Can you get Agent skins in CS2?

Can you get Agent skins in CS2?
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13th Oct 2023 11:17


You may want to know if you can get agent skins in Counter-Strike 2, as they were available for players during the later years of CS:GO and customisation has become a big part of the series since the advent of the skin market.

CS2 launched on September 27, 2023, providing a well-needed graphical update as the game was moved to the Source 2 engine. This also meant many of the skins available in the game for weapons or gloves were updated to match the new graphical fidelity.

But have agent skins been given the same treatment, and are they still available in CS2? Check out the answer below.

Can you get agent skins in CS2?

an image of counter terrorists in CS2 with different skins
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You can still get agent skins in Counter-Strike 2, as all the ones from CS:GO have also been made available in the sequel.

There are separate skins for both CTs and Ts, providing completely new models for players to equip when playing.

How to get agent skins?

the Steam community market showing CS2 agent skins
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Currently, there are no skin crates with agent skins in CS2, so the main method of acquiring them is through the community market or by trading with other players

To find agent skins in the CS2 community market, you'll need to:

  • Select 'Community' from the top of the Steam client, and click 'Market' in the drop-down
  • On the market page, click the 'Counter-Strike 2' button on the right side
  • Select 'Show advanced options‚Ķ"
  • Scroll down to the 'Type' section and click 'Agent
  • Press 'Search'

Now, all the community market results will be CS2 agent skins for you to peruse and potentially buy. Most of them will cost you at least £5\$5, with many rising up to the high double digits and further.

There may be other ways in the future for agent skins to be earned in Counter-Strike 2, so we'll keep this updated with any new crates or a Battle Pass.

How to equip agent skins in CS2

the CS2 inventory page showing agent skins
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Once you have an agent skin in CS2, you'll want to equip it and show it off in games. Here's how:

  • From the CS2 main menu, press 'Inventory' at the top
  • Click 'Equipment'
  • Press 'Agents'
  • Select your agent skin from the list 

That's all for our explanation of how to get agent skins in CS2, and now you know they can be traded for or bought off the community market.

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