How Counter-Strike 2 hitboxes work, explained

How Counter-Strike 2 hitboxes work, explained
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Morgan Truder


21st Nov 2023 14:47

After the release of Counter-Strike 2 in September we saw a range of changes come to the longstanding game, including some tweaks to hitboxes. Below, we will go over how the hitboxes in CS2 work as well as the initial problems they showed on release. 

The majority of changes when CS2 was released were cosmetic, making the game look more realistic with huge improvements to things like lighting and how maps look. However, whenever a game shifts to a new engine there will be some technical changes, too.

Are the hitboxes in Counter-Strike 2 fixed? 

Yes, fortunately, the issues with hitboxes in Counter-Strike 2 are now fixed. When playing the game, there shouldn't be any noticeable problems involving player hitboxes - so if you shoot someone in the head it should register as a headshot. The same goes for body shots, too. 

CS2 headshot
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As you can see above from my Editor's spectacular shooting, headshots are now viable again when peeking corners quickly. 

What was wrong with hitboxes in Counter-Strike 2? 

Before the fixes, the big issue was not hitting opponents when you thought you had. It was particularly noticeable if the person you were shooting at was peeking around a corner or if they were crouched and tilted their head down - as can be seen in this Reddit thread. The issues were never too egregious, but in CS2, the smallest of margins matter.

That is all you need to know about the hitboxes in CS2, if you are on the lookout for more tips like how to bhop or how to check damage dealt in the game - then check out our Counter-Strike homepage, where we cover all of this and more. 

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