How to play & win the Lockdown LTM in Apex Legends

How to play & win the Lockdown LTM in Apex Legends
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Coleman Hamstead


22nd Mar 2024 17:42

With the Shadow Society Event, Apex Legends players are getting an exciting new Limited-Time Mode (LTM) called Lockdown to try out. Lockdown borrows elements from popular modes in other shooters but enhances it with an Apex Legends twist.

Let's review the details of the game's latest LTM and what you need to know to rack up wins in Lockdown.

How to play the Lockdown LTM

A screenshot from the Apex Legends: Shadow Society Event Trailer
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Starting March 26, 2024, a brand-new LTM titled Lockdown will debut in Apex Legends as part of the Shadow Society Event. You'll have until the event ends on April 16, 2024, to enjoy Lockdown, but who knows, if it's popular, it may become a permanent addition to the Mixtape Playlist!

Lockdown is described by the developers as a "four-squad free-for-all battle" wherein the primary objective is to take and hold Capture Zones. Four teams of three will fight for control of periodically spawning Capture Zones with points awarded for claiming Capture Zones, defending Capture Zones, and eliminating enemy Legends. Victory is awarded to the first squad to score 500 points.

The map rotation for Lockdown consists of Thunderdome, Skulltown, Zeus Station, and Monument, and all squads spawn with the usual TDM loadouts.

Lockdown LTM tips & tricks

Gameplay of the Lockdown LTM
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Focus on the Capture Zones

While you earn points for eliminating opponents, the majority of your score in Lockdown comes from seising Capture Zones. Prioritise the Capture Zones, and when you do fight, ensure that it's meaningful and around a Capture Zone. 

Stick together on offence and defence

When attacking a Capture Zone that's in another squad's possession, make sure it's an organised team effort. No matter how skilled you are, your chances of overtaking a Capture Zone by yourself are slim, especially if the enemy teams know what they're doing. Absolutely do not trickle in one at a time - group up and push in together.

When a Capture Zone is in your possession, get together with your squad to defend it. Situate yourselves in advantageous positions where you're all able to cover each other and team-shoot attackers. Don't get antsy or chase your foes too far outside the Capture Zone, or risk losing it.

Don't feel bad for third-partying

Being on the receiving end of third parties is one of the most annoying things in Apex Legends, but it's an effective strategy for the teams that do it. With Lockdown featuring four squads battling over a singular objective, third parties will be as prevalent as ever. It might feel ratty, but it's never a bad idea to let two teams duke it out before jumping in and cleaning up the leftovers.


Last but certainly not least, one of the most important aspects of winning a mode like Lockdown is learning how to rotate around the objectives. Whether you're defending or attacking, it's crucial to rotate properly. 

If you're defending an active Capture Zone, keep one player inside the objective, but just before a fresh Capture Zone pops up, send the other teammates to contest it. This way, you'll get a head start on the next Capture Zone!

Likewise, if your team is struggling to reclaim a Capture Zone held by another squad, sometimes it's better to give it up and rotate early to the next objective. You'll surrender a few points, but it'll set you up to control the succeeding Capture Zone for an extended time.

That's the basics of Lockdown, along with some tips and tricks on how to get wins in the LTM. See how you fair in Lockdown starting March 26, 2024, in the Shadow Society Event!

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