Is there a Counter-Strike 2 battle pass?

Is there a Counter-Strike 2 battle pass?
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28th Sep 2023 16:45

With Counter-Strike 2 now here and the first big refresh for the franchise in years finally happening, many players will wonder what changes have been made and whether CS2 has adopted a battle pass system like many contemporaries.

While CS:GO's highly successful market and skin system will likely continue to bring in just as much money in CS2, there could be room for a separate way to gain skins in the game with a battle pass. It's become so common in modern gaming that even some largely single-player games employ it, but what about Valve's premier tactical shooter? Check out if there is a Counter-Strike 2 battle pass.

Is there a Counter-Strike 2 battle pass?

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As the game is now here, we can confirm there is no Counter-Strike 2 battle pass currently.

The closest thing to a battle pass is the weekly care package, where every week you can claim one of four rewards by reaching an XP threshold from playing games.

Will there be a Counter-Strike 2 battle pass?

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We can't say for sure that no battle pass will ever added to CS2, but there has been no indication of a battle pass being implemented into the game in the future, and as all CS:GO skins have carried over to Counter-Strike 2 this has essentially been cemented

There have been proto-battle pass systems in CS:GO, however, in the form of various Operation passes. While these don't work in the same way as most traditional battle passes (in that they only give you stars, which you use to spend on other things) they do form somewhat of a blueprint that could be used in the future.

The biggest problem that prospective battle passes would encounter however is the CS2 Community Market.

As all in-game items are run through that, a battle pass full of 'free' items that everyone can earn would cause a major problem. You either prevent these items from being sold and ruin the whole economy, or you allow them to be sold and negate the process of the battle pass itself.

Will there be Counter-Strike 2 Operations?

Image of A-Site on Nuke in Counter-Strike 2
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While nothing has been confirmed as of release, it is likely that Operations will come to Counter-Strike 2 in the future.

Valve will absolutely want to capitalise on the attention and popularity that this new overhaul has brought, and therefore we would expect there to be an Operation in 2023 for Counter-Strike 2. Obviously, there hasn't been one at launch, but there are still a few months left of the year for it to happen.

So, that should answer all of your questions on the Counter-Strike 2 battle pass based on the information we currently have, but we will let you know if any new details crop up in the future.

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