Counter-Strike 2 isn’t coming to console yet, but here’s what we know

Counter-Strike 2 isn’t coming to console yet, but here’s what we know
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Harry Boulton


9th Oct 2023 10:54

Rumours surrounding a potential Counter-Strike 2 console version have been circulating, with many players wondering if the game will make its way over to Xbox and PS5 now it's out on PC.

While there are perhaps very few FPS titles more PC-oriented than Counter-Strike, CS:GO did of course receive a console version in the past - which birthed the radial buy menu that became a rather iconic aspect of the game

With it happening in the past, we know a CS2 console version is possible, but there are a lot of aspects to think about, like will Valve take the time to support it given the studio abandoned CS:GO on console fairly quickly?

We've got everything you need to know if you were wondering if Counter-Strike 2 is coming to console below, so make sure to read on to see all of the latest details.

Will there be a Counter-Strike 2 console port?

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As of writing this, there will be no CS2 port for console, as Valve hasn't said anything publicly about a port of the game.

The biggest indication so far seems to be from a poorly hidden hint by analyst, host, and commentator Chad "Spunj" Birchill, who mouthed the word 'console' on stream when discussing something he is supposedly not allowed to talk about.

This could of course just be speculation or in the early stages, but it does seem to point towards something that many people were already thinking.

However, the recent change to the buy menu could perhaps indicate that we are currently less likely to get a console version of Counter-Strike 2. As mentioned, the radial buy menu that became rather iconic in CS:GO has since been replaced by a tile-based menu similar to games like VALORANT.

While this is not a guarantee that the game won't be coming to console now, the fact that the radial menu was designed with console in mind could perhaps indicate that they are not thinking about that as a possibility anymore when the opportunity to redesign arose for the sequel.

As the PC version was only just released September 27, it'll likely be a while before news of another version is made available. PC is undoubtedly Valve's primary focus with Counter-Strike, and any console versions would likely only arrive once the PC version has settled fully.

It is also likely that some features will be omitted from the console version purely due to controller restraints, similar to what Ubisoft had to do with Rainbow Six: Siege.

So, that's all we currently know about the Counter-Strike 2 console port, but we will definitely let you know right here if any new updates arise in the future regarding a PS5 or Xbox release.

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