How To See Apex Legends Predator List Season 13

How To See Apex Legends Predator List Season 13
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24th May 2022 13:49

You may want to know how to see the Apex Legends Predator List for Season 13, as it's essentially the leaderboard for the top ranked mode players across the world. While Apex Legends lets you see your stats and ranking in-game, the Predator List needs to be accessed with a third-party site. Respawn could add the feature into the game in the future, but for now, here's how to see the Apex Legends Predator List Season 13. 

Apex Predator Leaderboard: What Is An Apex Predator?

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In real life, an Apex Predator is the alpha predator at the top of the food chain, so you can guess what it means in Apex Legends too. Players on the Predator List are the best Apex Legends players in the world. There are 750 Apex Predators on each platform - PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. So, with the Apex Legends player count sitting at over 100 million players, only 2,250 select players are ever an Apex Predator at one time.

  • We also have a primer on Apex Legends pro settings, so you can emulate your favourite player's settings and see if they work for you. 

Apex Predator Leaderboard: How To View

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Apex Legends fans looking to find the Predator List will need to use third party websites such as Apex Tracker. The Apex Predator leaderboard is sorted by Ranked Score, or Ranked Points (RP). The higher an individual player’s RP, the higher they are on the Apex Predator list. The top 750 players on each platform on the leaderboard are your current Apex Predators.


Apex Predator Leaderboard: Additional Features

Apex Legends Predator List Season 13
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The Apex Predator leaderboard offers a variety of additional features that users will be interested in. The Predator list can be broken down by platform, allowing users to solely view the top PC, Xbox, or PlayStation Apex Predators if they’d like.

Clicking on a player’s name will bring you to a detailed statistics page, where a plethora of different stats are available for viewing, including the player’s total kills, damage, account level, and more. Furthermore, users can view which legends the chosen player uses most often and how their recent matches went.

Lastly, some Apex Predators even have their Twitch and Twitter accounts linked up to their profile on the list. This feature gives users a streamlined opportunity to watch some gameplay from the top Apex Predators first-hand.

At the top of the Apex Predator leaderboard page is a bar graph displaying a breakdown of the ranks by percentage. This graph shows the ratio of players in each rank by percentage, as well as how many total players are in each rank. For example, the most common rank in the game is Platinum 4. A total of 88,460 players sit in Platinum 4 across all platforms, making up 16.8% of the Ranked mode population.

Apex Predator Leaderboard: Arenas Mode

The Apex Predator leaderboard is not exclusive to the Battle Royale mode, as users can also view all of these same details for Arenas mode on the Arenas Apex Predator list

That's all for our breakdown of how to find the Apex Legends Predator List Season 13.

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