Who has the most expensive CS:GO inventory?

Who has the most expensive CS:GO inventory?
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19th Jan 2023 11:06

If you've ever bought or sold a skin on the community market, you might be wondering who has the most expensive CS:GO inventory. While most CS:GO skin sales are under $100, some accounts can hoard items that accumulate into the hundreds of thousands. So, if you want to find out who has the most expensive CS:GO inventory, check out the list below for all of the details.

CS:GO Most Expensive Inventories

CS:GO most expensive inventory
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Using the website csgobackpack, we can see the list of the most expensive CS:GO inventories, with some staggering numbers at the top. One particular thing to note is that Steam user 'caseapia' would likely be at the top of this list with an inventory value of over $2,000,000, however their account was hacked and its value was unfortunately stripped in its entirety.

So, here are the top ten most expensive inventories in CS:GO right now:

  • #10: Guts - $324,168.86 (£262,800.45)
  • #9: hocston - $327,021.30 (£265,112.90)
  • #8: Deus - $335,503.15 (£271,989.05)
  • #7: Лорд - $355,522.99 (£288,218.93)
  • #6: Ainz - $367,825.05 (£298,192.09)
  • #5: GeRy - $416,515.47 (£337,664.93)
  • #4: Joe - $456,008.71 (£369,681.70)
  • #3: Mcskillet's best friend - $463,201.70 (£375,512.99)
  • #2: Maria - $471,769.25 (£382,458.61)
  • #1: GOODKID - $823,408.33 (£667,528.90)

As you can see, the difference in value at the top is quite astronomical. GOODKID has almost double the inventory value of the second-highest Maria, with a collection that can only be described as positively stacked.

However, there is allegedly something a bit strange about the GOODKID account if this video from CS:GO market mastermind ohnePixel is anything to go by, but that delves into a deeper question of how some people use the marketplace on the highest end.

Additionally, this list is only comprised of accounts that have their inventory set to public, as there are probably at least a handful of profiles that stack up far beyond GOODKID but we obviously cannot tell if they keep it away from the public world.

How much is Neymar's CS:GO inventory worth?

If you're part of the fairly frequent intersection between Counter-Strike and football, then you will be almost definitely aware of Neymar Jr's obsession with the game. Not only does he sometimes stream the game - and also sometimes backstabs ZywOo - but he also has an impressive skin collection.

While is comparatively tiny compared to those you can find in the list above, Neymar's CS:GO inventory still comes to around $40,000 (£32,450), with lots of knives, an AWP Dragon Lore, and even an M4 Howl.

Considering he earns an estimated weekly salary of $700,000 (£567,875), you'd think he'd have a bit more spare change lying around to pick up a few more expensive skins! At least you can consider that his inventory is something he could conceivably rotate through though, which is definitely a plus.

So, that wraps up this guide if you were wondering who has the most expensive CS:GO inventory. If you're in awe of all the expensive knives now, make sure to have a read of this CS:GO knife commands guide to learn how to try them all for free.

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