Apex Legends Tier List For Season 15

Apex Legends Tier List For Season 15
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13th Jan 2023 17:14

Carving out an Apex Legends tier list is never going to please everyone as we all have our favourites and our mains, but a general consensus does emerge regardless of our own personal choices. As the Legends in Apex Legends are distinct in their own abilities, it is often quite clear which characters are stronger and more viable than others. So, make sure to read the rest of this guide to see our full Apex Legends tier list, and do let us know if you agree with our choices.

Apex Legends Tier List: D-Tier

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While there are strictly no bad Legends in Apex Legends - as a good player can make anyone work outside of their perhaps underwhelming abilities - there are a few characters that you will probably want to avoid.


A placement that very few players will argue with is Mirage, who is probably the weakest Legend to play in the game. While his bamboozle ability is fun to use and hilarious if you can pull it off, he doesn't really offer much outside of this.

Considering the flexibility of so many other Legends in the game, you can really see how someone like Mirage gets left in the water. As always though, that does not mean that you can't enjoy playing as him, as we all love doing a fun run with Mirage every once in a while.


The problem that has plagued Crypto ever since his launch is the fact that you're pulled away from your character to make proper use of his abilities. Even if the drone was much stronger, it would still cause a conundrum that you have to be essential AFK.

Seasoned Crypto enjoyers can absolutely make him work of course, but to the general playerbase he is just a bit too weak for our liking, leaving him right at the top of the D-Tier.

Apex Legends Tier List: C-Tier

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These legends are ones that you can definitely make work but have some clear limitations that prevent them from being solid or consistent picks.


While she of course was strong when she initially was released, Wattson has never quite recovered from the nerfs she received and remains an incredibly situational pick. In a game that is all about movement and adaptability, having a Legend that only really works when planted in one place is going to be tricky to make work.

While the late game can favour her quite well, and her ultimate ability is still very usable (if not frustrating from a friendly perspective at times) Wattson is just unfortunately not the best choice if you're wanting to consistently do well.


Suffering from almost the same issues as Wattson, Rampart is perhaps a bit stronger - especially with the changes they made to her ultimate ability. Now that she is able to actually move with her machine gun it is a lot more viable, but it remains undeniable how static you often have to be with her shields.

You can definitely have a lot of fun with Rampart, and with a well-coordinated and proactive team she can be much stronger, but in general, she fits well in the C-Tier.


Fuse is unfortunately just a bit underwhelming as a Legend, with abilities that don't really do much to stand out. While his grenade and cluster abilities are definitely enjoyable to chuck about (especially at long ranges), he doesn't really offer much beyond that.


While he has been the king of the meta in the past, nerfs to his entire kit have left Caustic feeling a bit underwhelming. Many players now see his toxic canisters as more of a momentary distraction rather than a danger, and where his ultimate used to decimate a room it now just calmly urges players to leave.

He is still good at the tank role, but with a smaller sense of urgency created by his planted canisters, Caustic now has to take the brunt of the fire.


Revenant's abilities are useful, as being able to suppress enemy Legend's own skills and being able to come back from the dead are very useful in theory. However, in practice Revenant remains just OK, being strong in theory but not quite working out the best when you're actually on the battlefield.

His passive abilities which let you move faster when crouched and climb higher are also useful, but his larger frame prevents him from being a sneaky or speedy Legend where others might excel.

Apex Legends Tier List: B-Tier

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These are the Legends you will start wanting to consider picking up and making your main. While they still do have weaknesses, their strengths begin to outweigh them, making each of these characters a strong pick overall.

Mad Maggie

Offering chaos for those who love a bit of aggressive gameplay, Mad Maggie is a brilliant Legend if you want to take the game into your own hands. Her Riot Drill ability is a wonderful counter to the defensive Legends that tend to dominate the meta, and she can also support her team's advance with her speed-boosting ultimate.


You'll be in the good books of your teammates any time that you pick Loba, as she is one of the most useful support Legends in the game. The ability to see high-level loot will save you so much time, and her ultimate ability comes in clutch both at the start and end of each match for different reasons.

While it is good that she has a movement to get her out of sticky situations, it isn't the strongest due to its cast time and that can cause you trouble in certain scenarios.


As she is the newest Legend in Apex Legends, it is understandably rather difficult to see where Catalyst will end up in the long run. At this current point in time, she seems strong, offering both proactive and reactive defensive abilities that will help you hold an area and ward players off.

She could very easily go up to A-Tier, but due to her being a new arrival, it is best to keep her in B for the time being until things properly settle.

Apex Legends Tier List: A-Tier

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Despite just missing out on the top tier, these characters in Apex Legends will really allow you to shine and excel within their own categories.


Sitting right on the fringe of A-Tier is Bangalore, who is still very solid but has been hit by the power creep. She has been one of the most consistently viable Legends in the game purely for her rather simplistic kit, but it has recently struggled to keep up with the power curve.

Although the ubiquity of Bloodhound - whose scan ability completely nullifies Bangalore's smokes - is troubling for Bangalore, she is still a very solid character and never a bad choice if you're wanting someone a bit more straightforward.


Serving as one of the newer entries into the game, Newcastle gives players a hybrid between quite a few other heroes to make something strong overall. He has the shields of Rampart and Gibraltar and the revival strength of past Lifeline.

If you're looking for an all-out tank that can protect your team from even the most dangerous of abilities, then Newcastle will definitely be worth a look.


On the other side of the shield tank coin is Gibraltar, who remains impressively relevant despite being a base game Legend. His protective bubble shield is still as strong as ever, and his unique gun shield will help keep you alive so that you can keep others alive too.

His only downside is his ultimate recharge rate, which seems to be a bit of a common theme with the base Legends. Thankfully the ultimate is still very strong when you are actually able to let it rip.


As the only healer in the game, it is no surprise that Lifeline is still a really good option for your squad years after release. Her heal bot takes the pressure away from a lot of tight encounters, allowing you and your teammates to focus on things other than replenishing your health which gives you a big boost over your foes.

While her ultimate can be useful though, it still does seem a little weak for the current power level and remains very RNG dependent for such a long charge time. At the very worst you can use it as a makeshift shield, so at least it is double purpose!


Movement is always going to be king in games like Apex, and there are few characters more fun to swing around with than King's Canyon's friendly neighbourhood spiderman. Pathfinder is excellent at both engaging and disengaging from fights, as his grapple will allow him to quickly zip away in a manner that is rather unique to him.

His large hitbox is still unfortunately a detriment though, as it makes him much easier to hit in the moments when your enemy can still see you.


While he has of course been hit with nerfs in the past, Seer is still a very strong Legend and second only to Bloodhound when it comes to intel. His abilities can route out even the sneakiest of players, making you a wonderful teammate for anyone you play with.

Pair this with an ability that can interrupt healing, revives, and certain other abilities, and Seer can really command the tempo of a fight if played correctly.


Titanfall veteran and cyborg ninja Ash is an overall great choice that can fit into most Legend categories. She can provide recon through death boxes, letting you pounce into those pesky third parties, she can be active within fights with her snare ability, and can successfully get your team out with her rift-slicing ultimate ability too.


Vantage is our final A-Tier legend, and she offers a great balance between movement and recon. Being introduced in the last season, we can firmly say that Vantage is a brilliant choice and fits well into the meta.

Being able to quickly move around through her Echo while having the passive sniping benefits can really make Vantage a pain for your enemies if you've got the aim to back it up. Pair this with her damage-boosting ultimate and you can make quick work of any squad that has the displease of facing you.

Apex Legends Tier List: S-Tier

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Now that we're in the S-Tier, all of these Legends have a viable case for being the best in the game and are absolutely worth picking up and making your main.


There are very few things in a first-person shooter that are harder to hit than a character than can move in the air, and that is where Valkyrie excels. But this ability isn't just useful for evasion but also for aggression, as it can aid in bridging the gap between you and an unsuspecting foe.

Furthermore, her ultimate ability is top-tier if you're wanting to relocate your squad. It can pull you out of a fight you might not want to be in, or let you engage an enemy that might not be expecting you.


In a similar vein, Horizon also fills the spot of being incredibly difficult to hit due to her aerial prowess. The twist is that Horizon can use this on enemies, leaving them trapped and an easy target, or relocated against their will.

Furthermore, Horizon's increased movement when midair can make her an absolute menace and the stuff of nightmares for anyone who isn't the most mechanically skilled. Her ultimate is also strong and can be used to decimate an entire squad if used correctly.


Continuing on the movement train is Octane, who is most definitely the fastest Legend in the game. While he might not be the best Legend for team play, it is undeniable how strong he is both in and out of combat.

He has a near-constant speed boost available, passive health regen, and an ultimate that launches you headfirst into the chaos. When staying alive is the ultimate goal in Apex, there are few that do it better than Octane.


Speaking of staying alive, Wraith is perhaps the only Legend in the game to be better than Octane at avoiding the inevitability of death. Possessing the only invincibility ability in the game, Wraith can effortlessly peace out of any engagement if she so wishes.

Despite being the international symbol of toxicity and the bane of any squad-fill team, there is absolutely a reason why Wraith has kept her place near the top of the power rankings despite the introduction of so many new characters.


Rounding off this Apex Legends tier list is the character that you could arguably call the strongest in the game. While their kit isn't the flashiest, nor has it changed since the game was released, it still remains incredibly strong to the point of being a must-pick.

There is just frankly nothing more useful to a team than what essentially boils down to wall hacks, as it nullifies the strategies of so many Legends in the game. You just know that when that ping hits you're in trouble and you better get moving.

So, that completes our Apex Legends tier list, ranking every single character in the game. Do let us know if you agree or disagree, but in the meantime make sure to check out this guide for how to send gifts to friends in Apex Legends.

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