How To Become An Apex Predator

How To Become An Apex Predator

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Katie Memmott


27th Apr 2020 18:00

Apex Legends Ranked mode is where the best of the best duke it out to become an Apex Predator. This top tier of Apex Legends Ranked is for the elite, and only the top 500 players in the world (per platform) will end the current season with those bragging rights.


This Ranked season (Series 3) includes 7 tiers, each with 4 levels to progress through, by playing matches and attaining Ranked Points (RP). The higher you go up the Apex Legends Ranked ladder, the more deductions are taken from you to “buy-in” to a game, and the fewer points are awarded for kills and wins.

Apex Legends Predator
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Becoming an Apex Predator is a grind. In a best-case scenario, the fastest way to reach Predator status is to eliminate 5 players every time and win every match. The 1000 RP (Ranked Points) needed to reach that top tier, including deductions, will still mean playing 72 games, and with those matches being on average 20 minutes, it is going to take you at least 24 hours total.

Or, as u/Dinocakess discovered, “you can achieve Apex Predator by never getting into the Top 10 and only getting 5+ kills every game! You only need to do it 531 games straight!”

In a Reddit post on r/ApexLegends, Dinocakess provided their research into grinding for Apex Legends Predator, including amazingly detailed stats on just how long it can take, compiled into one beautiful table. It must be noted, however, that this research was posted 9 months ago, but the brunt of the content is still relevant.

Apex Legends Predator
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If you’re not sure you can commit to 531 games, here are our best Apex Legends tips, to get you to that top spot of Apex Predator.


Don’t dally in the dropship, land fast & quick. A lot of Ranked players will try to land late to avoid other teams, so dropping immediately is a legit strat. Do not be afraid to glance around at where teams are landing, and even fly back on yourself to secure a lonely looting spot.

Apex Legends Predator
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The Kings Canyon Ranked Map


Landed with a team on you? Pick up that P2020 and fight. Don’t run away from early game engagements because you aren’t “looted” enough, you’ll be surprised what you can do with a Mozambique under pressure. The adrenaline of that first fight will limber you up & set you up for the rest of the game.


The group of three Apex Legends characters your team chooses can make or break your success in the match. The pro team pick is Wraith, Pathfinder & Wattson, but any of these can be swapped out for Gibraltar for the best chance at survival. Our tier list can also help your squad pick the best characters for you.


Here is where a Crypto or Bloodhound may come in handy for Recon using the Drone and Scan abilities respectively. Teams looking for placement points may pick a hiding spot to wait out the Top 10 or lay in wait for an ambush opportunity. Check all the corners and try to scout out locations before you enter them.

Apex Legends Predator
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Bloodhound about to give their crow a treat for being a good boy.


Use our loadout recommendations or just use the guns you’re comfortable with. We wouldn’t recommend trying out new weapons in Apex Legends Ranked. The Havoc may look fun, but if you’re not used to the recoil, you’re going to have a bad time.


Using pings or voice chat is essential, especially in Apex Legends Ranked. Unfortunately, there is no “hold” or “hang back” ping just yet, but letting your team know if you are watching a spot or attacking helps coordination. Make sure to ping enemies, even in the far distance, and let your squad know if high-quality items are around.


In any pro Apex gameplay, you’ll notice the players are never too far away from each other. Stick close by, loot up next door, and never be more than one building away from your teammates. In Ranked, collecting RP (Ranked Points) is of high importance, and players are more likely to finish your teammate if they get downed for the Elimination points, so be close by in case they need a helping hand.


If your teammate is asking for shields; drop them. Sharing is caring, and the overall health of the team is worth more than hoarding syringes for yourself.


You’ll never use all of that 400 light-ammo (unbelievable, right?) so share the wealth, and don't be a loot-goblin. Make sure you can all fight, and no one is left without a back-up clip.

Apex Legends Predator
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Make sure your teammates have enough bullets!


Rotation is key and staying in the same place too long is guaranteed to get you pushed. Keep moving and rotating, even if it's not to loot. Take advantage of a Pathfinder on your team, and use the Survey Beacons to get into position early for the next circle.


High ground is fundamental. Try not to get yourselves pinched in a low valley or on the streets of a city. Stay high and stay vigilant. Utilise the many snipers in the game to keep an eye on the surrounding area.

Apex Legends Predator
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Bangalore looking over her kingdom like a human Mufasa.

It goes without saying that there's no guarantee that you will reach Apex Predator without a lot of skill, effort, and some serious hours put into the game. Use our Apex Legends tips to help you succeed, and we wish you the best in your grind for Predator.

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