Apex Legends Seer Abilities Guide: How To Use Seer

Apex Legends Seer Abilities Guide: How To Use Seer
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Apex Legends Seer abilities are the hot topic in Apex Legends right now, because the recon-gatherer is the latest legend to arrive in the game. The launch of Apex Legends season 10 has brought a bunch of changes as detailed in the Apex Legends patch notes, but Seer is undoubtedly the biggest addition. Players have countless questions surrounding the new character, including the Seer voice actor and if Seer is gay in Apex Legends, so we're here to answer everything you need to know.

Apex Legends Seer, aka the child of prophecy, sees change in everything, and his newfound presence in the Apex Games has certainly brought change to the meta. With the help of his microdrones, Seer can truly see everything. Seer’s intel capabilities compete with Crypto’s advanced tech and Bloodhound's superior tracking prowess.

Seer’s potential is sky high, but his kit is not as straightforward as other legends’. Mastering Seer will require a deep understanding of how to maximize his abilities. This Apex Legends Seer guide will overview all of Seer’s abilities and provide key tips on how to get the most out of the inspirational outcast.

Apex Legends Seer Abilities: Recon (Perk)

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Seer is a Recon legend. This class of legend benefits from a perk that allows them to scan Survey Beacons and reveal the location of the next ring. This perk is useful at all levels of play, but it really shines in Apex Legends Ranked Mode and professional play such as the Apex Legends Global Series.

High-level lobbies filled with top-tier players tend to be slow-paced and methodical. Everyone in the match is extremely talented, so playing recklessly means certain death. Survival takes priority over kills. Because of this, most squads focus on playing around the ring and avoid fighting unless absolutely necessary.

Knowing where the ring circle will be is crucial to success in Ranked Mode and professional tournaments. Recon legends become a must-pick for this reason. Upon landing, teams will immediately scan a Survey Beacon and then rotate toward a safe location within the next ring as soon as possible. Teams that get set up in the best spots early have a huge advantage over teams that rotate in late.

Seer’s status as a Recon legend makes him a viable replacement to Bloodhound, Apex Legends Valkyrie, or Apex Legends Crypto in competitive matches.

Apex Legends Seer Abilities: Heart Seeker (Passive)

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Seer’s Passive ability, Heart Seeker, is a heartbeat sensor that appears when Seer aims down the sight. Heart Seeker will reveal the general location of any enemies within 75 metres of Seer. The ability can be turned on and off and works even if Seer does not have a weapon equipped.

Information is key in a game like Apex Legends, and Seer provides a lot of it. Seer’s Passive ability means that Seer players are never left in the dark when it comes to knowing what’s going on around them. A quick look down your sights will let you know if any enemies are within 75 metres of your location. Do a quick 360 and you’ll know for sure if the area around you is safe or not. Seer players should never be caught off guard.

The best part is, enemies have no idea if their presence has been revealed by Seer’s Heart Seeker. Bloodhound makes their presence widely known when revealing enemies. Seer, on the other hand, is capable of gathering intel in secret.

Seer is an excellent pick for ranked arenas, and is due a spot on our Apex Legends Arenas tier list. Arenas maps are small, meaning Seer’s heartbeat sensor covers nearly the entire playing field. Seer will always know where enemies are at all times.

The catch with Seer’s Passive ability is that only Seer himself has access to the information provided by the Heart Seeker. Seer’s squadmates will not be aware of any enemies revealed on the sensor - unless Seer relays the information. This means that Seer players must be vocal and willing to pass along crucial intelligence to their teammates. Seer players that are not willing or able to communicate with their team will be holding back the legend’s true potential.

Apex Legends Seer Abilities: Focus of Attention (Tactical)

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Focus of Attention may be the best Tactical ability in all of Apex Legends. Using Focus of Attention will project a cylindrical area of effect in front of Seer. The ability has about a ten-metre diameter and stretches quite far forward. After one second, any enemies within the cylinder will be blasted with the ability’s effects - even if they’re behind cover or walls. Focus of Attention has a 30-second cooldown.

Enemies hit by Seer’s Tactical will suffer a plethora of ill effects. The victim’s location and health bar are revealed, a short flashbang effect is induced, and all actions - including legend abilities, healing, and revives - are interrupted. Additionally, ten damage is dealt to all enemies hit by the gust of microdrones. The negative effects are sustained for eight seconds.

There are a countless number of different situations where this Tactical ability thrives. Is an enemy team reviving one of their squadmates behind a wall? Send Focus of Attention their way to interrupt the revive and follow up with an easy push. This same strategy can be applied when opponents retreat to heal. Interrupting a Phoenix Kit right before it goes off could be the difference between winning or losing a fight.

Not only does Focus of Attention reveal enemy locations, it shows off their health bar. Squads with a Seer player can use this information to decide how to approach an encounter.

Seer’s Tactical ability synchronizes perfectly with his Passive. Focus of Attention has a relatively narrow diameter and needs to be deployed accurately to hit the target. However, Seer’s heartbeat sensor will let you know the direction your enemies are in. Catch an enemy on the sensor? Fire Seer’s Tactical in that direction to reveal their exact coordinates - and deal a bit of damage.

Seer will be an asset in any team composition, but he’s especially potent when paired with Octane and Revenant. Octane and Revenant alone combine to make one of the strongest pairings, as seen in our Apex Legends best team guide, but Seer has the potential to take this composition to the next level. The Team SoloMid squad of Eric “Snip3down” Wrona, Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen, and Jordan “Reps” Wolfe are already experimenting with the Seer/Octane/Revenant composition in Apex Predator Ranked Mode lobbies - and the results are as horrifying as you’d imagine.

With a mere 30-second cooldown and an eight-second duration, Seer’s Tactical ability is able to provide pertinent information to his team at a steady rate. All while pestering opponents with interrupts and damage.

Apex Legends Seer Abilities: Exhibit (Ultimate)

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Seer’s Ultimate ability is the quintessential reconnaissance tool. When deployed, Exhibit creates a large sphere of microdrones that reveal the location of anyone firing their weapon or moving fast within it. The sphere tracks all enemies inside of it - even through walls. Footsteps of enemies will also be displayed to Seer and his allies. The only way to hide inside of a Seer Ultimate is to stop moving or to crouch walk.

Exhibit has a 30-second duration, so it’s best used heading into a lengthy fight. A well-placed sphere will reveal every move your opponent makes for the next 30 seconds. And Seer’s Ultimate has a quick recharge time of just one and a half minutes, so there’s no real need to be stingy with your usage of it. Throw down Exhibit anytime you’re about to engage a group of enemies. The intel you gain will be invaluable.

Once inside your sphere, the only counter enemy players have is to sit still and wait it out. However, Seer’s Ultimate ability can be destroyed prematurely. The 135 health won’t keep it alive long, so try and place it down in a safe location.

When it comes to gathering intel, Seer puts the rest of the Recon legends to shame. When utilized in unison, Seer’s abilities ensure that he and his team have eyes on their enemies at all times. Players that can master the Ambush Artist will dominate at all levels of play in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Seer Voice Actor And Ethnicity 

Seer is voiced by Iké Amadi. Amadi has voiced characters in Death Stranding, Star Wars Squadrons, and Mortal Kombat 11.

Seer is Igbo. The Igbo people are native to southern and south-eastern Nigeria, but large populations of Igbo are also living in Cameroon, Gabon, and Equatorial Guinea. This news means that Seer is the first Black African male legend to join the Apex Games.

Is Apex Legends Seer Gay?



What about the question of Seer's sexuality in Apex Legends? Many people have wondered if Seer is canonically trans and what their sexual orientation is, but Seer is confirmed to be a cisgender male. However, as confirmed on Twitter by Amanda Doiron, Lead Writer at Respawn, Seer is pansexual and joins a number of other Apex Legends LGBTQ characters.

Apex Legends Seer Lore

Obi Edolasim, or Seer, has a complicated background shrouded in mystery and symbolism. 

Seer is a child of prophecy. Seer’s mother bore the “mark of the moth”. On Seer’s home planet, folklore has it that the firstborn child of the women marked by the moth would be cursed. So, Seer was cast out and forced to live life in isolation.

Seer spent his childhood training with his parents before eventually entering the Apex Arenas. After nine years in the Arenas, Seer is finally ready to enter the Apex Games.

As one would expect of the boisterous Apex Legends cast, many of the legends in the game have something to say about Seer. The Season 10: Emergence teaser that went live in-game on July 17 gives each current legend a chance to express their opinions on the latest legend. The following voice lines are references to Seer straight from the mouths of other legends.

  • Wraith: “I've heard all the stories on this one. Mysteries are mysteries.”
  • Loba: “New guy has a sense of style, I can appreciate that.”
  • Gibraltar: “Gibraltar ain't no stranger to change. I’m ready for this.”
  • Crypto: “This one spends too much time in the shadows. What is he hiding?”
  • Caustic: “Subterfuge and misdirection, tools of the coward. I look forward to the challenge of locating his spine.”
  • Octane: “Wait a minute… I know this thing... oh no it's that guy.”
  • Wattson: “His mother was a moon, and his father, a moth. But rumours aren’t science.”
  • Revenant: “Another skin bag, at least I hear this one’s cursed. We might even get along.”
  • Bloodhound: “Of this one I am wary. A curse is not to be taken lightly.”
  • Valkyrie: “New legend can breathe fire for all I care, as long as he doesn’t fly we’re good… he better not fly.”
  • Rampart: “My boy’s coming, game’s ready to be kicked up a notch.”
  • Pathfinder: “Hello swarm of new friends. I can’t wait to meet your creator.”
  • Bangalore: “They say the new guy can assemble shotguns faster than I can”
  • Mirage: “This might wow in Arenas but one look and his fans will join the Mirage Tirage.”
  • Lifeline: “Now that’s pretty. I hear this guy’s made of moths. Best stay clear of Natalie's bug zapper eh?”
  • Horizon: ”Oh, I think I know who built you, seems like a nice lad. All those rumours sound… unfounded.”
  • Fuse: “Huh, kids with their contraptions.”

These lines from Seer’s fellow legends shine a light on the history and reputation of Seer.

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