Project Designs To Help The Average CS:GO Player

Project Designs To Help The Average CS:GO Player

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Owen Turner


22nd Nov 2020 18:30

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a game that requires lots of practice over a long period of time. That includes learning smokes, callouts, spray patterns, and more. A handful of web designers have dedicated their time to developing applications for the average CS:GO, player. One project even includes a guide to learn everything about designing skins as a rookie artist. Another allows players to copy crosshairs from professional CS:GO players, a great way to understand how a pro plays and detects headshots.

All of these products provide a variety of learning tools for both players and designers. It’s always important to study a game and try to understand it at a higher level. 


A graphic designer known as Centauri spent the past year writing a book on the ins and outs of making skins. His project includes one hundred and thirty-five pages of in depth information with multiple sections. The first chapter is all about technical designing which includes textures, patterns, and wrapping software. It starts off with a dive into weapon pieces and how to properly wrap them with your design. A traditional paint by number system is clearly a superior choice when designing skins. It’s the traditional way to create a masterpiece without all the hard work when starting from scratch.

Chapter two is all about practical work which includes weapon grade, exterior quality, finish variations, and saturation. All key points to understand when finishing the final touches of a design. Using motion, for example, can help with the final result, anything from graphics on a magazine or the trigger of a weapon. Both exert motion putting a graphic front and centre allowing for a little bit of flair when inspecting or in use. Chapter three explains the importance of economics and socials behind a weapon and its release. The variation of phases and stat-track options come in play when a weapon is sold on the market. According to the steam workshop, most players prefer weapons with multiple paint finishes rather than a solid coat. All of this information is great for those wanting to design their own skins.

Next, is a website called CS:GO nades, an application with tactical information on every single map. This website provides info from the public on the best smokes and flashpoints. Some are basic ways to block off a site while other are more aggressive. Users have provided multiple smoke setups for the same results, allowing players to rotate and fake a smoke if necessary. Some of the flashes are even designed for holding down sites and spraying through a group of players. For example, bouncing a flash off the long sign can blind anyone near side pit on dust2.  

For anyone that wants to practice the smokes themselves outside of competitive, CS:GO Nades offers multiple workshop maps within Steam. Simply load up the practice course and test out smoke spots with toss tracking, infinite utilities, and throw assist for landing. All of these features are necessary when tossing a smoke or flash for team advantage on any map. That’s not all; users are also able to create comments when a map has received an update. The perfect way to inform their fellow teammates or random players on the internet about new smoke spots.

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If anyone needs help with finding the perfect crosshair, then look no further. DATHOST operates an around the clock website for editing and testing out new crosshairs. They also allow players to copy ones which are used by pro players in the scene of competitive CS:GO. Their best feature yet allows anyone to test their shot on a rolling screen, a form of finding the perfect crosshair that can land the best headshots and taps at any range. They also offer kill-feed and bind generators for those wanting to get really creative. DATHOST also keeps every article archived going all the way back to January of 2013. This way, players can look up anything which was written on crosshairs any time they want.    

Last but not least is CS:GO Stats, a website which provides info on every single weapon in the game. From galleries and stats to skin guides, this website is perfect for anyone trying to figure out the best weapon of choice for themselves. Rank data has also made its way into CS:GO Stats allowing players to understand the cycles of elo throughout each match they play. This website has been active for a long time now and is still extremely popular. 

CS:GO is a great game, but it’s definitely hard to get used to. While the game itself doesn’t change too often, players are constantly developing their skills outside of competitive. All of these projects are ideal for those just getting in CS:GO or looking to become better and enjoy playing like a pro.  

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