How Old Are The Apex Legends?

How Old Are The Apex Legends?

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30th Mar 2021 17:30

Apex Legends probably has the most diverse cast of characters in all of video games. Pretty much every race, gender, and sexual orientation is represented in Apex Legends.

The diversification does not stop there. The characters of Apex all come from different backgrounds and walks of life — that includes age. Some Legends are just beginning to experience what life has to offer. Others have endured centuries of pain and suffering. 

Let’s break down the Apex Legends roster by age, including the events of their childhood that led them all down the same path to the Apex Games.

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How Old is Rampart - Age 21

The youngest participant of the Apex Games, Ramya “Rampart” Parekh comes in at the ripe age of 21. Rampart and her loyal minigun, Sheila, are just barely able to buy an alcoholic beverage in the States.

Apex Legends How Old Is Rampart
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How Old is Wattson - Age 22

Natalie “Wattson” Paquette has been raised in the Apex Games from childhood. Her father, Luc Paquette, was the Lead Electrical Engineer for the Apex Games. Growing up around the Apex Games, Wattson’s destiny was decided at a young age.

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How Old is Lifeline - Age 24

The 24-year-old Ajay “Lifeline” Che is the child of wealthy war profiteers. Her family profits off of destruction and death. Disgusted by her families’ actions, Lifeline enrolled in the Apex Games. Lifeline donates all of her winnings to the Frontier Corps, a humanitarian organisation that aids communities in need.

Lifeline’s ultimate goal is to make right all of the pain her family has caused.

How Old is Octane - Age 24

Not only are Lifeline and Octavio “Octane” Silva the same age, but they are also both close friends. Both of these Legends come from the same home planet of Psamathe. Additionally, Lifeline supplied Octane with his bionic legs.

Most other Legends joined the Apex Games for a higher purpose. Not Octane. Octane was simply bored. The youthful Octane is in it purely for the accompanying adrenaline rush.

Apex Legends How Old Is Lifeline
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How Old is Gibraltar - Age 30

Like many of Apex’s other Legends, Makoa “Gibraltar” Gibraltar joined the Apex Games out of a feeling of duty. As a child, Gibraltar was reckless. Gibby and his boyfriend stole his father’s motorcycle and took it on a joyride. The trip ended when the duo got stuck in a mudslide. Gibraltar’s parents came to the rescue, and Gibby’s dad lost his arm in the process.

This event shaped Gibraltar into who he is today. Gibraltar has dedicated his life to helping others. In the Apex Games, Gibraltar serves his teammates. Gibraltar doesn’t care about the money or fame. His only goal is to be there for his squad.

How Old is Mirage - Age 30

The charismatic and charming Elliott “Mirage” Witt just hit the big 3-0. Mirage grew up in Solace City, working as a bartender. While at his job, Mirage would constantly hear stories about the Apex Games. Certain words like wealth and glory piqued his interest.

When asked why he joined the Apex Games, Mirage replied, “why did I become a Legend? One reason: women.”

How Old is Crypto - Age 31

At the age of 31, Tae Joon “Crypto” Park has endured more suffering than most humans do in a lifetime. Crypto was an orphan and grew up on the streets with his foster sister. During their adventures, the siblings uncovered an algorithm that could predict the result of any Apex Games match.

Very dangerous people did not want this information to leak. A group called The Syndicate murdered Crypto’s sister and framed him for it. In an attempt to escape, Crypto changed his identity and joined the Apex Games. Crypto now works to clear his name and pursue justice for his fallen sister.

Apex Legends How Old Is Mirage
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How Old is Wraith - Age 32

Renee Hope “Wraith” Blasey is registered at 32 years old. Wraith does not have many memories of her childhood. She grew up as an experimental subject locked away in a test facility.

Wraith’s main mission is to discover who she truly is and get revenge on those who contained her for so long.

How Old is Loba - Age 34

Like numerous other Legends, Loba “Loba” Andrade’s childhood was full of tragedy. At the age of nine, Loba’s parents were murdered by Revenant right in front of her eyes. A quarter of a century later, Loba is still hunting the Simulacrum that destroyed her family.

How Old is Bangalore - Age 38

Anita “Bangalore” Williams is sort of the “mom” of the group. Raised in a military family, Bangalore has been training as a soldier her whole life.

During a military engagement, Bangalore and one of her four brothers were attacked by assassins. Bangalore’s brother died in the attack, and she ended up lost on a Syndicate-ruled planet.

Bangalore joined the Apex Games in hopes of raising money to fund a trip back home to her remaining family.

How Old Are The Apex Legends
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How Old is Caustic - Age 48

Dr Alexander Maxwell Nox, AKA Caustic, has been through quite the character development in his 48 years of life.

Caustic wasn’t always the wicked, homicidal, scientist that he is today. Caustic’s early life was innocent. Caustic was a bright research scientist that worked to develop new pesticide gases for Humbert Labs.

Caustic’s life changed when he came to the realisation that living creatures were the best form of test subjects.

When it came time to answer for his crimes, Caustic faked his death and disappeared. Now at 48 years-old, Caustic has once again shown his face. He desires more test subjects and hopes to find them in the Apex Games.

How Old is Fuse - Age 54

Apex’s newest Legend, Walter “Fuse” Fitzroy, has been around the block. Fuse is one of the oldest Legends in the Apex Games.

Fuse’s childhood is documented in the “Good as Gold” – Stories from the Outlands trailer. As adolescents, Fuse and his friend Maggie were inseparable. They conquered the planet of Salvo together. But as Fuse aged, he decided that he wanted to make his own path. So he joined the Apex Games.

This did not sit well with Maggie. Most players probably know what happened next. Maggie followed Fuse to the Apex Games and unleashed devastation in a surprise attack on Kings Canyon.

Apex Legends How Old Is Fuse
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How Old is Pathfinder - Age 75

Everyone’s robotic best friend, Pathfinder, is an old man in human years. 

As he states many times in-game, Path’s end goal is to find his creator. Owing to a crumb trail of clues, Pathfinder has narrowed his search down to the Apex Games.

How Old is Horizon - Age 126

Dr Mary Somers, or Horizon, is a wee bit older than you may have thought, huh? Well, thanks to a case of betrayal at the hands of her apprentice, Horizon spent 87 years of her life trapped in a black hole.

Of all the horrible things that come with such an incident, losing out on nearly a century with her son was the worst. Horizon aims to go back in time and return to her old life. There, she’ll reunite with her long-lost son.

Apex Legends Horizon Age
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How Old is Revenant - Age 313

Kaleb “Revenant” Cross is misunderstood. He may be a murderous machine, but that can be attributed to the evil people controlling him. Revenant’s masters command him to kill, and whenever he dies, they resurrect him again. Revenant cannot escape the cycle.

Three centuries of this has taken a toll on Revenant. All he wants is for the torture to end. Revenant seeks revenge on those that have forced this endless cycle upon him.

How Old is Bloodhound - Age Unknown

The only Legend without a real name, gender, or age, Bloodhound is shrouded in mystery. 

Bloodhound was made an orphan after the facility their parents worked at was destroyed by a nuclear meltdown. Bloodhound’s uncle took the orphaned child in as his own.

Bloodhound fused the “Old Ways” teachings of their uncle with the technological teachings of their late parents. Together, Bloodhound became the greatest hunter in the Outlands.

Bloodhound believes in destiny, and their path has led them to the Apex Games.


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