Apex Legends Pathfinder: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips and Lore

Apex Legends Pathfinder: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips and Lore
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24th Aug 2021 15:43

Apex Legends Pathfinder is a lot of new players’ first pick, simply down to his welcoming design and charming character - but he’s a character that runs much deeper than that. The MRVN unit is an incredibly useful asset to any team of legends with his recon capabilities and special traversal abilities in Apex Legends. He might be a goof at heart, but used correctly, he can be truly lethal. Here's all you need to know on how to take advantage of the Apex Legends Pathfinder abilities, ultimate, and more.


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Apex Legends Pathfinder Abilities

Apex Legends Pathfinder Guide
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The greatest draw for Pathfinder in Apex Legends is his Grappling Hook. His tactical ability allows players to reach higher spots with ease in order to get the first dibs on loot and a chance at a tidy ambush. But, many players have learned to master the hook to use it as a type of catapult to get them to cover incredibly quickly in no time. It might take some practice, but the hook has a lot of applications if you’re willing to put the work into learning how it works.

With Pathfinder being a Recon legend too, he also has the ability to check in on survey beacons to identify the location of the next ring, with the extra bonus of every beacon scan giving him his ultimate straight away.

Apex Legends Pathfinder Ultimate

Apex Legends Pathfinder Guide
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Pathfinder’s ultimate ability is his Zipline Gun that allows him to plant a zipline anywhere he likes to grant his team much greater manoeuvrability. It can, however, be used by anyone in the game, so be careful you’re not being followed.

Apex Legends Pathfinder Tips

Apex Legends Pathfinder Guide
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The most crucial way of optimising Pathfinder is, as we’ve mentioned, mastering his Grappling Hook. There’s a lot of play potential with the tactical ability, not only allowing you to gain vantage, but allowing you to ping pretty far across the map either out of or into, heated battles. Spend some time getting to know how this ability works, and it’s going to save you from a lot of potential downs in the future.

The Hook is especially useful for cutting off enemies from trying to escape, by using the ‘Ferris wheel’ technique of grappling the floor far in front of you and jumping for a huge speed boost. If you’re playing aggressively (a technique that Pathfinder is surprisingly good for), it’ll strike fear in the heart of your foes, as well as a clip or two of bullets.

If you’re staying local to one area with a Wattson or a Rampart by your side, then it could be worth setting up an intertwined network of ziplines using your ultimate. This way, if enemies get the drop on you, you could easily disorient or confuse your enemies from hopping to and from different ziplines and easily gain the advantage back. You get ziplines every two minutes - you might as well use them.

Apex Legends Pathfinder Lore

Apex Legends Pathfinder Guide
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Pathfinder, the Apex Legends forward scout, is a MRVN unit that booted up many decades ago in a dilapidated warehouse with no knowledge of how or why. Setting off on a broad adventure to find his creator, he’s travelled the stars with an unrivalled optimism and has enrolled in the Apex Games to garner widespread attention - and maybe, one day, the attention of his creator.

That’s all you need to know to get started with Pathfinder - get practising your Ferris wheels, and eventually, you might be the most adept MRVN to grace the arena.

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