How to enable left-hand view in Counter-Strike 2

How to enable left-hand view in Counter-Strike 2
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18th Jan 2024 11:02


Console commands in Counter-Strike 2 are great ways to customise the experience even further than the settings menu allows, and it's key for people looking to enable the left-hand view model.

While most first-person shooter games default the view model to the right side, some people prefer the alternative, or the option to switch at will. Counter-Strike is a highly tactical game, so even something as simple as swapping your model can come in handy at times, giving you the chance to rise through the ranks.

If you need instructions on how to enable a left-hand view model in the game, read on below.

How to enable left-hand view in Counter-Strike 2

the console in Counter-Strike 2
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To enable a left-hand view model in CS2, you'll need to open up the console with the tilda key (above the TAB key) and type in the following command:

  • Bind "key" "toggle cl_righthand 0 1

Replace "key" with your chosen keybind - I suggest ALT or an extra mouse button if possible - and then you can freely switch your view model whenever you choose.

Why swap view models?

The best times to swap your view model are when peaking an angle. For example, if you peek around a corner from the left side, you may want to use the left-hand view model, as it obscures less of the area that you are looking at.

This gives you a better view overall and means there is less chance for an enemy to kill you from a blind spot.

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