How To Unlock Characters In Apex Legends

How To Unlock Characters In Apex Legends

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Joseph Kime


21st May 2021 14:30

Apex Legends is rife with different characters who define the game’s playstyles and stand as the battle royale title’s greatest assets. Each playable character reflects a different playstyle and take the form of 17 distinct personalities, meaning that any type of player will be able to find a legend that suits them down to the ground. Whether you’re a slow and tactical Wattson or high-energy daredevil Octane, there’s a legend for you. But, many of these characters will begin behind a point-based paywall.

The game will offer you six heroes to get started with, creating a tight focus group of the game’s different playstyles. There are many more to unlock beyond these six however, and many of those who are greyed out are among the most popular characters in Apex Legends. So, how do you get your hands on these special legends?


Apex Legends - How To Unlock Legends

There are a few ways to unlock characters in Apex Legends, and one is far easier than others. As is customary with Battle Royale titles (especially the free-to-play ones), you can use real money to grab legends as soon as you like. It’ll cost 750 Apex Coins to unlock a legend, which can be bought from the Apex Store for real money, or unlocked in the Battle Pass. You can buy 1,000 Apex Coins from the store for £7.99, and you can get better deals for the coins depending on the size of the bundle you buy. Easy!

How To Unlock Characters In Apex Legends
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Another way to unlock new characters is with Legend Tokens, an exclusively in-game currency that can be put towards new legends, skins and rerolling daily challenges. You’ll unlock these in increments of 600 points every time you level up, and you’ll need a whopping 12,000 of them to unlock the legend you want. It’s a more time-consuming way of unlocking characters, but one that’s ultimately more rewarding in the long run.

Apex Legends - Valk Unlock
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The final way you can unlock characters is with special bundles in the Apex Store. Many legends, especially those who have recently been added to the game, will come as a part of a bundle of cosmetics welcoming them to Apex Legends. Valkyrie recently got her own, which came with an instant unlock of the character, an exclusive skin, and more. If you’re quick enough and have the Apex Coins for it, you’ll be able to snag some goodies alongside your legend unlock.

That’s all the ways you can unlock playable characters in Apex Legends. Get to unlocking and pick wisely - you might just find your next main.


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