Experimenting on test subjects can be quite rewarding.

17:30, 10 Mar 2021

Breathe it in. Caustic has repurposed Water Treatment into his own personal test facility. Now more than ever is the perfect time to familiarise yourself with Alexander Maxwell Nox — AKA Caustic. Caustic has become a staple of Ranked Mode, thanks to his powerful defensive abilities. And with the Chaos Theory event, Caustic’s pick rate should be as high as ever.

Whether you’re on the hunt for “test subjects” or just want to avoid becoming one, this guide will detail the many nuances of playing Caustic. Understanding the tips and tricks in this guide will elevate your Caustic game to a new level. Master the father of Nox — for science, of course.

Passive - Nox Vision And Fortified

Caustic’s Passive ability, Nox Vision, gives him immunity to all Nox Gas. Enemies inside a Caustic player's personal gas will also be highlighted in red, similar to how the Digital Threat sight works.

This Passive ability is unique in that its viability is determined by the number of enemy Caustics in the game. The more enemy Caustics there are, the better Nox Vision becomes. In Ranked Mode — where Caustic thrives — Nox Vision is invaluable. Caustic is almost mandatory with so much gas on the map. Nox Vision allows Caustic users to contest other Caustics and push through otherwise deadly gas traps. However, Nox Vision becomes far less useful if there are no enemy Caustics around.

Caustic’s other Passive, Fortified, is Apex Legends way of balancing out Caustic’s large hitbox. Fortified reduces incoming damage by 15% and grants immunity to slow effects from weapon fire. Caustic has one of the larger hitboxes in the game and lacks movement abilities afforded to other Legends. Fortified allows Caustic to tank a few extra bullets and compete with smaller Legends.

Satisfying Caustic Trap from r/apexlegends

Tactical - Nox Gas Trap

Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap is the highlight of his kit. Caustic can hold three charges of this ability at one time, and a charge regenerates every 25 seconds. Caustic can place a maximum of six gas traps at one time. Nox Gas Traps activate when enemies walk near it or when the top part of the trap is shot. The gas ticks any enemies within its fumes for a constant stream of health damage every second, plus slows movement speed and disables sprint.


Nox Gas Traps offer an insane amount of additional utility outside of their standard description. For example, Caustic can use gas traps to block doors. Don’t want an enemy flanking from a certain direction? Throw a gas trap in front of the door. Enemies will not be able to get by the trap until it has released all of its gas, even if the door is destroyed. This fact makes Caustic’s gas traps even more effective at holding down buildings and deterring enemy assaults.

Caustic can use the gas trap barrels as an on-the-fly form of cover. Stuck in the open with no available cover? Throw a trap down and peak over it. The barrel is perfectly sized for absorbing incoming damage while still offering a view to fire shots off from.

A big part of playing Caustic at a high level is knowing when to set off your own gas traps. Caustic can use friendly gas traps to hinder enemy vision, hold off a push, loot a death box, and/or rotate. For example, say you need to loot a death box out in the open. Throw a gas trap on it and shoot it. Then, go loot the death box while hidden by the gassy smoke.


Gas traps can allow teams to pull off otherwise impossible rotations. Throw a few traps ahead of the direction you plan to rotate. Activate the traps and immediately sprint through the friendly gas, using it as free cover from enemy gunfire. 

These are just a few of the many unconventional ways Caustic players can use gas traps to their advantage.

Apex Legends Caustic Guide

Ultimate - Nox Gas Grenade

Caustic’s Ultimate ability essentially does the same thing as his tactical - just on a much larger scale. Caustic’s standard gas traps are a miniature area of denial tools. The Nox Gas Grenade is comparable to deploying six gas traps at once.


Throwing the Nox Gas Grenade will unleash a blanket of nox gas across a large area. Anything caught inside will slowly deteriorate at the hands of Caustic’s poison.

The Nox Gas Grenade is best used in the opposite fashion of the gas traps. Gas traps are ideal for locking down an area, while the gas grenade is perfect for flushing enemies out of their hiding spot. Any enemies camping in a building will be devastated by a well-placed gas grenade. The opponents will have no option but to flee the building, leading to easy pickings for Caustic and his teammates.

This Ultimate ability syncs well with other Legend abilities. A gas grenade chucked onto a team currently sucked in by Horizon’s black hole will send your opponents into pure panic. Fuse is another great Duos partner. Fuse's Ultimate creates a ring of fire. Toss a gas grenade in the centre, and the enemies will have nowhere to run.

Caustic’s Ultimate can also be used as a last-ditch escape effort. If things are looking grim, throw the gas grenade at your feet. This will force enemies to retreat and keep their distance. Caustic players can use this time to heal, revive teammates, or sneak off and avoid elimination. It’s hard to track enemies hiding in gas, so it’s worth a shot when your back is against the wall.

POV: You're ulted by Fuse, Horizon and Caustic 😥 from r/apexlegends

When played correctly, Caustic is extremely difficult to counter. However, Caustic players must be able to take advantage of the nuances in his abilities. Use this guide to master the king of nox and unleash chaos on the Apex Games.



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