Counter-Strike 2 rank distribution 2023 details

Counter-Strike 2 rank distribution 2023 details
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28th Sep 2023 17:46


Rank distribution in Counter-Strike 2 (and previously, CS:GO) gives the player base the opportunity to see where their skill level sits in relation to everyone else, and we've got the latest stats in 2023 for you to check out here.

Ranks in Counter-Strike are quite complicated to understand, and this is made even more troublesome with the new CS2 Premier ranking system too. However, there still always remains an 'average' rank to occupy, and a small percentage of players at the top of the game that everybody will be aiming to reach.

Thankfully we've got all of the rank distribution details for CS2 below, so continue reading to find out all of the latest stats in 2023.

Can you check CS2 rank distribution?

Image of toilets on Overpass in CS2
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Although there is no way to officially see the complete CS2 rank distribution - as Valve does not release any of its own statistics, and it keeps most user information private - there are some alternative measures we can take.

While not the most accurate of data sources - as they only take into account players that voluntarily submit their data - looking at third-party stat tracking sites is the best means of seeing the latest CS2 rank distribution details.

Not every site provides a record of the rank distribution, and they of course only have access to the data submitted by their own users, but it does give as close of an indication as we will get.

Personally, I love checking my stats and how I compare to other players on these sites, as it can be a great tool to help you improve and see how well you're doing. Not only will you be able to see where you sit in the overall rank distribution for Counter-Strike 2, but many sites also let you know if you're dying too early, not using enough utility, or which guns are your strongest - which I find crucial to use.

The biggest caveat to consider is the type of player that will use these sites, as that will affect the weight of the distribution. Typically, the players that are most likely to use a third-party tracking site are those looking to improve and the super-hardcore top players.

These are most likely to be at least decent-level players, as those right at the bottom of the ranks will usually (but not always) not know about these sites. This means that the ranks will be weighted more towards the higher end, and your comparison points can seem a little harsh - but it's definitely something to work towards.

What is the CS2 rank distribution?

Image of the current CS2 rank distribution
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Image via leetify

As recorded by leetify, there are official CS2 rank distribution details now that the new Premier mode is active. Do bear in mind that this is only considering the new CS Rating values, and not the map-specific rank distributions for standard competitive - but we will update you with that information once it becomes available.

It shouldn't be too long now though, as CS2 has finally been released, letting anyone and everyone jump into the new game and start their competitive journey.

These follow the new MMR ranking system for the mode, which follows a number scale instead of specific ranks. Check out the full CS2 rank distribution below:

Rank Distribution (%)
0-999 0.0%
1,000-1,999 3.7%
2,000-2,999 2.7%
3,000-3,999 3.9%
4,000-4,999 7.4%
5,000-5,999 7.3%
6,000-6,999 8.2%
7,000-7,999 9.2%
8,000-8,999 9.6%
Rank Distribution (%)
9,000-9,999 9.5%
10,000-10,999 9.0%
11,000-11,999 7.8%
12,000-12,999 6.5%
13,000-13,999 5.1%
14,000-14,999 3.7%
15,000-15,999 2.6%
16,000-16,999 1.7%
17,000-17,999 1.0%
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Rank Distribution (%)
18,000-18,999 0.6%
19,000-19,999 0.3%
20,000+ 0.3%

As you can see, the most populated rank range in CS2 right now is 8,000-8,999. This roughly correlates to the Master Guardian group, which is slightly above that of CS:GO's average - but these numbers were recorded during the Limited Test and thus were largely only calculated from more dedicated players.

However, this will of course change as the game is released, so we will update this guide once new information is released from leetify or other sources.

What was the CS:GO rank distribution in 2023?

Bar chart showing the CS:GO rank distribution
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Image via GGRecon

If you want to see what the CS:GO rank distribution was before it was replaced by CS2, then check out the image above and the tables below:

Rank Distribution (%)
Silver 1 3.9%
Silver 2 4.23%
Silver 3 4.37%
Silver Elite 6.44%
Silver Elite Master 7.78%
Gold Nova 1 8.76%
Gold Nova 2 8.79%
Gold Nova 3 9.05%
Gold Nova Master 8.08%
Rank Distribution (%)
Master Guardian 1 7.55%
Master Guardian 2 6.61%
Master Guardian Elite 5.24%
Distinguished Master Guardian 4.15%
Legendary Eagle 3.25%
Legendary Eagle Master 3.2%
Supreme Master First Class 2.64%
Global Elite 0.75%

As you can see, the most highly populated rank in CS:GO competitive was Gold Nova 3, which is not exactly a surprise. In most competitive games the average player is around Gold (or whatever their middle rank is) so this is not out of the ordinary, and something that we are likely to see again once more players gain their rank in CS2.

How to rank up in CS2

Inferno CT spawn in CS:GO
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Figuring out how to rank up in CS2 is quite challenging - especially in the standard competitive mode where your MMR is hidden and you're never sure how far away from the next rank you are.

Winning games is of course important, and going on a long winning streak will likely see you soar up the ladder, but that is not the whole story.

Your performance in matches is almost just as important - with some players seeing their rank drop even with a win. Some players also theorise that MVP stars have a lot of weight, so try and rack them up as much as you can too.

So, that completes this guide on the CS:GO and CS2 rank distribution, giving you an overall picture of the different competitive placements in both games.

Check out more guides and news on our Counter-Strike homepage, or have a read of our CS2 beginner's guide for more tips and tricks to get you started.

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