Apex Legends Bangalore: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips And Lore

Apex Legends Bangalore: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips And Lore
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Apex Legends Bangalore is in many ways, the ultimate all-rounder in the arena. Her experience as a soldier makes her well suited to taking on any kind of adversary, and her abilities make for any kind of playstyle in Apex Legends, whether you need to escape from a heated spot or push for ultimate aggression, Bangalore is ready for anything. Here's everything you need to know about the Apex Legends Bangalore abilities, ultimate, tips for playing as her, and lore.

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Apex Legends Bangalore Abilities

Apex Legends Bangalore Guide
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Bangalore’s tactical ability is perfect for rotations and dissecting your enemy’s line of sight - her Smoke Launcher deploys three smoke grenades in front of you, setting a wall of smoke that is incredibly hard to see through. It’s the perfect counter to any sniper, and is great for getting out of a pickle at short notice.

Her passive ability is also useful in escaping flurries of bullets - Double Time increases her sprint speed when she’s taking fire.

Apex Legends Bangalore Ultimate

Apex Legends Bangalore Guide
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The soldier’s ultimate, Rolling Thunder, is great for clearing out large areas and dealing mountains of damage to the unsuspecting. The creeping artillery strike plasters a huge radius, and the massive rockets detonate one by one, stunning and delivering big damage to those caught inside.

Apex Legends Bangalore Tips

Apex Legends Bangalore Guide
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Most tactics for Bangalore players gravitate around her Smoke Launcher ability due to its sheer versatility. It can be used to either escape a fight or get right into one, and it’s especially useful against snipers - if you know any of your adversaries are using one, throwing down a smoke is never a bad idea. You’ll at best lose them entirely, or only frazzle them a bit at worst.

The smoke grenades are also useful for blinding enemies - if you need to disorient your foes to get past them, or even if you want to be sure you’re dealing some real damage with your already planted ultimate, fire your smoke at them to freak them out a little.

Plus, when it comes to using your ultimate at the very end of the game, make sure you hang onto it until the ring has closed to a very small size. If an enemy team is on one side of the ring and you are on the other, laying down your ultimate will force them to either dash through the barrage of missiles, or retreat into the ring taking considerable damage. Either way you’re dishing our widespread damage, so there’s no better time to put the ult to use.

Apex Legends Bangalore Lore

Apex Legends Bangalore Guide
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Anita Williams is a soldier, practically trained from birth. Remaining dedicated to the IMC, she was at the top of her class at its academy, being the only cadet who could dismantle and rebuild a Peacemaker in twenty seconds, blindfolded.

After a ship she was travelling on was attacked and her brother sacrificed his life to save her, she crash-landed on a Syndicate planet in search of work and the brother she refused to believe was dead. She now competes in the Apex games in a bid to earn enough money to hire a pilot who will take her home to the only family that remains to her.

That’s all of our advice for mastering Bangalore - get out there, and we’ll see you in the field, soldier.

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