How To Defuse In CS:GO

How To Defuse In CS:GO
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21st Feb 2023 13:31

You won't get anywhere if you don't know how to defuse in CS:GO, as it is one of the fundamental actions in the highly-competitive game. There's few better feelings in CS:GO than pulling off a last minute defuse, so you better get to grips with the mechanic so you can pull it off too. Make sure to read the rest of this guide below then to find out how to defuse in CS:GO.

How To Defuse In CS:GO

How To Defuse in CS:GO
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In order to defuse in CS:GO, all you need to do is walk up to the planted bomb and press either the E key or click the left mouse button. You will need to hold the action in order for it to go through, but tapping can be useful in a lot of circumstances too.

You will have to hold the defuse for five seconds with a defuse kit or ten seconds without one, so picking up a kit as a CT whenever you can afford it is very helpful. 

You will also have 40 seconds to defuse the bomb, but the action must be completed before the end of the timer, as otherwise the bomb will go off. This means that any defuses started under five or ten seconds with or without a kit will not be successful, so you will have to make a tough choice whether to stick the plant or run to safety.

You are unable to move when defusing the bomb, nor can you shoot or move your mouse too quickly. Many players used to rapidly spin around so that they were harder to hit, but this has since been prevented.

You can however pre-aim or aim down sights with your gun, which is good if you're wanting to stick the plant but still hold an angle. The defuse will stop once you fire your gun, but if this is the difference between life and death it is often worth it.

It is also a good idea to drop a smoke on the bomb before you start defusing, as that will cloud the enemy's vision and make you very difficult to hit. You can also combine this with a fake to confuse the enemy even more, and take total control of the situation.

How To Fake In CS:GO

How To Fake in CS:GO
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Faking in CS:GO is when you tap the bomb at a CT to make it seem like you're defusing when you're actually not. When you start the defuse action a triple beep will sound, so you can use this sound cue to make it seem like you're defusing the bomb.

This is incredibly useful to flush out any remaining Terrorists, as they will think that you're stuck in the defuse action, but it is also very good for playing mind games.

The higher you climb the ladder the more people will presume that you're faking, so they often won't peek until a few seconds after the sound - or even not at all. You can use this to your advantage sometimes to stick the full defuse and catch people by surprise but of course, this is very case-dependent.

So, that is how to defuse in CS:GO, letting you know the basics of faking the action too to get the upper hand. Make sure to check out these CS:GO crosshair codes if you want to replicate a pro player's setup.

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