What is the best dot crosshair in CS2? Size, colour, shape & more

What is the best dot crosshair in CS2? Size, colour, shape & more
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You might be wondering what the best dot crosshair in CS2 is, as it offers you a clean and comfortable way to improve your aim overall, and we've got the idea size, colour and shape for you here.

While crosshairs in Counter-Strike are entirely down to personal preference - and yes, that does include the monstrosities that some people create - the dot is one of the best that you can pick if you're feeling a little unsure.

With the overwhelming value that the game places on landing headshots, you're going to want to feel as precise and prepared as possible for when an enemy walks into your sights, and a dot might just be the right tool for you to do that.

So, check out the rest of this guide below to find out what the best dot crosshair in CS2 is, alongside all of the benefits that you will get from selecting it.

What is the best dot crosshair in CS2?

Image of the CS2 dot crosshair settings
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The best dot crosshair can be achieved with the following crosshair code:

  • CSGO-53bT8-73UAd-7eSq3-hbAGF-oFZML

Alternatively, you can use the following options under the Classic Static crosshair style:

Setting Value
Center Dot Yes
Length 0.0
Thickness 1.0
Gap -4.0
Outline Yes + 1.0
Red 255
Green 0
Blue 50
Alpha Yes + 235

How to change crosshair?

If you're unsure how to redeem a crosshair code in CS2 or input the settings listed above, all you need to do is follow the steps below:

  • Open the CS2 settings menu by pressing the cog button in the top left of the main menu
  • Click on the Game tab at the top, then the Crosshair sub-tab underneath
  • For the crosshair code, click on the Share or Import button within the picture, paste the code above into the window that appears, and then press 'Input'
  • For the settings values, adjust all of the options to match what we have put in the table

Applying the settings should then give you the best dot crosshair in CS2 and hopefully improve your aim in-game.

It might look a bit strange at first, but that is because there is no native dot crosshair option in the game, so you have to squish the standard cross so that it mimics a dot.

What are the benefits of a dot crosshair in CS2?

Image of the best dot crosshair in CS2
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Compared to the standard reticule, the dot crosshair in CS2 gives you far more precision when aiming by taking up less real estate on the screen. This is particularly useful if you're looking for those tasty one-taps, as your bullet will go exactly onto the dot.

As you can technically fire five shots and get an ace in CS2, having a crosshair that lets you be as precise as possible with those five shots is very useful.

The weakness of the dot crosshair in CS2 comes when you have to control a spray, as it is weaker when it comes to controlling recoil. If you know your spray patterns by heart then this might not be too much of an issue, but for anyone new or inexperienced then you might want to start out with the standard crosshair design.

I personally find that the benefits far outweigh the downsides when it comes to the dot crosshair, and it can be especially useful when using some of the strongest weapons in the game like the AK, M4, and Deagle.

So, that's everything you need to know about the best dot crosshair in CS2, giving you the full settings and code and the benefits of the design.

You can check out our Counter-Strike homepage for plenty more guides like this. Alternatively, check out the best Counter-Strike 2 pro player crosshair codes, the full knife commands list, and how the global rating system works.

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