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Recommended content based on your favourite games, teams, streaming stars and esports players

Exclusive articles, features, interviews and guides by our
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Recommended content based on your favourite games, teams, streaming stars and esports players

Exclusive articles, features, interviews and guides by our
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Apex Legends Tier List And Best Characters To Play As

Apex Legends Tier List And Best Characters To Play As
Images via EA

Written by 

Aaron Bayne


7th Jun 2021 16:45

The Apex Legends tier list is a great indicator of the legends making the largest impact in this battle royale. With nineteen legends and counting, the Apex Legends meta is in a constantly evolving state as new characters mix things up and buffs can make underrated characters soar. But how do each of these characters line up in the Apex pecking order? Luckily we've got a full breakdown of the Apex Legends tier list, which will walk through every legend and their rank. There's a lot to work through so let's get to it.

Apex Legends Tier List: D Tier

Crypto is rated D in the Apex Legends Tier List.
Click to enlarge

Starting the Apex Legends tier list off at the bottom, this tier is for the characters that just don't make enough impact on the field. That's not to say they are utterly useless, as each legend has their own merits. But in terms of mixing up the gameplay and their chances of leading a team to victory, they just don't do enough. 


Crypto has never really been much of a mainstay in Apex Legends. This recon legend has a great focus on tracking enemy teams down, but when it comes down to the action, he is left relatively vulnerable. Crypto's Surveillance Drone is excellent for scoping out an area if you are taking things slow, and the Drone EMP can make for a great pushing strategy as it takes out half of the enemies shields in an EMP blast. However, the EMP is easy to counter and beyond this move all Crypto has left is his own skills with a weapon. 

  • If you are still keen to improve your Crypto game, check out our Apex Legends Crypto guide. 


Rampart is another legend that isn't focused on pushing the enemy, but instead on holding down the fort. And let's be clear, if you get an effective Rampart, with their Amped Cover, and "Sheila" minigun, she can be an admirable foe. However, so much of Apex Legends is about the variety of gameplay, which often leaves skirmishes moving from corridor to rooftop to open fields. The update that allows Rampart to carry her Sheila does alleviate this issue somewhat, but at the end of the day, her defensive abilities are more something to sidestep than be fearful of. 

Wattson is rated D in the Apex Legends Tier List.
Click to enlarge


Wattson often feels like one of the most forgotten legends - although really that should go to Crypto. Joining in Season Two, this defensive specialist employs electrical fences to cover entrances from attacking players. Similar to Rampart, a Wattson fence can be catastrophic to an attacking team. Not only does it damage enemies that walk through it but it also stuns them, slowing movement and leaving them temporarily unable to attack. Then when you are holed in the Interception Pylon acts as a trophy system, whilst also boosting Wattson's tactical recharge and repairing damaged shields. 

Wattson is the far more adaptable of the two defensive legends in this tier. However, much like Rampart, attacks out in the open tend to leave Wattson near defenceless. This is partly why Wattson's pick rate remained among the lowest of the roster, and even a recent buff wasn't enough to perk her up a little.  

  • Looking for that spark in your matches of this battle royale? Check out our Apex Legends Wattson guide.  

Apex Legends Tier List: C Tier

Mirage is rated C in the Apex Legends Tier List.
Click to enlarge

One step up in our Apex Legends tier list and we have the characters that, much like D Tier, offer their own form of usefulness, but might not always be the ones to save the day. However, with slightly more aggressive or useful abilities, we are taking a step in the right direction in terms of team support and pushing capabilities. 


Mirage is one of the original characters from when Apex Legends launched back in 2019. This is an assault legend with a specialty in deception. With his Psyched Out tactical, he can assess an open area for risks without having to stick his own neck out, and when it comes to reviving downed teammates, his Now You See Me.. invisibility allows for some additional form of cover. His greatest asset however is their Life Of The Party ultimate, which allows you to perform the ultimate dupe on enemies as you split into a dozen holograms, which is especially effective at close range.

Mirage can be great in the heat of combat, however the only issue stands with seasoned players, who after two years of dupes o'clock, know their hologram from their real player. This has sadly numbed some of the impact that Mirage used to make, bringing him down to C Tier. 


Seer had some serious potential to break the meta of Apex Legends when he first arrived in Season 10. However, now that the dust has settled, this character's popularity sank all the way down. Another recon specialist, Seer's business is to track down enemies, and with his Heart Seeker passive, Focus of Attention tactical and Exhibit ultimate, players are left with a wide variety of tools to do so. In that way, Seer is a slightly better version of Crypto, especially since his tunnelled Focus of Attention can locate enemies, and stall their heals making for a great pushing strategy. However, more often than not a great Seer player really just rallies up other players to do their damage - which to be fair, shouldn't be entirely discounted.  

Revenant is rated C in the Apex Legends Tier List.
Click to enlarge


Revenant really feels like it should be higher on the Apex Legends tier list. As one of the most devious killers in the Apex universe, its whole personality is based around murder and destruction. However, Revenant often feels like a character with enhancements, rather than abilities. Stalker allows Revenant to crawl far faster and climb far higher, which can be fantastic for sneaking and flanking. However, the Silence tactical often just levels the playing field, rather than seriously hindering a team - although against characters like Valkyrie, Bangalore or Gibraltar it can be a godsend. In theory and with the right tactics Revenant's ultimate, Death Totem, can severely wound an enemy team. However the state of Death Protection is often more of a glass cannon, making it all too easy for enemies to send you packing. For those reasons, Revenant remains among one of the least popular legends. 


Oddly classed as a medic, Loba is a great starting round character for those that want to scoop up the best loot in the area. With her Black Market Boutique ultimate, players can claim two pieces of loot within an expanded area, which can be great for skipping the looting process and getting right to the hunting down of ill-equipped enemy teams. Of course, once bullets start flying this isn't incredibly handy, even if the Eye For Quality allows you to quickly pick out the best nearby loot on the go. However, Loba's tactical very nearly boosts her up to the B Tier, as it is the perfect escape from overwhelming situations or even the perfect flank - especially now that player movement isn't restricted while waiting for the Burglar's Best Friend to land. 

Apex Legends Tier List: B Tier

Fuse is rated B in the Apex Legends Tier List.
Click to enlarge

Moving up the Apex Legends tier list, we begin to work towards the more dynamic and aggressive legends, that you'll more commonly see in teams that are taking the wins. It is in this stage that personal preference may boost one of these legends up or down a tier, as playstyle preference can become a major influencer. 


Fuse is one of the most bombastic legends, thanks to his love for grenades. As an assault with the Grenadier passive, players can bombard enemies with a multitude of explosives, as grenades can be double stacked in your inventory. Partnering up with the Knuckle Cluster, Fuse is brilliant for keeping the pressure on, even if the grenades aren't necessarily hitting all of their targets. To go one step further, trapping and marking enemies with The Motherlode ultimate - a literal ring of fire - it's only a matter of time before the enemy either takes all the damage they can or exposes themselves, leaving them open for the killing blow. 


Caustic is the exception to the defensive rule. While other defensive legends like Wattson and Rampart have fallen all the way back in the lower tiers, Caustic manages to rise through it all with his deadly gases. Thanks to both the Nox Gas Trap tactical and Nos Gas Grenade ultimate, you can coat an entire area in green, with the gas damage multiplying with every second hit. Not to mention your Nox Vision passive meaning you can see every enemy to wander into your gas as clear as day. You may be able to block doors with your gas traps and be primarily defensive, but the nature of Caustic's abilities mean that he can be both defensive and offensive. 

  • Learn how to convince your enemies to breathe in those gases with our Apex Legends Caustic guide. 

Horizon is rated B in the Apex Legends Tier List.
Click to enlarge


A scientist by trade, but an absolutely ruthless killer in the Apex Games, this Scot manages a balance between manoeuvrability and aggressive enemy pinning thanks to her abilities. She may have had her Gravity Lift movement dialled back a bit, but this tactical is supremely helpful as a portable vantage point, a way to get height advantage quickly and even to toss your enemies into the air. And then when you're done sending them to the sky, wrap them up nicely for some grenades or good old fashion beaming with the L-Star or R-301, with the Black Hole Ultimate. Not to mention Horizon is among the quickest of the legends thanks to her Spacewalk passive, which reduces fall impact. 


Ash is the newest kid on the block, and a character that cements Apex's roots in the Titanfall universe. This simulacrum is about as deadly and murderous as Revenant, but with a jack of all trades suite of abilities, that provide information on enemies, slow squads down and focus on quick teleportation. Marked For Death will allow you to track down the last living members of a squad thanks to a deathbox, which is incredibly informative as the deathboxes begin to pile high. While not as wide ranging as we would like, the Arc Snare can make enemies about as much as a goner as the goat in Jurassic Park. However, the best of the three, Phase Breach, allows Ash to get the instant positional advantage on enemies, with her teleporting sword slash. 

Apex Legends Tier List: A Tier

Bangalore is rated A in the Apex Legends Tier List.
Click to enlarge

Getting close to the top, the second spot for the Apex Legends tier list are characters that are one patch away from utter desolation or rising to the very top. These are some excellent characters that embody a lot of what is needed to overcome the various challenges faced in this battle royale. 


The first of a few that have been around from the start, Bangalore is described as a professional soldier, and in many ways is the Soldier 76 of Overwatch, for Apex Legends. However, don't let that fool you into thinking this is an easy to play character. Thanks to her Double Time passive, incoming shots will boost your speed, giving you a slight speed advantage during most skirmishes. Her Smoke Launcher can be used just as well to fire upon enemies as much as mask your position. And your Rolling Thunder ultimate may not be the most damaging, but it can clear pursuing enemies or ready some up for your team to make the final push. 


Valkyrie was the first playable legend that gave us a concrete link to Titanfall, as the daughter of a villain from Titanfall 2. However, Valkyrie has proven that a nice bit of lore attached wasn't the only thing interesting about her. With her VTOL Jets passive, Valkyrie is able to boost away from grenades, up onto ledges or hover above fearful enemies. Their fear stems from her quick Missile Swarm tactical which, similar to Bangalore, can be used as a way to stall pursuing enemies or damage and stun them for attack. Along with her tactical and passive, Valkyrie is a highly adaptable legend, who can suppress the enemy from afar or get in on the action. And with Valkyrie's Skyward Dive ultimate, there is always the option to take the full team out of danger - or even drop in for some long distanced third partying. 

Pathfinder is rated A in the Apex Legends Tier List.
Click to enlarge


Pathfinder might not immediately seem like a suitable pick for the A Tier legends, but this difficult to master character can be a battle royale demon as he does his best Spider-Man impression. With his Grappling Hook tactical, you can whip yourself up and over ledges, and if you are lucky, it can even latch on to enemy players. Similarly his ultimate, Zipline Gun, can be just the transportational support a team needs, whether that is to close the gap between you and an enemy team, reach a high up ledge, or even just beat out the fast approaching circle. Pathfinder may just have his manoeuvrability but as we'll find, manoeuvrability is key in Apex Legends. 


Currently the only true medic in the game, Lifeline has on and off been in the highest tier of the Apex Legends tier list, and once more she only marginally missed out. This medic support can be an invaluable member to any team. While their Care Package ultimate may be nothing more than a nice boost to the team, it is her tactical and passive ability that can really turn the tides of any confrontation. Combat Medic allows you to quickly revive downed teammates and continue the fight. It might not have the impenetrable shield it once had, but the speediness allows you to keep the team fighting. Since her patch a few seasons ago, Lifeline's tactical, D.O.C. Heal Drone, transformed from something you used after the fight was over, to a genuine option for quick, on the fly healing. This may be a support character, but it is the best kind of support character. 

Apex Legends Tier List: S Tier

Octane is rated S in the Apex Legends Tier List.
Click to enlarge

This is it. The best of the best. These S Tier legends stand atop of the Apex Legends tier list, because more often than not their abilities lead the way to game winning plays. Whether it be a killer flank or the ultimate protection for the squad, these legends are among the most popular and for good reason. You'll especially see them pop up on pro-tournaments like the ALGS. Let's get to it. 


Adrenaline junkie and the speediest legend in the game, Octane is all about running rings around the enemy. With his Stim tactic, Octane can boost his speed by 30% for 6 seconds, which is fantastic for closing those gaps or losing a tail in the corridors of some internal settings. It does cost you health, but that's where the Swift Mend passive comes in, allowing Octane to restore health over time, which works for both the Stim and general incoming damage. However, what is easily the most fun ultimate in the game, Octane's Launch Pad can send your team flying, which is great for swift getaways or daredevil flanks. His ultimate's cooldown is incredibly low and the Stim has a practically non-existent recharge so you can really go as fast and hard at your enemies as you want, making for an unparalleled aggressor. 


Gibraltar is the legend that is practically guaranteed to show up in every single pro-team. With his protective qualities, he is the ultimate counter to legends like Bangalore or even other Gibraltars. That is because Gibraltar possesses both the Dome of Protection tactical and Defensive Bombardment ultimate. This ultimate is essentially the more deadly version of Bangalore's Rolling Thunder, and anyone caught in it will likely come out with their tail tucked between their legs. What makes things even better is that thanks to his tactical, you can call a Defensive Bombardment down on yourself, and watch as your enemies flee from the incoming hellfire. Gibraltar is a tank of a legend, and despite being easier to hit due to his size, he comes with 15% reduction in damage, and also sports the Gun Shield passive, which covers the majority of his torso when aiming down sites. You might not necessarily be the one racking up the kills, but having a Gibraltar on your team is an absolute must - especially in ranked play. 

Wraith is rated S in the Apex Legends Tier List.
Click to enlarge


Wraith has remained the top of her game ever since launch, consistently bringing in one of the highest, if not the highest, pick rates in the game - and for good reason. Wraith is another assault legend, who calls to the power of teleportation. Much like the Ronin Titan in Titanfall 2, when things get dicey, Wraith can transport into Into The Void, where she is untouchable for a short span of time. This is an invaluable skill when you are under fire and just need to make it that short space for cover, or are caught in the trap of characters like Horizon or Caustic. It's also a great way to weave your way into a cosy flank on enemies, although a voidal trail can be seen as you traverse the void. 

However, if you are keen to bring the entire team with you, the Dimensional Rift ultimate is a two way teleport which can quickly transport legends from one point to another. The Dimensional Rift is integral to late game plays, especially when teams find themselves tied down in awkward positions. While Ash posed a threat to dethrone Wraith, this teleporting legend is utterly unconquerable. 

Bloodhound is rated S in the Apex Legends Tier List.
Click to enlarge


Much like Wraith, many have come to overtake Bloodhound and their tracking capabilities, but nothing works quite as well as the classic. This day one legend has remained a fan-favourite in both casual, ranked and pro play. While other trackers like Crypto and Seer understood that information was one of the founding pillars to gameplay in Apex Legends, Bloodhound is the one that makes it the most accessible, while working in tandem with the more aggressive nature. 

Tracker enables you to spot used doors and recent tracks of enemy teams, allowing you to passively keep tabs of how nearby danger is. However, the Eye of the Allfather tactical paints a clearer picture by revealing enemies, traps and equipment with the radius of the scan. Enemies will be able to see your scan, alerting them to your presence, but highlighting enemies for the entire team still gives you the advantage. Lastly, their Beast of the Hunt ultimate speeds things up while highlighting enemies and their tracks, making it easier to pinpoint your efforts. When things get tight and tactical, you'll want a Bloodhound on your side to scan your way to victory. 


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