered, but let's dive into the Apex Legends Arenas Tier List.

Apex Legends Arenas Tier List: Best Legends To Use 

Using a tier system from S-C, we've ranked the best Legends to use in Apex Legends Arenas, based on the below criteria.

S Tier: A powerful Legend that will greatly benefit your team via their class-specific abilities and get you the victory.

A Tier: A solid Legend whose skills help more than they hinder, but not quite enough.

B Tier: These Legends really don’t have a huge impact on your winnability, but their abilities are somewhat useful.

C Tier: Basically useless picks, with abilities that are not conducive to the Arenas meta.



Valkyrie is an immensely strong player in Arenas, combining her amazing recon abilities with movement (flying/hovering), and a fast yet effective Tactical; she really is the best Legend for Arenas.

Her Passive jetpack refuels over time, meaning you can take to the skies for reconnaissance in a flash, providing your team with vital info (and enemy pings).

While her Ultimate could be bought and used immediately for a surprise-flank straight out of the gate, it’s best to focus on Valkyrie’s Tacticals, and buying those up for maximum effect, as soon as you have enough Materials to do so.

As a lot of the fighting in Arenas takes place out in the open (whether by choice or because The Ring forces you to), Valkyrie’s Tactical Missile Swarm leaves opponents with nowhere to hide, once she’s locked on and sent the rockets forth.


Knowing where your enemies are on such a small map (with plenty of hidey-holes) is essential, and even though some may think that opponents are easier to see due to the size of Arenas’ maps – think again.

Teams hoping to get the drop on Bloodhound won’t get far, once they spy a footprint or enemy marker with their Passive, and using the Eye Of The Allfather Tactical is a great way to keep your enemies in their place – and on their toes.

While the Ultimate Beast of the Hunt Ability is fun, its cost outweighs its worth, and should only be purchased and used in later rounds, or in the case of Sudden Death.


The tank is here, and he can absorb so much enemy damage with his Gun Shield; enough for you to call out to your teammates that you’re being peppered, and they can get the drop on your attacker.

Gibby’s Dome Of Protection provides an instant safe space for healing or blocking damage from enemies, and can also be used to confuse opponents – try throwing it in the opposite direction, and watch the enemy team go looking for you, while you shoot.

In later rounds, or where The Ring is coming in fast, Gibraltar’s Defensive Bombardment can be used in tandem with his Dome Tactical to obliterate any remaining enemies and safeguard his team.


Although her nerf left many Lifey mains unhappy, she is still top-tier in Arenas, letting her D.O.C Heal Drone take the place of having to spend essential Materials on syringes and medkits for her team.

Purchase a Lifeline Ultimate Care Package and drop that sucker down straight away – it’ll provide you with an upgraded gun, as well as crucial meds for your team, such as Shield Cells.

Even though the res shield is gone, Lifeline can still revive teammates on the fly, leaving her free to battle. Make sure to buy the Gold Backpack, as it's going to come in handy to make sure your teammates can immediately start fighting once they are revived. 



Octane may seem like a selfish pick, but trust us – the Passive healing ability will get you through many close calls. Not having to spend those key Materials on syringes (especially in the first few rounds) leaves you with enough to splurge on optics, rather than costly healing items.

His Launch Pad Ultimate is great for repositioning in a pinch (when you can afford it in later rounds), and his Tactical Stim is great for pushing a team early on, when they least expect it.


A pick who is left on the shelf in Battle Royale, Rampart is actually super useful in Arenas.

Although the recent Spitfire nerf meant it isn’t quite the meta anymore, she still clinches an extra few bullets whenever she picks up an LMG with her Passive – worth having, and can be the difference between life or death in Arenas.

Rampart’s Amped Cover walls are great for holding down an area on the small and often open Arenas maps, especially when the area of play is smaller as the rounds whittle down.

Hide behind one of Rampart’s Walls, and ping enemies with the Bocek Bow to your heart’s content.


Silencing enemies with Revenant’s Tactical almost seems like bad manners, especially when they’ve used their hard-earned Materials on them and all. However, it is key to stopping those ultra-damaging Valkyrie rockets, or making sure Lifeline can’t heal her teammates.

In maps like Artillery, where buildings are high and require revealing yourself to traverse, Revenant’s Passive Stalker can help out massively, allowing you to flank or push with relative sneaky ease.


On open maps like Phase Runner, Mirage’s Decoys are invaluable, revealing hiding opponents as they get bamboozled and shoot your holographic friend.

Mirage can also take the place of a Lifeline if needed, using his Passive ability to cloak when reviving. The Gold Backpack is also a solid buy for Mirage players, as their squad can get back in the fight with increased health and shields straight away.

Mirage’s Ultimate ability is great for confusing the enemy team when chaos ensues.


Wraith can be handy in Arenas – under the right circumstances. Her Passive is great for alerting you and your teammates to snipers, or just providing information that the enemy team have spotted you.

Her Tactical Into The Void may take a few more seconds than it once did to activate, but is still great even in Arenas, for escaping sticky situations.

Found a good spot on Artillery you want to exploit? Pop one of Wraith’s portals down, and you can zip back and forth from a fight in no time – just make sure the enemy doesn’t follow you, or lay in wait with a Thermite Grenade.



While Pathfinder may seem like he should be in A or even S Tier, he’s not actually that useful for the team. While his Grapple is handy for getting himself around the map, using his Zipline is a surefire way to get gunned down on the small Arenas maps.

Pathfinder’s Passive is utterly useless in Arenas, as there are no Beacons to scan.


When Grenades cost money, Fuse isn’t happy (or a good pick). Arenas is more about gunplay than it is ordnance, so being able to aim fast and true with an Arc Star isn’t as deadly as you may think, or as effective.

Fuse’s Ultimate Motherlode is relatively easy to avoid, and even if trapped inside, a Fuse would have to be burned by his own flames to get near you.

Fuse’s only saving grace is his Knuckle Cluster Tactical, which can deal decent damage to all three members of the enemy squad if aimed correctly.


A soft landing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be in Arenas, and since Horizon’s nerf, neither is she.

Horizon’s Gravity Lift Tactical is great for claiming high ground in maps like Artillery, but only really serves as a giant neon sign saying “shoot me”.

Horizon’s Ultimate is not only expensive (as they all are, running at 300 Materials), but it’s going to be hard to find the perfect time to use it when Arenas is all about moving and flanking, meaning it’s unlikely more than one opponent will be in range of it at any one time.


Oof, Loba really takes a hit in Arenas, with her only viable usage being her Tactical ability, allowing her to use her teleporting bracelet to zip in and out of fights, or reposition long distances.

Being able to see high tier loot is useless in Arenas, but her Black Market Boutique Ultimate could be used successfully to snatch the Care Package guns.


Bangalore is an okay pick for Arenas, but only because of her Passive and Tactical.

Been spotted? Use your Double Time Passive to sprint away from danger, and Smoke the area to push, or confuse the enemy.

Apex Legends Arenas Tier List C TIER – CAUSTIC, CRYPTO, WATTSON


The likelihood of being able to properly utilise a trapper Legend is low in Arenas, where buildings aren’t used for camping, so Caustic has to sit in C Tier with his gas canisters.

Caustic’s Nox Gas Grenade is only useful in situations where an entire enemy team are in one small area – again, unlikely.


Recon of Crypto’s level is rarely useful, as we know how many enemy squads are in the area – one…

Crypto has to hang back in order to provide any info for his team, and be vulnerable while doing so. Where Bloodhound can charge in and run a scan, Crypto must sit with his drone.

Crypto’s EMP is his only saving grace, able to crack enemy shields where many players don’t bother spending Materials on enough shield cells - but it’s costly.


Again, trappers are not useful in this mode, and Wattson’s Interception Pylons will do little to deter the enemy, where campaign in buildings is not an option as the Ring usually pushes you out into the open to fight it out.

Wattson can regen her own shields passively, however, but it isn’t anywhere near fast enough.

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