VALORANT sensitivity to CS2 conversion guide & how to convert

VALORANT sensitivity to CS2 conversion guide & how to convert
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Harry Boulton


1st Feb 2024 13:48

We don't blame you for wanting to seamlessly switch between two of the best free-to-play shooters, and knowing how to convert your VALORANT sensitivity to CS2 will make the process much smoother.

You could have the best crosshair and fantastic mechanical skill, but if your sensitivity isn't right in the game then you'll struggle to hit your shots. Thankfully there is a way to ensure that your sens is consistent across the two titles though, so you'll be able to keep your performance at the highest level no matter what.

How to convert VALORANT sensitivity to CS2

You'll want to use GamingSmart's mouse sensitivity converter to switch seamlessly between VALORANT and CS2, as it gives you an exact conversion between the two games to achieve identical mouse speed.

Image of the GamingSmart mouse sensitivity converter
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  • First, you'll want to find your exact VALORANT sensitivity within the game's settings (this should be something like 0.4)
  • Enter 'VALORANT' into the 'Convert From' section, and 'CS2' into the 'Convert To' section
  • Enter your exact VALORANT sensitivity into the 'Game Sensitivity' box
  • If you're keeping your mouse DPI the same, leave the next two boxes untouched
  • Your converted CS2 sensitivity should then be in the box underneath - in this case, 1.273

Then, all you need to do is head into CS2 and navigate to the settings to input the correct converted sensitivity. You could also play around in a practice match to see how it feels, as although VALORANT and Counter-Strike are similar titles, you might want a slightly slower feel for CS.

Image showing you how to change your CS2 sensitivity
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Image via Valve

One other useful tool with the GamingSmart converter is that it tells you the exact distance needed to travel for a full 360⁰ turn in CS2 with your current sensitivity. For this, you'll need to ensure that you have input the correct DPI, but it gives you an idea of how far you have to move the mouse for longer flicks.

This can be extremely helpful if you've not yet settled on an ideal sensitivity, as sometimes it's difficult to know what the numbers really mean.

Should your sensitivity be the same in VALORANT & CS2?

Image of Trophy Room on Nuke in CS2
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In an ideal world, you should keep your sensitivity the same between VALORANT and CS2, as both games play in a similar manner. As opposed to more active games like Rainbow Six Siege or Call of Duty, you'll spend most of your time holding angles and generally moving your mouse less, so similar low sensitivities are more beneficial.

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VALORANT is slightly more movement-focused, so you might want a marginally higher sensitivity for that - especially if you play more reactive and aggressive Agents like Jett - but on the whole, you would benefit more from keeping things the same as a lot of aim comes down to muscle memory and confidence.

Find more tips and tricks to climb the ranks on our dedicated Counter-Strike homepage, where we have all of the best cases to open alongside the best Dust2 grenade spots.

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