Apex Legends Lifeline: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips and Lore

Apex Legends Lifeline: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips and Lore
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Apex Legends Lifeline is, for many, the only true support character in the game. Her abilities make her stand out as one of the biggest team players in the entirety of Apex Legends, and picking her isn’t likely to garner frustration from your teammates - she’s a great help to your squad in any circumstance. But what about the Apex Legends Lifeline abilities, ultimate, and lore? We've got all of that plus some Lifeline tips right here.

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Apex Legends Lifeline Abilities

Apex Legends Lifeline Guide
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Lifeline’s most important asset is her D.O.C Heal Drone, which she can deploy as a tactical to heal herself and her teammates on the fly. It is also used in her passive ability which sets the D.O.C to revive teammates, so that Lifeline can get to work protecting her team. This ability was controversially nerfed in the last season to remove its protective shield, but it now leaves teammates being revived vulnerable.

Apex Legends Lifeline Ultimate

The Care Package ultimate ability in Lifeline’s arsenal calls in a care package from the sky packed with mid-tier support items like shields, helmets, shield cells, syringes and weapon attachments. It can be useful in select scenarios, but it does draw a lot of attention - so be careful putting it to use.

Apex Legends Lifeline Tips

Apex Legends Lifeline Guide
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This might be an obvious thing to point out, but it can often be forgotten - when playing as Lifeline, you are a support Legend, meaning it is your job to look after your team. Too many games are lost as a result of a squad’s Lifeline acting like an Octane and rushing into battle alone, only to be instantly downed and turned into dead weight. Hang back, let the offensive characters take the fire and sneak behind them with the heals they’ll inevitably need.

Hanging back is important as a Lifeline, but in order to stay effective, you’ll need to be just aggressive enough to keep enemies from pushing on you and squaring up on your downed teammates. It’s a thin tightrope to walk, but skate in and out of gunfights with a heavy-duty weapon like a shotgun and you shouldn’t have much trouble.

Plus, while Lifeline’s ultimate ability is useful in the early game (especially if you can get your hands on some ultimate accelerants when you’ve dropped), it’s not much use when there’s only around 5 squads left in the game, unless you’re playing the really long game and you’re using it for cover. Gather what you can, asking ‘what do I need from this care package?’ in the first half of the game, then leave it after that.

Apex Legends Lifeline Lore

Apex Legends Lifeline Guide
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Ajay Che, the child of some wealthy war profiteers, might not be who you’d expect to see taking part in the Apex Games, but the humanitarian in her won’t let her leave her friends for dead.

Leaving home after learning of the damage her family had caused on the battlefield, she joined the Frontier Corps, an organization that aids the communities of the Frontier, using her winnings from the games to help fund it. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty in the arena in order to help those in need, so that’s exactly what she does at every drop.

That’s everything you need to know about Lifeline - now drop in and help your team, and check out the rest of our Apex Legends guides below:

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