How to get the Cobalt Katar Apex Artefact in Apex Legends

How to get the Cobalt Katar Apex Artefact in Apex Legends
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Coleman Hamstead


27th Mar 2024 16:53

While there are dozens of items to collect in Apex Legends' Shadow Society Event, the sole cosmetic everyone's really after is the Cobalt Katar Apex Artefact.

Apex Artefacts are similar to Heirlooms, except you can use them on any Legend, so it's no wonder they're the new hottest thing in Apex Legends. Below you'll find all the details you need on the Cobalt Katar and how to get the game's first-ever Apex Artefact.

What is the Cobalt Katar Artefact?

The Cobalt Katar is a universal Mythic Melee cosmetic, wieldable by any Legend, like the Buster Sword R5 from the Apex Legends & Final Fantasy™ VII Rebirth Event.

The Cobalt Katar depicted in the Apex Legends: Shadow Society Event Trailer
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To differentiate the Cobalt Katar from regular ol' Heirlooms, it and all future universal Mythic Melee cosmetics have been rebranded as Apex Artefacts. You can equip Apex Artefacts via the Melee tab that appears after selecting a character in the Legends tab.

How to get the Cobalt Katar in Apex Legends

The Cobalt Katar Apex Artefact is available inside Shadow Society Event Packs. Whenever you open a Shadow Society Event Pack, there's a slim chance you'll get the Cobalt Katar.

However, including the Cobalt Katar, there are 36 limited-time cosmetics altogether in the pool of potential rewards, so unless you're extremely lucky, you'll need to open several Shadow Society Event Packs before stumbling upon the introductory Apex Artefact.

The Cobalt Katar Apex Artefact
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If fortune isn't on your side, as will be the case for most partaking in this event, you can expect to spend $300 USD, give or take, before you get the Cobalt Katar. And that's only the base variant of this Apex Artefact!

Rumour has it that the Cobalt Katar will be customisable, and factoring in all the additional parts and features, the finished Apex Artefact could set you back about $700 USD.

If that's not off-putting enough, you can't use Crafting Metals to create items tied to the Shadow Society Event, and Apex Artefacts aren't craftable with Heirloom Shards, either, so there's no way to bypass the steep cost of the Cobalt Katar.

Lastly, there's no guarantee that the Cobalt Katar will be made available again, so plan to unlock it by the time the event ends on April 16, 2024, if it's something you truly desire!

There's no denying the Cobalt Katar is superfluous, but the fact that it's usable on every Legend gives it widespread appeal, and compared to a Legend-specific Heirloom, you're getting more bang for your buck. You'll need a lot of money or a lot of luck, but wielding the prestigious Cobalt Katar will certainly draw the envy of your friends and the ire of your foes in Apex Legends.

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