Apex Legends Gibraltar: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips, And Lore

Apex Legends Gibraltar: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips, And Lore
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20th Aug 2021 16:59

Apex Legends Gibraltar is the true tank character in this battle royale. His large stature might make him seem like an easy target amongst the rest of the Apex Legends cast, but his arsenal is dense with tactical abilities that serve as a great asset to both him and his team. Gibraltar was originally a pick many people stayed away from, but after some patches and updates, he's a force to be reckoned with. Here's everything you need to know about Apex Legends Gibraltar, his abilities, ultimate, tips for using him, and character lore.


Apex Legends Gibraltar Abilities

Apex Legends - How To Play Gibraltar
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Gibraltar’s most recognisable ability is his tactical - the Dome of Protection. The huge dome shield helps to keep attacks and projectiles out, giving teams a chance to recuperate, heal and revive each other. It also helps teams to get a strategic advantage over others.

His passive Gun Shield is also a great help, putting up a small shield when aiming down sights which helps to protect against some incoming gunfire.

He is also a Fortified legend, meaning that he isn’t slowed by bullets and takes 15% less damage.

Apex Legends Gibraltar Ultimate

Apex Legends - How To Play Gibraltar
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His ultimate ability is the Defensive Bombardment, a concentrated mortar strike that rains damage on enemies, stunning and harming them. It’s a great ability to clear out an area and push the enemy team out from behind that pesky rock they’re taking cover behind.

Apex Legends Gibraltar Tips

Apex Legends - How To Play Gibraltar
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Many people want to automatically steer into the incredibly fast pace of any given game of Apex, and forget their character’s assets and detriments. Gibby is not a legend who is effective dashing into a warzone with a spray-and-pray attitude - instead, he’s a great asset when connected tightly with his team. You are on that battlefield to defend as Gibraltar, and your priority is keeping your team safe.

Gibby’s Gun Shield and fortification make him surprisingly great in close range fights despite the long-range capacity of his Dome. If you find yourself trapped in a building with an opponent, pull out the Gun Shield and go to town - because chances are, you’ve got more damage to absorb before being downed than they do.

Gibby is great when paired with Lifeline due to the reviving buff that the Dome offers, but even without her, make sure you’re throwing down the dome when reviving anyway - you might be giving your location away, but you’ll get it done quickly and you can escape in the extra few seconds before the dome collapses.

Apex Legends Gibraltar Lore

Apex Legends - How To Play Gibraltar
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The son of two SARAS (Search and Rescue Association of Solace) volunteers, Makoa Gibraltar has a lot of experience in rescuing people from dangerous situations. But, after he and his boyfriend stole his father’s motorcycle and ended up trapped in a mudslide, he finally saw crucial keeping others safe was. As his father saved them but lost an arm in the process, Gibraltar has never forgotten the sacrifice and dedicated his life to keeping others safe.

Many of his friends joined the Apex games in search of money, fame and glory, and he joined in order to keep them safe, making a name for himself as the ultimate protector.

Those are our tips for mastering Gibraltar in Apex Legends - good luck out there, and look after your team!

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