CS:GO Rank Distribution 2023 Details

CS:GO Rank Distribution 2023 Details
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Harry Boulton


3rd Jan 2023 15:44

The CS:GO rank distribution gives us all a good idea of where the 'average' Counter Strike's player's skill level sits, which can make you feel better or worse depending on your own rank. Rank distribution is not unique to CS:GO, but considering how relatively hidden the ranks are in-game, it can give you a better idea of your own competitive progress. So, to find out what the current CS:GO rank distribution is, make sure to carry on reading down below.

What Is The CS:GO Rank Distribution?

Bar chart showing the CS:GO rank distribution
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Although there is no way to officially see the complete CS:GO rank distribution - as Valve does not release any of their own statistics, and they keep most user information private - there are some alternative measures we can take.

While not the most accurate of data sources - as they only take into account players that voluntarily submit their data - looking at third-party stat tracking sites is the best means of seeing the CS:GO rank distribution.

Not every site provides a record of the rank distribution, and they of course only have access to the data submitted by their own users, but it does give as close of an indication as we will get.

The biggest caveat to consider is the type of player that will use these sites, as that will affect the weight of the distribution. Typically, the players that are most likely to use a third-party tracking site are those looking to improve and the super-hardcore top players. These are most likely to be at least decent level players, as those right at the bottom of the ranks will typically (but not always) not know about these sites.

The two third-party sites that we are using to determine the CS:GO rank distribution are csgo-stats and totalcsgo, as they both give direct percentages. We will then work out an average of the two to create an overall CS:GO rank distribution.



Silver 1


Silver 2


Silver 3


Silver 4


Silver Elite


Silver Elite Master


Gold Nova 1


Gold Nova 2


Gold Nova 3


Gold Nova Master


Master Guardian 1


Master Guardian 2


Master Guardian Elite


Distinguished Master Guardian


Legendary Eagle


Legendary Eagle Master


Supreme Master First Class


Global Elite


As you can see, the most highly populated rank in CS:GO competitive is Gold Nova 3, which is not exactly a surprise. In most competitive games the average player is around Gold (or whatever their middle rank is) so this is not out of the ordinary.

What is perhaps alluring is the significantly low distribution of only 0.765% of players at the game's top rank: Global Elite. While this is not a surprise, you must count yourself lucky if you've made it there as it is truly a club for the select few.

One additional aspect to take into consideration is the distribution chart from csgostats, which is one of the most popular trackers for the game and is owned by ESL. While we did not include their chart in our calculation as they do not publish explicit statistics, they do indicate some intriguing outliers. Not only is MG2 the most popular rank, LEM - the third highest rank - but also has the third highest distribution. This is most likely an indication of the type of player to use this specific tracker though, but something to consider nonetheless.

How To Rank Up In CS:GO

Inferno CT spawn in CS:GO
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If you've had a look at the CS:GO rank distribution and want to find out how to rank up in CS:GO though, you're in the right place. Unfortunately, Counter-Strike doesn't give you a whole lot of information regarding your current SR, so it can be hard to determine what you need to do to actually rank up.

Winning games is of course important, and going on a long winning streak will likely see you soar up the ladder, but that is not the whole story. Your performance in matches is almost just as important - with some players seeing their rank drop even with a win. Some players also theorise that MVP stars have a lot of weight, so try and rack them up as much as you can too.

So, that completes this guide on the CS:GO rank distribution, giving you an overall picture of the different competitive placements in the game. Check out this CS:GO 2023 operation guide to see if there is a new event on the horizon for the game.

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