Apex Legends Bloodhound: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips, And Lore

Apex Legends Bloodhound: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips, And Lore
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19th Aug 2021 16:00

Apex Legends Bloodhound is one of the unsung heroes of the arena, being a stable pick from the very beginning, if a little unexciting. Bloodhound in Apex Legends is a great pick for intel and providing recon to your teammates, but how do you make the most out of the classic character? This Apex Legends Bloodhound guide covers their abilities, ultimate, tips for using them, and their lore, which is essentially everything you need to know to become an Apex Legends Bloodhound master.


Apex Legends Bloodhound Abilities

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Bloodhound’s tactical ability, the Eye of the Allfather, is usually what draws players to the technical tracker. A swell of light pours out of Bloodhound in a circle, scanning the area for enemies, traps and clues, and highlights them briefly so you can get the drop on your foes before they can figure out where you are.

Their passive ability, simply called Tracker, allows Bloodhound to see actions performed by enemies, showing markers that indicate opened doors, reloads and bleeding players for up to 90 seconds.

Bloodhound is also a Recon legend, meaning that they can interact with survey beacons, showing their team exactly where the next ring will be.

Apex Legends Bloodhound Ultimate

The Beast of the Hunt ultimate ability gives Bloodhound vastly improved senses with a big movement speed buff to boot. The ability gets an extra few seconds of use with every kill, so Bloodhound becomes an absolute killing machine with this ultimate activated.

Apex Legends Bloodhound Tips

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The biggest mistake a lot of Bloodhound players make is deploying their Eye of the Allfather at the wrong time - either too early or too late. The trouble with the ability is that when an enemy is scanned, they know they’ve been scanned, meaning they know you’re nearby. Scanning an area to check for foes is useful, but if they’re too dispersed to be dispatched in one quick motion, then you’ve practically told all of your enemies that you’re there when you’re only going to have the chance to try to kill one of them.

Use the Tracker ability to find your foes, and keep the Eye until the enemies are converging on your position so you can effectively prepare to be attacked. 

Another thing that’s worth pointing out is that enemies often underestimate the movement speed of the Beast of the Hunt ultimate, meaning that it’s very effective in relocating and getting the drop on your enemies.

Don’t waste your time activating it when enemies are already on top of you, as the second-long intro animation is a second you could be using fleeing or fighting back, and more often than not, it’s going to get you killed. The ult is best for when you’re preparing a fight, rather than when you’re in the middle of one.

Apex Legends Bloodhound Lore

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Bloodhound, the technological tracker, is known across the Outlands for their game hunting abilities, and their intense faith that guides their presence on the battlefield. After being brought in by their Uncle Artur after an industrial plant meltdown killed their parents, Bloodhound learned the Old Ways, a belief system that entirely rejects technology and relies on the beauty of nature.

However, Bloodhound remained fascinated by new technologies, and put to use a combination of the Old Ways and their tech to take down a Goliath that threatened their village. Their tracking abilities are what makes Bloodhound such an asset, and their ability to call upon the strength of the Allfather makes them a killing machine when backed into a corner.

That’s all you need to know to play Bloodhound in Apex Legends - now get out there and do the Allfather proud.

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