Which Apex Legends Character Should I Play?

Which Apex Legends Character Should I Play?

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Coleman Hamstead


18th Jan 2021 18:00

Apex Legendsdiverse cast of characters can be overwhelming for new players. Who do you choose? Which Legend is the best? 

Well, a lot of it depends on each individual player’s playstyle. Today we are going to help our readers find their ideal Legend. Whether you’re an aggressive fragger, a big brain strategist, or an angelic medic, we have the Legend for you.

Aggressive Playstyle


Octane is about as solo of a Legend as you’re going to find in Apex Legends. Unlike every other Legend, Octane’s kit revolves mostly around individual play. Octane’s Tactical ability is a stim that boosts his speed by 30%. Octane’s Passive allows him to slowly regenerate his health. Neither of these help out the team as a whole.

Octane’s Ultimate ability, Launch Pad, can be used in unison with his team, but it’s more often reserved for individual use. Octane mains can use the Launch Pad as a quick getaway or another avenue for w-keying teams.

Octane is a self-described high-speed daredevil. He’s easy to play but won’t help the team out much. If you solo-queue often or just love to play aggressively, Octane may be the Legend for you.

Which Apex Legends Character Should I Play?
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Revenant is a bit more team-oriented than Octane, but his kit is built mainly for an aggressive playstyle. Revenant’s Stalker passive allows him to crouch-walk faster and climb higher. This gives him an advantage in 1v1s and opens up avenues for additional flanks and escapes.

Revenant’s Ultimate, Death Totem, is probably the most aggressive Ultimate ability in the game. Revenant spawns a Death Totem that protects those who use it from death. Players can mindlessly rush the opposition like zombies with no fear of death. Dying under the effects of Death Totem just spawns the user back at the totem (albeit with reduced health).

Using Revenant to his full potential requires a coordinated team. Revenant is not great for solo players. Death Totem requires significant coordination to get the full effects of. If you’re playing alone, you’ll get more use out of Octane or another style of Legend.

Strategic Playstyle


Bangalore is a tactical soldier best suited for strategically minded players. Bangalore’s Tactical ability, Smoke Launcher, has a plethora of strategic uses. The smoke can be used on its own for flanks, transitions from cover, and reviving teammates in the open. It’s strategic uses expand further when paired with other Legends. Bloodhound’s Ultimate ability allows them to see through smoke clearly. Use this in unison with Bangalore for an insane combo.

Bangalore’s Ultimate ability is an artillery strike called Rolling Thunder. It’s less of a damage ability and more of a strategic one. It doesn’t inflict much damage, but it will slow enemies down and force them to reposition. 

Bangalore’s a great Legend for beginners with a strategic mentality. Her kit is self-explanatory and easy to get value out of.


Crypto’s kit revolves entirely around his surveillance drone. Crypto’s drone can be used to scout their surroundings, mark enemies, set off EMPs, and safely revive teammates. Players without a strategic mindset will get near-zero value out of Crypto. Crypto users must understand how to use their drone effectively if they want to succeed.

Crypto has one of the highest skill floors in the game. Without his drone, Crypto is nothing. Crypto is best suited for experienced players that understand the ins and outs of Apex Legends as a whole. However, once mastered, Crypto has the potential to be a top-tier Legend.

Which Apex Legends Character Should I Play?
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The charismatic trickster has a lot of tools in his kit for a strategically-minded player. Mirage’s Tactical ability allows him to send out decoys of himself. Nothing feels better than completely bamboozling an enemy player with a decoy replica of yourself. Mirage’s Ultimate takes this idea to the next level. Mirage goes invisible and sends out an entire team of decoys. Strategic players can use these two abilities to outwit and outplay opponents.

Mirage is simple to use but takes a big brain to master.

Defensive Playstyle


Wattson is a purely defensive Legend. She can put down electric fences to secure an area and block opponents from entering buildings. Her Ultimate ability serves as a trophy system, destroying all incoming ordinance.

Wattson’s ideal for players that like to hold down one area and play for the end-game. If you’re always on the move, Wattson does not provide much value. 

Overall, Wattson is an easy to understand Legend, but she has very niche and situational uses.


Gibby plays the role of the traditional defensive Legend. When aiming down sight, Gibraltar pulls out a gun shield that blocks incoming damage. Gibraltar’s Tactical ability is a Dome of Protection. Players can take cover in Gibraltar’s dome and protect themselves from all incoming fire outside of the dome. Gibraltar’s Ultimatte ability even has the word “defensive” in the name! Defensive Bombardment works similar to Bangalore’s Ultimate. Gibby throws down a devastating mortar strike. This strike deals massive damage and will shut down anyone brave enough to push this defensive Legend.

Which Apex Legends Character Should I Play?
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Caustic is another defensive-oriented Legend. Caustic’s kit revolves around the use of his Nox Traps. These Traps emit a toxic gas that chokes any opponent that enters it. Caustic players can use these traps to halt enemy pushes, hold-down areas, and even block doorways. Caustic’s Ultimate is just a more intense version of his traps. Caustic throws a Gas Grenade that slowly kills everyone standing within its radius.

Caustic isn’t as easy to use as the other defensive Legends. Taking full advantage of his kit involves some thought. But, catching players in your toxic experiments is quite rewarding.

Support Playstyle


Lifeline is your traditional medic. She can heal herself and teammates, call-in provisions, and revive allies with her healing drone. While other Legends may be support-oriented, Lifeline is a pure support character.

A Lifeline will be welcome on any team. It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to Apex Legends. Lifeline players add value to the team regardless of the individual gunskill of the player using her. Everyone appreciates free heals and free loot. 


Loba’s expertise as a thief is welcome on any team lucky enough to have her. Loba can locate high-tier loot through walls and even better, retrieve it for her team. Her Ultimate ability, Black Market Boutique, places a portable device that will allow users to teleport nearby loot to their inventory. You’ll never be short on ammo or supplies with Loba.

The rest of Loba’s kit takes experience to master, but anyone that loves to play support will enjoy Loba.

Which Apex Legends Character Should I Play
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Bloodhound’s tracking abilities provide value to any team. Bloodhound tracks enemy footsteps, allowing them to hunt down opponents and gain information for their team. Bloodhound’s Tactical ability scans the environment, marking any enemies, tracks and clues hidden within.

Bloodhound is an ideal support Legend for new and experienced players alike. Bloodhound’s scans are invaluable. Being able to track enemy players and see them through walls is a massive advantage. And scanning isn’t at all difficult to pull off. Just look in any direction and proceed to scan it.

Well-Balanced Legends


Horizon is a balanced Legend capable of conforming to all styles of play. Her Gravity Lift Tactical can be used to aggressively push opponents as well as to take strategic high ground during fights. And the lift isn’t just for her. Teammates can lift up behind her just as easily.

Horizon’s Ultimate is THE ultimate coordination ability. On its own, Black Hole isn’t that great. However, pair it with a Gibby or Caustic Ult, and you may wipe a whole team.

Horizon can be enjoyed by aggressive, strategic, and support players alike. She’s best used in a coordinated team.

Which Apex Legends Character Should I Play
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Wraith is generally known as the best overall Legend in the game. Her kit offers value all-around. Her small hitbox and Into the Void Tactical ability are ideal for winning 1 vs X encounters. Wraith’s portal is perhaps the best true support ability in Apex Legends. It can be used to safely transport the entire team from one spot to another, rescue downed teammates, and quickly enter/exit fights.

Wraith is an amazing Legend at all levels of play. She’s easy to use but difficult to master.


Pathfinder does it all. His Grappling Hook offers insane vertical and horizontal movement. It can be used both offensively and defensively. Pathfinder’s Ultimate ability deploys a zipline for everyone to use. This is great for taking high ground or quickly rotating to a new area. Finally, Pathfinder can scan survey beacons to reveal the ring’s next location. 

Pathfinder offers aggression, defence, support, and strategy all in one robotic package.


We hope this guide helps you find your new main Legend. Determine your style of play and give it a go with one of the Legends in your chosen category. 


Stay tuned here @GGReconEsports for Apex Legends news, guides, features, and more.  

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