How To Check Trust Factor In CS:GO

How To Check Trust Factor In CS:GO
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17th Jan 2023 10:45

Ever since it was introduced as a feature in 2017, many players have been wondering how to check Trust Factor in CS:GO, as it can affect the quality of your games and teammates. As a multiplayer game with a notoriously unsavoury community, CS:GO has made several attempts to keep the naughty players out of your games, with Trust Factor being one of the key directives. So, if you were wondering how to check Trust Factor in CS:GO to see where you place, make sure to carry on reading down below for all of the details.

How To Check Trust Factor In CS:GO

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Unfortunately, there is no way to officially see your CS:GO Trust Factor, as it is only visible by Valve on the back end. This is presumably to avoid people figuring out any way to game the system and raise their Trust Factor illegitimately - as people would in theory be able to monitor which actions raise their Trust Factor.

There is however one way that you can see your Trust Factor in CS:GO, but it only really indicates whether you have a poor Trust Factor, and it also doesn't always work.

You will want to first create a party on Valve official servers with a friend, and then you will want them to let you know if they receive any yellow or red Trust Factor warning for playing with you. If this is the case, it indicates that you have a poor Trust Factor that you need to improve.

The only caveat with this method is that it will not indicate to your friend if they are at the same Trust Level as you, so if your friend is at red then they will not be notified of your own red rating. Cross-referencing this with a few other friends is a great way to double check though.

How is CS:GO Trust Factor Determined?

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As mentioned, very little has actually been revealed about the CS:GO Trust Factor system since its launch back in 2017, meaning that we can't concretely determine what determines your own rating. However, there are a couple of things that we can clearly point towards that will affect your Trust Factor rating, and they are as follows:

  • Time spent playing CS:GO - especially relative to your time spent playing other games
  • Number of reports against you for things like cheating or toxicity
  • How much you engage with the Steam community
  • Leaving matches early

While some of these factors are clearly more important than others, and they don't necessarily fall within a binary of good or bad, they do indeed all play a factor in measuring your CS:GO Trust Factor.

While there is no guaranteed way to raise your CS:GO Trust Factor, there are some actions that you can take to work towards doing so:

  • Be an upstanding and positive member of the CS:GO and Steam community
  • Avoid any fishy gameplay, or playing with people who are suspicious
  • Pay for CS:GO Prime and enable your phone number for Prime matchmaking
  • Receive commendations in game
  • Have a clean Steam profile

Again, there is no guarantee that doing these things will raise your Trust Rating, nor is there any indication that one of these actions does more than the rest, but there is no harm in making a positive change. Regardless of whether your Trust Factor is raised, you will be a far more pleasant teammate to play with!

So, that should give you all the information you need if you were wondering how to check Trust Factor in CS:GO. If you want to see how well your game is performing though, make sure to read this guide for how to show FPS in CS:GO.

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