What Are The Rarest Badges In Apex Legends?

What Are The Rarest Badges In Apex Legends?
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25th Jun 2021 12:55

One of the coolest features of Apex Legends is its customisation. Each legend and weapon have dozens of skins to choose from. Players can further customize legends with things like voice lines and finishers. But perhaps the most detailed part of Apex’s advanced customisation is its player banners.

Banners can be customised aesthetically as well as used to show off different stats specific to your chosen legend. However, it's the badges that really make a banner shine. Badges are emblems awarded to players for accomplishing certain feats. These badges can then be posted on your player banner for everyone to see. 

There are close to 100 different badges in Apex Legends. Some of these can be obtained relatively easily, while others are extremely difficult to achieve and very rare as a result. This list details some of the rarest and most difficult badges to obtain in all of Apex Legends.

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The Baller badge is reserved for only the largest of whales. This badge is awarded to players that own 125 or more Legendary rarity items.

To put this badge into perspective, Legendary items come out of Apex Packs at a rate of 7.4%. So if you open 100 Apex Packs, you’ll walk away with seven or eight Legendaries on average. As you can see, obtaining 125 Legendary items is no easy feat.

Simply playing Apex Legends may net you a few Legendary items here and there, but nowhere close to the 125 needed to earn the Baller badge. Obtaining the Baller badge requires the player to spend an exorbitant amount of money on Apex Legends microtransactions - something most players are either incapable or unwilling to invest in.

Obtaining the Baller badge isn’t hard in the traditional sense, but it will surely be hard on your wallet. Because of the significant investment needed to earn this badge, it’s rare to see it out in the wild. Anyone rocking this badge on their profile is worthy of “baller” status.

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Only a true masochist can achieve the Mozam-Beast badge. This ridiculous badge was awarded to players that dealt 102,816 damage with the Mozambique during the Anniversary Event.

Why would anyone want to put themselves through this pain? Dealing 102,816 damage alone is a tall task in itself, but doing it with objectively the worst weapon in the game is just psychotic.

Not many players have endured the suffering required to earn the Mozam-Beast badge.

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Team. Work. IV

The 20 Kill badge and the 4K Damage badge get all the hype, but the Team. Work. IV badge may be the most difficult to achieve of the set. The Team. Work. IV badge is awarded when a squad of three finish a match with ten or more kills each.

This badge requires immense teamwork to achieve. A squad will need a minimum of 30 kills total to secure this badge - that’s half of the total players in the lobby. On top of that, the kills must be split evenly. If two members of the squad have 11 kills and one has eight, the badge will not be awarded.

Earning this badge requires that a squad is not only extremely skilled, but also exceptionally coordinated.

Year 1 Anniversary III

The Year 1 Anniversary III badge was awarded to anyone that played the game within the first week of its release. This badge was created as a way to honour the Apex Legends OGs.

Apex was definitely popular through the first week of its release, but the playerbase has grown substantially in the time after. Furthermore, a lot of the game’s original players are long gone and their badges gone with them. Nowadays, it’s pretty rare to encounter a player that has been around since week one.

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Wild Frontier Champion V

Apex Legends Season 1 is responsible for some of the rarest and hardest to obtain badges in the game. This is for a few reasons: 

  1. Season 1 launched back in March 2019. At the time, Apex’s player base was much smaller.
  2. Season 1 was a mere 92 days. This means players had just 92 days to acquire these limited-time badges before they were gone forever. 
  3. The prerequisites for many of Season 1’s badges were, quite frankly, absurd. Apex has toned down their season badge prerequisites tremendously in the time since.

Of all the Season 1 badges, Wild Frontier Champion V was probably the most preposterous. To acquire this badge, players must have achieved 50 wins with 7 different legends before Season 1 ended. That’s 350 wins in just one season. Most players don’t have 350 wins in their lifetime of Apex. And don’t forget, Season 1 was only 92 days long. One would need to have averaged just under four wins a day every day of Season 1 to achieve this badge. 

The number of players that own this badge is beyond minuscule. If you ever happen to run into someone with the Wild Frontier Champion V badge, you’d be smart to stay out of their way.

Respawn Entertainment Developer

If it’s not self-explanatory enough, the Respawn Entertainment Developer badge is only granted to Respawn Entertainment Staff and voice actors. If you see someone with this badge on their player banner, they are directly affiliated with Respawn Entertainment and played some sort of role in the game’s development.

The only way an individual will ever equip this rare badge is to get hired as an employee by the creators of Apex Legends themselves.

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Elite 888

The Elite 888 badge is almost certainly the rarest and most impressive badge in Apex Legends history. This badge was available to earn in the early days of Apex Legends and is no longer obtainable. 

Before Ranked Mode existed, there was the Elite Queue limited-time mode (LTM). Elite Queue was the precursor to Ranked Mode. This LTM began like any other match. Players would enter into a standard lobby and play a match through. At the conclusion of the match, the top five teams would be entered into an Elite Queue match. Elite Queue matches consisted purely of teams that finished top five in their previous game. As you’d expect, these Elite Queue matches were extremely competitive.

With the little history lesson out of the way, let’s explain how the Elite 888 badge fits into all of this. The Elite 888 badge was awarded to players that won eight Elite Queue matches with eight different legends AND secured eight or more kills in each win. And remember, all of this had to have been achieved in some super sweaty lobbies. We don’t think we need to explain any further why the Elite 888 badge is so exclusive.

There are nearly 100 badges available to unlock in Apex Legends and more are flooding in each update. However, there are a select few badges worthy of true admiration. Equip any of these listed badges on your player banner, and you’ll be the envy of your lobbies.


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