Apex Legends voice actors list & full character cast

Apex Legends voice actors list & full character cast
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The Apex Legends voice actors cast is full of well-known voice actors. If you're a fan of Respawn's battle royale game, it's good to know who voices who.

There are over 20 different Legends in the game, all with their own voice, as well as the announcer for the game. It gets a new character every season, so the cast is constantly growing and evolving.

This also means that players' favourites will swap and change with the addition of new Legends. So here is the complete voice cast for Apex Legends, and we will be sure to keep this updated as more Legends are added to the game. 

All Apex Legends cast & voice actors

There are currently 25 different playable legends and an announcer in the game - all of whom are voiced. Below is the full list of characters along with their respective voice actor.

Character Voice Actor
Announcer Zehra Fazal
Ash Anna Campbell
Bangalore Erica Luttrell
Ballistic Robin Atkin Downes
Bloodhound Allegra Clark
Catalyst Meli Grant
Caustic J.B. Blanc
Conduit Frankie Kevich
Crypto Johnny Young
Fuse Bem Brendergast
Gibraltar Branscombe Richmond
Horizon Elle Newlands
Lifeline Mela Lee
Loba Fryda Wolff
Mad Maggie Nicola Kawana
Mirage Roger Craig Smith
Newcastle Gabe Kunda
Octane Nicolas Roye
Pathfinder Chris Edgerly
Rampart Anjali Bhimani
Revenant Darin De Paul
Seer Ike Amadi
Wattson Justine Huxley
Wraith Shantel VanSanten
Valkyrie Erika Ishii
Vantage Natalie Canizares

Who are Apex Legends' voice actors?

Characters from Apex Legends.
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You might be familiar with some of the names on the list above. For example, Allegra Clark is well-known for roles in other games like Beidou from Genshin Impact, Marisa in Street Fighter 6 and various characters from Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Darin de Paul, the voice of Revenant, is well-known for voicing Reinhardt in Overwatch, Calus in Destiny 2 and a host of other major video game roles. Octane's actor Nicolas Roye is also known for more video game characters, such as the Pilot from Halo Infinite. He also appeared in Cyberpunk 2077 and the Cyberpunk: Edgerunners series.

I received this info from these actor's pages on IMDb, so if you're curious to know more about the actors for each character you can search their names on the site to check out what they've appeared in.

That's all for our breakdown of the Apex Legends voice actors. Now you know a little more about the voices behind your favourite characters!

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