Apex Legends character tier list & best Legends in Season 20

Apex Legends character tier list & best Legends in Season 20
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Harry Boulton & Alex Garton

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20th Mar 2024 17:13


Each of the characters in Apex Legends has a distinct play style thanks to their passive and active abilities, and while no one Legend is designed to be the 'best' over another, naturally some are more useful as the meta changes, making them a top-tier pick. 

So if you're unsure of which Legends to pick when you play the game next, this character tier list will help you on your way - or find out which ones are most popular in Season 20 with this pick rates rundown.

Apex Legends ranked from best to worst

 Before we get into the nitty-gritty of it all, here's the full tier list so you can see where the best Legends and where your favourites sit in the grand scheme of things:

Tier Legends
S-tier Horizon, Octane, Wraith, Bloodhound
A-tier Valkyrie, Loba, Bangalore, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Pathfinder, Ash, Conduit
B-tier Mad Maggie, Newcastle, Ballistic, Catalyst, Revenant, Vantage, Fuse, Seer
C-tier Wattson, Rampart, Caustic
D-tier Mirage, Crypto

As you can see, there aren't too many Legends near the bottom rankings, which means that most of the characters in the game are at least good, if not great.

Crypto Apex with Drone
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We've weighed our ranking to balance between the skill floor and ceiling, ensuring that the top-tier characters are both easy to pick up and incredibly rewarding once you master them.

It's also worth noting that the Legend Upgrades that arrived in Season 20 have had a major impact on the power of certain characters.

Who is the best Legend in Apex Legends Season 20?

In Apex Legends Season 20, Bloodhound is the best Legend overall because of the sheer amount of useful information they can provide to their team.

Apex Legends Bloodhound
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The ability to scan opponents and locate their exact position is invaluable in a gunfight and means the Technological Tracker doesn't need to be dishing out huge amounts of damage to be considered a key squad member.

I particularly enjoy Bloodhound's kit in endgame circles where positioning and knowing the location of every foe in the area is vital. A simple scan typically gives me and my squad everything we need to find an angle and look to catch opponents off-guard.

Not only that, I find it useful to have an Ultimate that pushes me to play aggressively and take on an opponent head-on, especially when I'm fighting for a power position.

S-Tier characters

Wraith Apex in Firing Range
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  • Horizon, Octane, Wraith, Bloodhound

Wondering why we've placed these characters in the S-Tier? Keep reading for a more detailed breakdown.


Horizon is incredibly difficult to hit due to her aerial prowess and with her Legend Upgrades offering either a reduced cooldown on the Gravity Lift or Black Hole, she has great options at her disposal.

Furthermore, Horizon's increased movement when midair can make her an absolute menace and the stuff of nightmares for anyone who isn't the most mechanically skilled. Her ultimate is also strong and can be used to decimate an entire squad if used correctly.

In my opinion, she's a brilliant Legend to learn if you want to solo-carry team fights and have the mobility to escape sticky situations.


Octane Apex Legends Firing Range
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Continuing on the movement train is Octane, who is most definitely the fastest Legend in the game. While he might not be the best Legend for team play, it is undeniable how strong he is both in and out of combat.

He has a near-constant speed boost available, passive health regen, and an ultimate that launches you headfirst into the chaos. When staying alive is the ultimate goal in Apex, there are few that do it better than Octane.


Speaking of staying alive, Wraith is perhaps the only Legend in the game to be better than Octane at avoiding the inevitability of death. Possessing the only invincibility ability in the game, Wraith can effortlessly peace out of any engagement if she so wishes.

The power of her Tactical has only been increased in Season 20, with a Legend Upgrade allowing her to cut the time of the wind-up.

Despite being the international symbol of toxicity and the bane of any squad-fill team, there is absolutely a reason why Wraith has kept her place near the top of the power rankings despite the introduction of so many new characters. If that wasn't enough, a buff to her Passive in Season 19 has made it significantly more consistent.


Rounding off this Apex Legends tier list is the character that you could arguably call the strongest in the game. While their kit isn't the flashiest, nor has it changed much since the game was released, it remains incredibly strong to the point of being a must-pick.

There is just frankly nothing more useful to a team than what essentially boils down to wall hacks, as it nullifies the strategies of so many Legends in the game. You just know that when that ping hits you're in trouble and you better get moving.

If that wasn't enough Legend Upgrades offer Bloodhound health for getting knocks in the Ultimate or an extended scan duration - both of which are incredible.

A-Tier Legends explained

Loba Apex Legends Firing Range
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Despite just missing out on the top tier, these characters in Apex Legends will really allow you to shine and excel within their own categories:

  • Valkyrie, Loba, Bangalore, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Pathfinder, Conduit, & Ash


You'll be in the good books of your teammates any time that you pick Loba, as she is one of the most useful support Legends in the game. The ability to see high-level loot will save you so much time, and her ultimate ability comes in clutch both at the start and end of each match for different reasons.

While it is good that she has a movement Tactical to get her out of sticky situations, it isn't the strongest due to its cast time and that can cause you trouble in certain scenarios.


Sitting right in the mix of A-Tier is Bangalore, who is still very solid but has been hit by the power creep. She has been one of the most consistently viable Legends in the game purely for her rather simplistic kit, but nerfs to her abilities in Season 19 have kept her out of the S-tier.

Not only that, Digi Threat nerfs in Breakout have hit Bang as well, with the scopes no longer working on SMGs.

Although the ubiquity of Bloodhound - whose scan ability completely nullifies Bangalore's smokes - is troubling for Bangalore, she is still a very solid character and never a bad choice if you want someone a bit more straightforward.


On the other side of the shield tank coin is Gibraltar, who remains impressively relevant despite being a base game Legend. His protective bubble shield is still as strong as ever, and his unique gun shield will help keep you alive during intense skirmishes.

On top of that, Gibraltar's Ultimate cooldown was buffed significantly in Season 18, meaning you can throw out the airstrike a lot more now. Season 20 has also given Gibby more customisation when it comes to his dome and how it operates in the late game.


The days of Valkyrie absolutely dominating the meta are long gone, but the Winged pilot is still a threat in any squad. With a disruptive Tactical and an Ultimate that's brilliant for rotating, she's still a strong option if you've mastered her kit.

Season 20 also gave Valk a chance to increase her fuel as one of her Legend Upgrades, which is surprisingly useful when you need to make outplays towards the end game. Keeping track of a flying Valkyrie can be a nightmare, so use it to your advantage.


Lifeline Apex Legends Firing Range
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As the only healer in the game (If you don't count Conduit's shield regeneration), it is no surprise that Lifeline is still a really good option for your squad years after release. Her heal bot takes the pressure away from a lot of tight encounters, allowing you and your teammates to focus on things other than replenishing your health which gives you a big boost over your foes.

Season 20 also gave Lifeline some interesting options, with a self-revive and a guaranteed supply drop depending on your choice.


Movement is always going to be king in games like Apex, and there are few characters more fun to swing around with than King's Canyon's friendly neighbourhood Spiderman. Pathfinder is excellent at both engaging and disengaging from fights, as his grapple will allow him to quickly zip away in a manner that is rather unique to him.

His large hitbox is still unfortunately a detriment though, as it makes him much easier to hit in the moments when your enemy can still see you.


Titanfall veteran and cyborg ninja Ash is an overall great choice that can fit into most Legend categories. She can provide recon through death boxes, letting you pounce into those pesky third parties. She can also be active within fights with her snare ability, and can successfully get your team out with her rift-slicing ultimate ability too.


Conduit may provide very little in terms of damage with her abilities, but her ability to regenerate shields is impossible to ignore. This tool provides a huge amount of safety for your squad while taking gunfights, and almost guarantees you an upper hand if you can land your shots.

If that wasn't enough, the Shield Healer has a disruptive Ultimate and a Passive that keeps her close to her allies. All of this means she's a brilliant member of any squad and for now, deserves a spot in the A-tier.

B-Tier characters

Mad Maggie Apex Legends Firing Range
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These are the Legends you will start wanting to consider picking up and making your main. While they still do have weaknesses, their strengths begin to outweigh them, making each of these characters a strong pick overall:

  • Mad Maggie, Newcastle, Ballistic, Catalyst, Vantage. Revenant, Seer, & Fuse


While he has of course been hit with nerfs in the past, Seer is still a very strong Legend and second only to Bloodhound when it comes to intel. His abilities can route out even the sneakiest of players, making you a wonderful teammate for anyone you play with.

Pair this with an ability that can interrupt healing, revives, and certain other abilities, and Seer can really command the tempo of a fight if played correctly.

Mad Maggie

Offering chaos for those who love a bit of aggressive gameplay, Mad Maggie is a brilliant Legend if you want to take the game into your own hands. Her Riot Drill ability is a wonderful counter to the defensive Legends that tend to dominate the meta, and she can also support her team's advancement with her speed-boosting ultimate.

On top of that, the Wrecking Ball is far more of a threat in Season 20, with Fuse helping Maggie kit it out with Thermite Grenades.


Following his Season 18 rework, Revenant has skyrocketed into the B-Tier and is already establishing himself as a true solo-carry Legend. With an aggressive leap, incredible climbing abilities, and an Ultimate that makes him invulnerable, he can tear apart foes in 1v1s.

However, the removal of his Death Totem means he offers very little to his fellow squadmates, so it's hard to put him anywhere higher than B-Tier.


Newcastle is a hybrid support and defensive Legend who also has access to surprisingly good mobility. With the shields of Rampart and Gibraltar and the revival strength of past Lifeline, he's certainly a useful squamate in the hands of a skilled player.

If you're looking for an all-out tank that can protect your team from even the most dangerous of abilities, then Newcastle will definitely be worth a look.


Ballistic Apex Legends Firing Range
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Ballistic is the ultimate Assault Legend, perfect for players who are always on the hunt for the next gunfight. With access to three guns, a buff for his entire squad, and the ability to create a golden weapon, the Refined Gunslinger is a true skirmisher.

However, compared to Recon legends like Bloodhound, his kit does lack utility and can be a little too solo-focused.


Catalyst offers both proactive and reactive defensive abilities that will help you hold an area and ward players off. Her ability to reinforce doors makes it easy to lockdown power positions and although her Ultimate is tough to use, it can be a game-changer in a late-game circle

Overall, Catalyst has a strong kit but for the average player, there are easier characters to use that'll often be more consistently effective.


If there is one Legend that is unbelievably frustrating to face, it's Fuse. The disruption from the Knuckle Clusters is unbelievably annoying and racks countless amounts of damage.

With plenty of tools to force enemies out of cover and rain down fire on them from above, he's a solid pick if you want to solo-carry and go for some high-damage matches.


Vantage is our final B-Tier legend, and she offers a great balance between movement and recon. Being introduced in Season 14, we can firmly say that Vantage is a brilliant choice.

Being able to quickly move around through her Echo while having the passive sniping benefits can really make Vantage a pain for your enemies if you've got the aim to back it up. Pair this with her damage-boosting ultimate and you can make quick work of any squad that has the displease of facing you.

C-Tier characters

Caustic in Apex Legends Firing Range
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These legends are ones that you can definitely make work but have some clear limitations that prevent them from being solid or consistent picks:

  • Wattson, Rampart, & Caustic


While she of course was strong when she initially was released, Wattson has never quite recovered from the nerfs she received and remains an incredibly situational pick. In a game that is all about movement and adaptability, having a Legend that only really works when planted in one place is going to be tricky to make work.

While the late game can favour her quite well, and her ultimate ability is still very usable (if not frustrating from a friendly perspective at times) Wattson is unfortunately not the best choice if you want to consistently do well.


Suffering from almost the same issues as Wattson, Rampart is perhaps a bit stronger - especially with the changes they made to her Ultimate ability. Now that she is able to actually move with her machine gun it is a lot more viable, but it remains undeniable how static you often have to be with her shields.

You can definitely have a lot of fun with Rampart, and with a well-coordinated and proactive team she can be much stronger, but in general, she fits well in the C-Tier.


While he has been the king of the meta in the past, nerfs to his entire kit have left Caustic feeling a bit underwhelming. Many players now see his toxic canisters as more of a momentary distraction rather than a danger, and where his ultimate used to decimate a room it now just calmly urges players to leave.

He is still good at the tank role, but with a smaller sense of urgency created by his planted canisters, Caustic now has to take the brunt of the fire.

D-Tier characters in Apex Legends

Mirage in Apex Legends Firing Range
Click to enlarge

While there are strictly no bad Legends in Apex Legends - as a good player can make anyone work outside of their perhaps underwhelming abilities - there are a few characters that you will probably want to avoid.

  • Mirage & Crypto


A placement that very few players will argue with is Mirage, who is probably the weakest Legend to play in the game. While his bamboozle ability is fun to use and hilarious if you can pull it off, he doesn't really offer much outside of this.

Considering the flexibility of so many other Legends in the game, you can really see how someone like Mirage gets left in the water. As always though, that does not mean that you can't enjoy playing as him, as we all love doing a fun run with Mirage every once in a while.


The problem that has plagued Crypto ever since his launch is the fact that you're pulled away from your character to make proper use of his abilities. Even if the drone was much stronger, it would still cause a conundrum that you have to be essentially AFK.

Seasoned Crypto enjoyers can absolutely make him work of course, but to the general player base, he is just a bit too weak for our liking, leaving him in D-Tier.

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